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Around 483 Ilvl Rogue, What Kind of DPS Should i expect as a combat Rogue

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Sounded about right, though it is hard to say since your armory shows an ilvl of 477. Check out shadowcraft guide in my sig, it should help you fix any major gear issues, and if you see that your average dps hovers continues to hover below about 80% of the the theoretic value, you've probably got an issue with fundamentals.

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Hello, it seems legit with your stuff on raid bosses.

Just keep in mind the rupture uptime and check it on your logs when you're fighting a single target "dummy-style" boss while you're in combat spec.

Then test again without any rupture next time.

Compare the DPS and decide if you keep it or not.


Another major thing : you really want a tracker for your deep insight phase combat, like bandit's guile helper, and this buff must be a total part of yourself for exploiting the most the combat spec.

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According to Shadowcraft it should be around 59.7k DPS, but i cap out at around 56.5k and mediate down to 54k after my burst with out rupture, Would rupture be that 3.2kish dps to what it says i should be out (Test in a 2m fight)?


EDIT: Scratch that, i found the buffs tab and it was all checked mark on the buffs when i didnt have any buffs. Now it says 40k dps for my gear


Edit2: 42k Dps in 2m fight

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