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[Archived] S6 Hearthstone Mid Budget Midrange/Control Hunter Deck [NAXX]

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    • By Keszey
      I need help choosing between a couple trinkets, I'm a BM hunter.
      the four i need to choose from are:
      Bloodthirsty Instinct 850
      Rocksunder Lucky Statue 860 w/ haste and leech
      Stormsinger Fulmination Charge 865
      and a Tempted Egg of Serpentrix 865.
    • By JohnnyZ
      When TOG was released I spent my first real money on the pre-purchase and made a decision to play standard, as I didn't believe I could ever be competitive in wild. I have never since played a wild game. However, I never dusted the GvG and Naxx cards I had then. My draw from MSG was quite poor, and I still lack staple legendaries like Sylvanas Windrunner and Ragnaros the Firelord. But I love Webspinner and others. I dont really want to do without any card, but I have so many holes in my collection. Any opinions and advice would be appreciated.
    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Pirate Aggro Warrior Gadgetzan Standard Deck.
    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Budget Aggro Jade Shaman Gadgetzan Standard Deck.