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Mists of Pandaria leveling guides released

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We have just released leveling guides for all classes.

In the case of Monks, we have released a complete leveling guide from level 1 to level 90, following the Windwalker specialisation.

For all other classes, we have released leveling guides covering the 85-90 journey:

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    • By Sektr63
      Hello there! Which artifact and spec you recomended me to choose on leveling 100-100?
    • By Archimage
      About: I've decided to make a guide on Leveling Heirlooms since I did not find any quick guides for it. This is my first guide, so please feel free to give some constructive feedback   What are Heirlooms: Heirlooms are items whose stats scale with your character's level, reducing the need to replace gear whose stats are becoming too low for your level.  
      Heirloom Collections Tab: A new Heirloom system has been introduced in 6.1, adding all your heirlooms to your Collections, where they can be easily accessed without having to mail the heirlooms to other characters. Already earned heirlooms will be added to the collection once you have logged in with the character that has the heirlooms in their bank/bag. Any newly purchased heirlooms will automatically be added to your collection. To use a heirloom, simply find and click on it in the Heirlooms tab, and it will be placed in your inventory, and then equip it. You can also recreate the same heirloom if you want to dual-wield it, or have two trinkets or rings of the same type.
        Categories: Heirlooms can be divided into the following 4 categories, based on what stats they give:    Strength-Haste - Gear for Melee damage dealers that requires more haste than crit. These pieces were the tanking pieces, but the Parry/Dodge stats were changed in 6.0  
      Strength-Crit  - Gear for Melee damage dealers that requires more crit than haste.
      Agility - Gear for Melee+Ranged damage dealers
      Intellect - Gear for Spell-caster Damage Dealers and Healers
      There are also subcategories for armor types, like Cloth, Leather, Mail and Plate.
      There are also subcategories for slots, like Chest, Shoulder, Leggings, Weapons etc
      How to buy Leveling Heirlooms:   Heirlooms can be brought with the following 4 currencies: Gold (g) Darkmoon Prize Ticket (DPT) Champion's Seals (CS)   From these vendors: Alliance: Krom Stoutarm Horde: Estelle Gendry Guild Vendors: (A) Shay Pressler / (H) Goram  
      Head, Shoulder, Chest, Cloak and Pants pieces cost 500 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals One-handed weapons (except the fist weapons) cost 650 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals  Two-handed weapons cost 750 gold / 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 40 Champion's Seals Off-hand weapons cost 500 gold / 50 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 25 Champion's Seals Trinkets cost 700 gold / 70 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 35 Champion's Seals The New Neck pieces cost 700 gold   Once you have brought a new heirloom, it's starting level range will be from level 1 to 60, meaning it will stop to scale up once you have reached level 60. This level cap can be increased twice by upgrading the piece with these tokens.    Armor (1-90): Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing costs 100 gold / 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 55 Champion's Seals / 2000 Honor Armor (1-100): Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing costs 2000 gold Weapon (1-90): Ancient Heirloom Scabbard costs 1200 gold / 120 Darkmoon Prize Tickets / 65 Champion's Seals / 2400 Honor Weapon (1-100): Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard costs 5000 gold   List of Heirlooms per Category   Strength-Haste Plate (Warrior / Paladin / Death Knights) Head: Burnished Helm of Might Shoulders:Burnished Pauldrons of Might Chest: Burnished Breastplate of Might  Back: Ripped Sandstorm Cloak Leggings: Burnished Legplates of Might Ring: Dread Pirate Ring Weapon: Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver Shield: Flamescarred Draconian Deflector
      Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast     Strength-Crit Plate (Warrior / Paladin / Death Knights) Head:Polished Helm of Valor Shoulders:Polished Spaulders of Valor Chest: Polished Breastplate of Valor Back: Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape Leggings: Polished Legplates of Valor Ring: Dread Pirate Ring 2H Axe: Bloodied Arcanite Reaper Dual Wield 1H Sword: Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver  Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Agility Mail (Hunter, Enhancement Shaman) Head:Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm Shoulders: Champion Herod's Shoulder Chest: Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate Back:Back:Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (Can be used by Agility Leather characters) Leggings:Tarnished Leggings of Destruction Ring: Dread Pirate Ring Dual Wield 1H Mace: Venerable Mass of McGowan (Combat Rogues can use this) Bow: Charmed Ancient Bone Bow Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast   Intellect Mail (Elemental/Restoration Shaman, Holy Paladins) Head: Mystical Coif of Elements Shoulders:Mystical Pauldrons of Elements Chest: Mystical Vest of Elements Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Cloth and Intellect Leather) Leggings:Mystical Kilt of Elements Ring: Dread Pirate Ring 1H Mace: Devout Aurastone Hammer Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge Shield: Weathered Observer's Shield Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast   Agility Leather (Rogue, Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk. To a lesser extent Enhancement Shamans and Hunters) Head:Stained Shadowcraft Cap Shoulders: Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders Chest: Stained Shadowcraft Tunic Back:Inherited Cape of the Black Baron (Can be used by Agility Mail characters) Leggings:Stained Shadowcraft Pants Ring: Dread Pirate Ring  
      Dual Wield 1H Sword: Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Dual Wield 1H Mace: Venerable Mass of McGowan (Enhancement Shamans can use this)   Dual Wield Daggers: Balanced Heartseeker Staff (Feral Druids): Burnished Warden Staff  Bow: Charmed Ancient Bone Bow  Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Intellect Leather (Balance/Restoration Druids, Mistweaver Monk) Head: Preened Tribal War Feathers Shoulders: Preened Ironfeather Shoulders Chest: Preened Ironfeather Breastplate  Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Cloth and Intellect Mail) Leggings: Preened Wildfeather Leggings Ring: Dread Pirate Ring   1H Mace: Devout Aurastone Hammer  Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast     Intellect Cloth (Mage, Priest, Warlock) Head: Tattered Dreadmist Mask Shoulders:Tattered Dreadmist Mantle Chest: Tattered Dreadmist Robe  Back: Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak (Also used by Intellect Leather and Intellect Mail) Leggings: Tattered Dreadmist Leggings Ring: Dread Pirate Ring   Staff: Dignified Headmaster's Charge  Off-Hand: Musty Tome of the Lost Health Trinket: Swift Hand of Justice Mana Trinket: Discerning Eye of the Beast  
      Collecting 35 heirlooms will reward you with a Chauffeured Chopper, which can be used as a mount from level 1.
    • By Brettakiss
      Hello all, so I am a loooong time returning rogue (TBC). So, needless to say, I know little to nothing about rogues anymore. I only leveled my rogue after each new pac, then ended up losing interest. Legion has my attention, I love it so far, and I would LOVE to start playing rogue again. I heard that outlaw was the way to go in regards to leveling, so I tried it, but the RNG kills me. I can't stand Roll the Bones. Sure, it adds "mystery", but I would rather be calculated than 'lucky'. 
      However, the main problem I have with Outlaw is the survivability. Of course, rogues are squishy. But with the play style that Outlaw lends itself toward, I feel that I shouldn't be near death after only 2 mobs (which has been the case, add in a third and I am dead). Now, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong - I have read all of Icy Veins tutorials and guides on rogues. But I am wondering if maybe I should switch to Assassin or Sub? do they have more control/survivability? 
      And numbers aside, do you guys like them? Are they FUN?
      Thanks all.
    • By Pandacho
      I already leveled a resto shaman on Beta to lvl 110 some time ago and was waiting to be closer to prepatch to write about my leveling experience and give some tips to fellow healers but today found out that Dayani already did it in her great and deep article "Legion Beta: Leveling as a Healer – The Surprising Result I Can’t Explain and You Won’t Believe!" (all credit goes to Dayani).
      I highly recommend to read the article and confirm that my experience in leveling was pretty much the same up to level 110.
      For those who prefer it short:
      1. There's no noticeable difference in efficiency whether you choose to level in resto or ele spec.
      2. There is a difference in leveling approach:
      - ele shaman is much more fragile and has to take healing/drinking breaks but the playstile is more engaging.
      - resto shaman is literally unkillable, time to kill regular mobs is pretty similar to ele but killing fat mobs and elites takes ages due to lack of dps CDs/totems.
      - choose you personal preference: higher dps but more time between pulls vs lower dps with no breaks between pulls. The difference in dps is not that big: I'd say most of time it's about 20-30%.
      3. On level 102 you will get your off-spec Artifacts (quests in the Class Order Hall) so don't worry about being stuck in dps spec until 110 level or not being able to heal leveling dungeons.
      4. The waste majority of Artifact power you will gain, are usable items so just switch to the "right" spec to apply them (you automatically switch to the appropriate Artifact when changing spec).
      There are some quests that apply Artifact power to your currently equipped Artifact right away but it's such a minor amount of power, you shouldn't bother about it.
      5. Artifact Relics: Every time you'll see a Relic choice as a quest reward, you can switch specs to check how it changes (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't) and make your decision. Then just grab the reward in appropriate spec.
      6. You can upgrade your off-spec (dps) Artifact during leveling: the amount of Power used to activate traits growth exponential in the way that activating first 13 traits on off weapon will take less Power than activating Trait 14 on the main weapon.
      You can check the math in this thread (thanks and credit goes to Zagam).
      7. Better not to spread activated traits between different lines of progression on your main Artifact during leveling: in this case the price of your first Gold Trait would be pretty much unbearable. Choose one line and fill it up to the Gold Trait that will boost your healing in a powerful way.
      8. I'd suggest to use Artifact Calculator before spending Power because to drop and rearrange currently activated traits will cost you the last applied amount of Power (at least in the current Beta build, meaning: if the last activated trait costed you 340 Power - it will be the cost of rearrangement, if the last activated trait costed you 15000 Power - it will be the price).
      TL;DR: level in whatever spec you want, it wouldn't affect in any way your end-game experience. The leveling efficiency (time spent) is roughly the same for both healing and dps specs.
    • By Shells
      Hello there.  
      Short version  
      Ashen Rose Conspiracy is recruiting for new players who are over the age of 18 to join our guild and be active and social within the group. We are based on the EU Argent Dawn server and fight for the Horde. Ideally we would like for players to have an interest in raiding with us but that is not a strict requirement. We have space for people who just want to join a social guild and maybe poke some heroics/mythic dungeon runs or just to have a place to call home while they level up. Non raiders skip to the bottom of this post as you will have less requirements to join up.  
      If you’re currently bored with LFR raids or pugging normal or heroic then we would be a group you should consider seriously. We raid 2 nights a week with personal loot system and we have a stocked raid bank to support our raiders as we progress through the content of this expansion and leave ourselves in a good place to progress through the content of Legion also.  
      Longer version  
      About us  
      We are the Ashen Rose Conspiracy, a social guild that has been playing wow since the start of the game. In that space of time the guild has grown and matured with a good core of players who have stayed around for years and others who have played, taken breaks and then come back for more. We are a mature guild of 18+ gamers. The social aspect of the game along with raiding and other team events is what makes us different to hardcore raid groups. The group is more of a group of friends who chat and joke with each other’s rather than a group of strangers. New comers will hopefully fit into this and get with the social aspect of the guild.  
      Argent Dawn is a RP PVE server and it’s a fun place to live. As a guild we don’t push RP but we do have a few individuals who organize some RP and all members are free to take part or not as is their whim.   
      We are casual serious raiders and to date we have 7/13H with plans to push forward. We have circa 15 active raiders and usually run a group from 10-13 of them each week depending on real life and raid requirements. We want to grow our raid team in preparation for Legion.   
      Let me explain the casual serious bit.   
      We are a casual guild but when we raid we have pretty strict requirements that you   
      • Know your spec and class  
      • Turn up prepared and repaired  
      • Know the fights beforehand  
      • Be willing to listen on Mumble for direction from the Raid leaders.  
      We raid 2 nights a week, on a Thursday and Sunday from 21.00 to 23.30 server time and have done for the last few years. Loot is covered by Personal loot so it’s a fair and open system. There are no ninja looters here. BOE loot that drops on a run is usually offered to the raiders who are on the run that night and if not needed is placed in Guild bank for sorting out later.  
      What we are not  
      A hardcore raid group demanding full attendance and adherence to what we want from you. If that’s what your after then we wish you luck with your search. If your after a relaxed yet serious group with which to have fun then you have found us.  
      What we offer you  
      Stability. The Guild has been here since Argent Dawn went live give or take a day or two and will be here for years to come.   
      Strong Raid leaders who know what they are doing but who are not averse to trying new tactics to overcome challenges.  
      We have a fully stocked raid bank that will provide flasks and potions for the raids. We also provide 100 stat foods. We can help out with enchants and gems as well.   
      Stable Heroic progress with weekly normal archimonde kills to gear up your legendary ring.   
      We hope to be able to kill heroic Archi within a few weeks but that is down to progress and sign ups.  
      Laughs. No, really. We laugh and joke a lot on Mumble during our raids. Gaming is supposed to be fun after all.  
      What we are looking for  
      DPS. We have tanking and healing covered for the moment. If you’re a healer/tank with a DPS spec that you don’t mind playing then we would consider you for a dps slot firstly. This might sound a bit harsh but we don’t want to recruit anyone on the premise that they will be healing or tanking every week when they will likely be asked to dps. That being said, it is nice to have the flexibility of having off healers or tanks in the group.   
      We have our own Mumble server and we would require that you be able to listen on it. Talking is not a requirement but it can be handy.   
      We raid twice a week. We do not expect a 100% attendance from anyone as we acknowledge that RL comes first and that stuff happens. We have calendar sign up and would use our website to organize raids. If your free and want to raid then sign up, if you’re not then it’s not an issue. We won’t be kicking anyone for not raiding. I  
      As we are progressing through Heroic HFC at the moment a minimum gear level for prospective raiders of 700 is preferred. There is some flexibility around this gear level and we will assess it on a case by case basis. We have all been there waiting for “X item of super duper kickass” to drop to upgrade our current gear. Having your gear enchanted, gemmed and valor upgraded as well is a requirement. While it may not be possible to do all of this, having none of it done for the application will decrease your likelihood of getting in. If you join us we will help out with getting you set up for raiding where possible. For raid nights your gear has to be ready, that is mandatory.  
      Application process.  
      We have a guild website where our application forms are located.  
      We would ask that you fill in the application and log out in your raid gear if you have it and we will go from there. What we would expect on the application is an attempt to put some effort into the application process. If you’re not bothered to fill out the form and put in some work then it gives the impression that you’re just not bothered in general.  
      It may also be possible to bring prospective raiders on a raid to assess their performance without them being in the guild. As mentioned above, loot is personal loot so you won’t lose out to others, only to RNG. You can also grab me, Shells ( Yoritomo#21188 ), in game for a chat if you wish. I am not a raid leader or guild officer so we can just chat.  
      Non raider applicants  
      Application process is the same but without a gear check. We like social well-adjusted people who come to game to enjoy themselves without causing issues.