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Need Help/Advise on Twin Ogrons

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wacko.png sad.png Waaahhhh!!


I need help on this encounter. I do really well in other encounters' mechanics, dodging bad stuff, healing while running, etc...However, this encounter has me very frustrated on Heroic mode. The fire seems to sweep and creep up way too fast. In a 10 man, it is so difficult trying to keep everyone alive, managing CDs and trying not to use all CDs in one go bc Quake happens more than once and you need CDs for the others. So dodging fire, keeping people's healths up, and keeping yourself alive has been difficult nonetheless. First, getting lost/stuck within the flames trying to dodge them, then trying to keep people up...even if I pop SWG and use my spirit wolf form and speed boost with unleash life its difficult. My raid team was more than frustrated with me not being able to keep up the raid and dying to it. I can't for the life of me see the incoming flame patterns, and if I use the zoom out macro and angle the camera while I run to dodge them, the angle gets stuck behind the walls and I cant see the flames either. I tried what the strat on here says and some comments about staying on the left, or near the wall and dodge them as they come, but that didnt work either, I kept getting stuck behind really wide strings of fire.


I dont know if I am just overwhelmed with this mechanic and not seeing a simpler strategy...I hate dying to fire, especially when people are relying on me and raid rage intensity is flying high . Please help =/


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Part of it may lie in how your raid does the encounter.  Where are people positioned?  With the exception of the Phemos tank needing to move him for whirlwind, there is really no reason you should have to move far, or a lot, during the encounter. 


First, it is a ton easier if your raid shifts during Quake to stand behind one of the axes.  We tank Pol by the door you come in to start, and either shift left or right as needed to be behind one axe, then all you have to deal with is fire from one.  using this method, the Phemos tank moves out for whirlwind and everyone else is (relatively) safe.  The fire waves come in a pattern, so again, if you only have to deal with one set of waves, they come like this






and all you need to do is zig-zag them.  I try and save SWG or HTT for this so I can be doing the movement and not stressing during it.  How many healers are you running and can they time CDs for this part too if you are having issues?


IMO it should not be all on you (unless you are single healing) to keep the entire raid alive.  Are others getting stacks of fire on them?  Are they using Healing Tonics if they are getting low, or other DR abilities?

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Please watch the below video:


Then use this console command to set your camera at max distance: 

/console cameraDistanceMax 50


I would also recommend that you practice this fight in LFR. After a few tries, you should be able to identify the "safe zones" where you can cast for a few seconds before having to move again.


If you are super desperate, I would suggest that you use Glyph of Riptide (for instant hots on the move) and Glyph of Chaining (to reach people during the fire phase that are too far away)together. Just spam riptide on people before the fire phase and top it up if it drops. If possible, try to get off a chain heal during the fire phase. These two glyphs reduce your overall efficiency, but make it easier to heal during that phase. Some healing is better than no healing right? Also, put down a healing rain and healing stream totem just before the fire phase. 

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First of all, this video is really awesome. As Karanir said, watch it and practice in LFR. 

My bit of advice:

1) from your post it seems that you move around much more than really needed. Try to calm down and watch what's going on around you: stay still, spot the gap in fire, move through it. You shouldn't do it more than 2-3 times and it's like 3-4 sec of movement. This fire does not one shot, so try to stay calm. ^^

2) Do you have GTFO addon that shouts when you are staying in fire? It can help if you don't see where you are standing.

3) What really helped to my raid was when we decided to relax a bit with dpsing through the fire and to focus on dodging it. This fight is not about hitting the enrage, so 10 sec of a bit less dps but much more attention to where you are move definitely helps. I think that you should advice this to your RL.

4) Can you please post your Twin logs here? It would be easier to give some proper advice then :)

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wait until you reach this 2nd-easiest boss in Mythical where cyclone pulls you DURING fire...


How to deal with fire:


First: far camera distance, do a 90 degree overview of the toon.  It's going to look weird at first because nobody does that.  This way walls won't block your view, and you can get a view on the stage.


Spot the space between fire - run thru.


Or, if you're cornered, just run thru fire head on.  Most of the time you will end up with only 1 stack of debuff, which is completely manageable.  


How to deal with raid heal/rage:

- Focus mainly on tank heal, drop a totem, a few riptides on raid, there is absolutely no need to stand there and cast chains & get yourself burned to death. (because that'll be your fault)

- If raid members are dying to fire, comment on their incompetence..  Because one will NOT die with only 1 stack of debuff.  Even 2 stacks wont kill them (personal cd & HOTs are enough to keep one alive).  3 stacks = l2p..

- If fire is combined with the boss's shout ability (which happens only once in the entire encounter), just pop ascendance + healing tide and run around like you're actually doing stuff.

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