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Hi there,

in my raid, there is an Elemental Shaman who uses his Healing Tide Totem to support us Healers.

I wondered, if using Ancestral Guidance while doing Damage wouldn't be a greater benefit.

Heres what i calculated:

Spellpower: 21.000, DPS about 54.000

Healing Tide Totem

4932 + 10.164 (48,4% of 21.000) = 15.096 x 5 People x 6 Ticks (according to Hastetables) = 452.880 Total Heal

Ancestral Guidance

54.000 DPS x 40% = 21.600 x 10 sec x 3 People = 648.000 Total Heal

If this Calculation is right, you just need to make about 38.000 DPS to be more effective using Ancestral Guidance over the Healing Tide Totem.

Edit: Not to forget the shorter Cooldown

Edit 2: And he could use Ascendeance

Now you are alowed to rip my poor math appart. ;-)



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I'm not too sure about this either. Dropping healing tide seems a little easier and perhaps more "situational" at the least, in terms of movement heavy damage periods.

We have a elemental shaman and a resto shaman in our group and between them they cant decide!

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I think it depends heavily on the situation. Remember that while AG is over 3 people, HTT is for *five* and so can be more useful when there's wide and very heavy raid damage.

On the other hand, if the whole raid is stacked (like on Gara'Jal) you could use Conductivity. I think that's a lot less useful for Elemental than Enhancement though due to the cast time.

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You are right about the number of people being healed. But HTT does it every 2 seconds and AG every Time you deal Damage to the three lowest raid members. Isn't that true?

So, at what rate does an elemental shaman deal Damage? Isn't that the question.

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You are right about the number of people being healed. But HTT does it every 2 seconds and AG every Time you deal Damage to the three lowest raid members. Isn't that true?

So, at what rate does an elemental shaman deal Damage? Isn't that the question.

Ancestral Guidance

That depends on what buffs are up (e.g. Heroism) and whether it procs off Mastery procs. I have no idea about that.

Also, HTT is completely intelligent, but AG might not be - I don't know whether it targets the three **most damaged** members or just three **damaged** members of the raid. HTT is a true smartheal. Also, AG might not be useful in heavy movement fights (e.g. ... um... Garalon? Wind Lord?) whereas HTT can be forgotten about as soon as it's placed.

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