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Reno Warlock Deck List

Last updated on Dec 21, 2016 at 21:40 by Sottle

Reno Warlock or Renolock for short is a deck that uses 30 individual cards to ensure that powerful tools like Reno Jackson and Kazakus are always active. This gives the deck unparalleled survivability but can mean that your draws are more inconsistent than other decks. Warlock is perhaps the best fit for this kind of strategy since the Life Tap Hero Power can allow you to draw key cards more consistently. The archetype can be played with a wide variety of different builds and win-conditions and is perhaps one of the most flexible decks in the entire game.

In the tables below, you will find all of the decks we have on Icy Veins for this archetype, first for Standard and then for Wild.


Deck Cost Last Update
Reno Combo Anti-Aggro Gadgetzan MSG TOG LoE TGT BrM 7,640 Arcane Dust 2016/12/21
Reno Anti-Aggro Gadgetzan MSG TOG LoE TGT BrM 5,740 Arcane Dust 2016/12/21
Reno Gadgetzan MSG LoE TGT BrM 9,700 Arcane Dust 2016/12/02
Reno Combo Gadgetzan MSG LoE TGT BrM 10,100 Arcane Dust 2016/12/02


Deck Cost Last Update
N'Zoth Reno Gadgetzan MSG TOG LoE BrM GvG Naxx 10,980 Arcane Dust 2016/12/12
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