Overwatch Gameplay Previews

As Blizzard ramps up their marketing and promotion for the upcoming Overwatch beta, a complete suite of high-definition gameplay footage videos - one for each currently announced playable character - have been put online. These videos demonstrate actual gameplay from a recent version of the in-development game client.

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Hearthstone Patch 2.7 Now Live

The major Hearthstone patch featuring Tavern Brawls, the new Hero character skins, and per-deck card back customization is officially available. A precise schedule of when Tavern Brawl will unlock and what content it will include is slated to be released shortly.

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New Mage Hero Character Medivh Trailer

The official trailer for Medivh, the Last Guardian and the alternate character for the Mage class in Hearthstone, is now available! Check out the trailer below.

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Trailer for Alleria Windrunner Released

Alleria is the new Hunter Hero character coming to Hearthstone, and a trailer for her has just been revealed!

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New Hearthstone Heroes - Alleria and Medivh confirmed!

An image from the Blizzard Korea office of the new card back manager in the upcoming patch shows the names of the two new Warcraft characters appearing as the upcoming alternate skins for the Hunter and the Mage. As speculated, Alleria (Windrunner) and Medivh are the two new characters.

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Battle.net Friend Limit Increased to 200

A soft launched increase to the size of the Battle.net friend list cap (previously 100 friends) was discovered late last night. We have gotten official confirmation today of the intentional increase to a new limit of 200.

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Tavern Brawl is Hearthstone's New Play Mode

The new game play mode coming to Hearthstone's fourth interface button is Tavern Brawl - a game play mode that will use unique week-to-week rule sets! Brawls can be played via the standard feature, or with Nearby Players or Friends. Also - individual decks can now have separate card backs, and two more new Heroes are teased!

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Blizzard Teases New Hearthstone Game Mode/Feature

The vacant space for a fourth game mode button on Hearthstone's main interface is getting a button. A tweet from the official Hearthstone account shows the new button slotting in, but without text to indicate what the new functionality is - yet.

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Heroes of the Storm Blizzard Gear Launch Promo & J!NX Summer Sale

Blizzard has a special promotion on in the Blizzard Gear store until June 18, with free global shipping and a bonus Heroes of the Storm Funko 'Mystery Mini' on purchases over $75. Also, the J!NX Summer Sale is on, with 30% off on all tees from J!NX, including many Blizzard-themed items.

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Hearthstone and WoW Cross-Promotion with Heroes of the Storm

As previously announced, Blizzard is offering in-game rewards for players spanning their catalogue of titles with the official release of Heroes of the Storm. Hearthstone players can get a new card back and a special Heroes mount, while World of Warcraft players can get a new battle pet and another Heroes mount!

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