Blackrock Mountain Release Date - April 2

The Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone adventure goes live on April 2, 2015. There are a total of five wings, so with the first wing releasing next week, the complete adventure will be available effective April 30, 2015.

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Hearthstone - Blackrock Mountain - Three New Dragon Cards

A new post this morning revealed the next three cards coming to Hearthstone in next month's Blackrock Mountain adventure. High-cost Dragon minions with new interactions with minion deaths, opponent health, and a legendary Dragon of some notoriety are within...

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Interview with Mamytwink - The 45 Hour Hearthstone Turn

After completing the world-record setting 45 hour, 18 minute, and 24 second Hearthstone turn, Mamytwink spoke to us about the setup, future challenges, and some of the technical problems posed by the limitations of the game client

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Blackrock Mountain - The Dragons of Blackwing Lair

Blizzard just posted another preview of a batch of cards coming to Hearthstone in the next adventure mode release, Blackrock Mountain. The Blackwing Technician had been revealed previously, but two new cards - the Blackwing Corruptor and Dragon's Breath - have been showcased for the first time today!

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Important Notice About Twitch Accounts

The official Twitch support site has been updated and their social media accounts have been actively reaching out to users to notify streamers that unauthorized access to Twitch user information may have occurred. All users have had their passwords and stream keys expired, as well as been disconnected from social media (Twitter and YouTube) accounts.

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Well Met! A Hearthstone Podcast

Our lead news writer, Odinn, cohosts the new Well Met! Hearthstone podcast every week. Two episodes have been released so far, covering the news coming out of PAX East related to Blackrock Mountain, tournaments, and a host of other topics.

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Icy Veins Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary!

Icy Veins is proud to be celebrating its fourth anniversary today!

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Three New Blackrock Mountain Cards Revealed

Blizzard has just released three more card teasers for the upcoming Blackrock Mountain adventure mode, including some new Battlecry mechanics and spell interactions.

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Blackrock Mountain Pre-Purchase Now Available

Pre-purchase is now online for Hearthstone's second Adventure Mode, the Blackrock Mountain adventure. Purchasing the complete adventure during the pre-purchase window with real money, iTunes balance, or Google Play balance will reward you with the new Molten Core pre-purchase exclusive card back.

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Legacy of the Void Beta - March 31

Blizzard's real time strategy trilogy for StarCraft II closes on the Protoss chapter, Legacy of the Void. The multiplayer beta test for this final installment launches March 31.

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