Get Ready for gamescom 2015!

Blizzard has released a preview of the content they will be highlighting at gamescom 2015 across their six franchises. The main highlight is the announcement of the next World of Warcraft expansion, but other games will be getting exclusive content featured during the event as well.

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Hearthstone The Grand Tournament Pre-Purchase Now Available

In a small patch that also resolved a repeat Tavern Brawl error, Blizzard has opened the pre-purchase for the 50 card pack The Grand Tournament bundle that includes the unique card back.

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The Grand Tournament: Hero Powers

Interactions with and improvements to Hero Powers are one of the thematic cornerstones of the upcoming The Grand Tournament expansion in Hearthstone, and today's card feature from Blizzard showcases a significant modification to Hero Powers - a permanent 'upgraded' Hero Power after playing the legendary Justicar Trueheart!

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Hearthstone Expansion Announced - The Grand Tournament

Blizzard has officially announced the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, The Grand Tournament, coming to Hearthstone in August 2015. Details of the expansion are coming out slowly, but the known details are included in this update!

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Galaxy Gifts Card Back & Free Packs

Following loosely in the footsteps of the mobile Hearthstone launch bonuses - where players could get free packs for playing on a mobile device after the iPhone/Android launch, for example - Blizzard today confirmed that the 'Galaxy Gifts' card back in the client will be awarded to anyone who plays Hearthstone on a new Samsung Galaxy S6 series phone, along with three (3) free Classic card packs.

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Special Hearthstone Announcement at The Foundry!

Blizzard's surprise Hearthstone announcement is going to be a live event at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Fransisco, CA, live streamed via the official Hearthstone Twitch channel. The event will be hosted by Rachel 'Seltzer' Quirico, and will also feature Frodan and Kripparian.

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Blizzard gamescom 2015 Contest

In the weeks leading up to gamescom 2015, Blizzard is heavily promoting their presence at the convention on social media with the #BlizzGC2015 contest they are running on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (via Twitter). There are 10 major prizes and 45 random weekly digital prize packages up for grabs.

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New Hearthstone Content Announcement Teased

Blizzard delivered a teaser - on a literal scroll - to several press outlets today. It indicates that a major announcement for Hearthstone is expected on July 22, 2015. Further details are expected in the coming days.

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Overwatch Gameplay Previews

As Blizzard ramps up their marketing and promotion for the upcoming Overwatch beta, a complete suite of high-definition gameplay footage videos - one for each currently announced playable character - have been put online. These videos demonstrate actual gameplay from a recent version of the in-development game client.

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Hearthstone Patch 2.7 Now Live

The major Hearthstone patch featuring Tavern Brawls, the new Hero character skins, and per-deck card back customization is officially available. A precise schedule of when Tavern Brawl will unlock and what content it will include is slated to be released shortly.

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