BlizzCon 2015 Contests Open

The three contests for this year's BlizzCon are now open, with an entry deadline of July 22, 2015. The Original Art, Movie, and Talent contest are all open for the same window, with varying prizes for each.

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Should The Battle.Net Friend Limit Be Increased?

The discussion around increasing the friend limit (from its current cap of 100) is as old as the launcher itself. There are a few main points that get tossed around whenever the conversation comes up, and I wanted to take a moment to address them.

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European Hearthstone Players Get Two Free Classic Packs

Due to ongoing intermittent issues with server stability and access to Hearthstone for players in Europe last week, Blizzard has awarded two free Classic Hearthstone packs to all accounts in the European region created prior to May 3, 2015.

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The One Major Free-to-Play Quality of Life Improvement Hearthstone Needs

Hearthstone exploded on to the CCG and later tablet/mobile gaming scenes in a massive way. The success that Blizzard has seen with their first ever free-to-play game shows some serious potential, but there is one significant improvement that the game could make in that respect to its accessibility.

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Season 14 Now Live - Hearthstone

May brings about Hearthstone's 14th official season, and the card back theme for this month is Go Ninja, Go! Ranked play resets once per month, and bonus stars based on the previous month's progress are awarded when you first log in after the seasonal reset.

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Blackrock Mountain: The Hidden Laboratory - Now Open

The fifth and final wing of Blackrock Mountain released today in Hearthstone. The Hidden Laboratory features four encounters themed after the Blackwing Descent raid instance in World of Warcraft, including your final battle with Nefarian after he fled from your last engagement.

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Following the world of Blizzard news can be complicated - between Blizzard's own postings, third party sites like Icy Veins, fan sites, reddit, and more, there is a lot to take in and it can be difficult to hone in on what's new/interesting. With the new BlizzFront portal, you have access to all of the top Blizzard coverage in one easy-to-use location.

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Hearthstone Fireside Gathering Championships

Blizzard has announced a Fireside Gatherings Championship for Hearthstone, the end result of which will be a direct seed into the appropriate Hearthstone World Championship Regional Qualifier. Sign up to host a Fireside Gathering between May 5 and July 19 for your event to be eligible for inclusion!

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Blackwing Lair Open In Hearthstone

The fourth wing of Blackrock Mountain - Blackwing Lair - is now open for players to experience. Some crazy new mechanics debut in this week's challenges, and the Heroic modes are no joke! A ton of awesome new Dragon cards are also coming out as rewards. Read on...

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BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets On Sale Today

As with most years, on the Thursday prior to BlizzCon itself, Blizzard hosts an epic charity banquet attended by developers, artists, and executives from Blizzard, with all proceeds donated to the Children's Hospital of Orange County. Tickets go on sale today - Wednesday, April 22 - at 7 p.m. PDT.

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