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Warrior Crafting Guide

Last updated on Sep 02, 2015 at 13:53 by Sottle 22 comments

Table of Contents

On this page, you will find a list of the most useful Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Warrior class, in terms of crafting. We separate cards by their rarity; Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, but each individual card is given a rating of priority. It is important to know that a Rare or Epic card that is given a "High" or "Top" priority rating should be crafted before a Legendary with a "Medium" rating. In fact, if you have 1,600 Arcane Dust to spend, crafting 2 or 3 Epics and a handful of Rares is usually better than spending it all on a single Legendary. If a card is not mentioned, you can safely assume that it is rarely, or never, used in the Constructed meta.

You will also find a guide on how to best allocate your gold or money between Classic packs, Goblins vs. Gnomes packs, and the Curse of Naxxramas adventure. This can vary greatly from class to class and has a great effect on how quickly and efficiently you can build a competitive deck.

1. Class-Specific Cards

In this section, we list the class-specific cards that are important for you as a Warrior.

1.1. Commons

  1. Cruel Taskmaster - Priority = HIGH: Cruel Taskmaster is a crucial card in most Warrior decks. The dual purpose of being able to buff your own minions, or remove small minions from your opponent, is a very important utility.
  2. Inner Rage - Priority = MEDIUM: Inner Rage is an essential card in Patron Warrior, one of the most powerful decks in the game, but does not offer many uses outside of this one specific deck.
  3. Battle Rage - Priority = MEDIUM: Battle Rage is another key component of Patron Warrior, but once again is rarely used outside of that one deck.
  4. Bash - Priority = MEDIUM: Bash is a versatile card that can function as a useful removal tool in various types of Warrior deck.
  5. Arathi Weaponsmith - Priority = LOW: Arathi Weaponsmith is a very high value card, that is often played in aggressive Warrior decks. However, most high level Warrior decks focus more on Control and do not include this card.

1.2. Rares

  1. Armorsmith - Priority = HIGH: Armorsmith is a great tool in a Control Warrior deck, both to combat early aggression, as well as generating armour for yourself to stabilise your life total and activate your Shield Slams.
  2. Shieldmaiden - Priority = HIGH: Shieldmaiden is a useful tool in a Control Warrior deck for much the same reason as Armorsmith. It provides additional life gain in the deck, and activates your Shield Slams.
  3. Frothing Berserker - Priority = HIGH: Frothing Berserker is a key component of the Grim Patron Warrior deck, as well as other aggressive Warrior decks.
  4. Alexstrasza's Champion - Priority = LOW: Alexstrasza's Champion is an excellent card in a Dragon Warrior deck, but does not offer any particular value outside of this deck, making it replaceable.

1.3. Epics

  1. Shield Slam - Priority = TOP: Shield Slam is a very high value removal spell that can often be used to remove large minions for 1 Mana.
  2. Brawl - Priority = MEDIUM: Brawl is a crucial tool in many Warrior decks to try and regain control of a board that has grown out of control. However, it is possible to build a competitive Warrior deck without Brawl, making it not a top priority.
  3. Gorehowl - Priority = LOW: Gorehowl is an enormously high value card that is capable of removing multiple minions, generating a strong board advantage for you. Despite this, it is currently not used commonly in Warrior decks, partly due to its weakness to Harrison Jones.

1.4. Legendaries

  1. Grommash Hellscream - Priority = HIGH: Grommash Hellscream is used as the primary finisher in Control Warrior decks. When combined with cards such as Cruel Taskmaster or Whirlwind it can create large amounts of burst damage.
  2. Varian Wrynn - Priority = HIGH: Varian Wrynn is perhaps the most powerful Legendary minion introduced in The Grand Tournament, offering an enormous effect for a single card. This is a must have minion for any Control Warrior deck.

2. Neutral Cards

In this section, we list neutral cards that are always good to craft if you are playing Warrior. Note that many of these cards will be usable in a wide range of decks across multiple classes. This means that crafting these cards over class specific ones is often a good idea if you plan to play a range of classes.

2.1. Commons

  1. Acolyte of Pain - Priority = HIGH: Acolyte of Pain is a core card in Control Warrior decks. It enables you to to cycle through your deck using cards like Whirlwind and Cruel Taskmaster. Without access to Acolyte of Pain, you may find yourself running out of options in the late-game.
  2. Ironbeak Owl - Priority = MEDIUM: Ironbeak Owl is a useful card in a Control Warrior deck to provide a much needed Silence effect.
  3. Raging Worgen - Priority = LOW: Raging Worgen is the key component in the Warrior One Turn Kill deck. However, it is a very niche card that is only used in one specific deck.

2.2. Rares

There are currently no Neutral Rares that are commonly played in the Warrior class.

2.3. Epics

  1. Big Game Hunter - Priority = MEDIUM: Big Game Hunter is a great inclusion in a Control Warrior deck to provide some extra removal for large minions. Big Game Hunter is an especially good choice currently, due to the frequency of Dr. Boom in many decks.
  2. Twilight Guardian - Priority = MEDIUM: Twilight Guardian is an essential card for the Dragon Warrior deck, and can be used across a wide variety of classes, making it a sound investment.

2.4. Legendaries

  1. Dr. Boom - Priority = TOP: Dr. Boom is a dominant force in the game currently, and is featured in a large variety of decks. Warrior makes good use out of Boom as a late-game Control tool.
  2. Sylvanas Windrunner - Priority = HIGH: Sylvanas Windrunner is a very high value minion that can create very difficult turns for your opponent if they do not have a Silence effect available.
  3. Alexstrasza - Priority = HIGH: Alexstrasza is a key minion in a Control Warrior deck. Dropping Alexstrasza and lowering your opponent's health to 15 marks a key shift in the game from defence to aggression.
  4. Ragnaros the Firelord - Priority = MEDIUM: Ragnaros the Firelord is an important minion in a Control Warrior deck. The swing turns it creates by removing a sizeable minion from your opponent while dropping your own is a fairly unique effect that is hard to replicate.
  5. Justicar Trueheart - Priority = MEDIUM: Justicar Trueheart can be an excellent tool in a Control Warrior deck, but is non-essential, and can easily be omitted for other high value cards.
  6. Baron Geddon - Priority = LOW: Baron Geddon is a useful tool in a Control Warrior deck to provide some additional AoE in the late-game. However, many Control Warrior decks have cut this card in favour of other removal options or tech cards, making it not a top priority.

3. Gold Allocation Guide

3.1. Pack Type

Although some key cards such as Shieldmaiden are contained in Goblins vs. Gnomes packs, the core of Control Warrior, the most common Warrior deck is found in Classic packs. With this in mind, you should focus on Classic packs to maximise your chances of opening important Legendary minions and reduce the dust cost of a very expensive deck.

The Grand Tournament did introduce several useful new cards for slow Warrior decks, but not enough to justify spending your Gold on packs when so many of the core cards are still contained in Classic packs.

3.2. Curse of Naxxramas Adventure Value

Although the number of Naxxramas cards that are used in Warrior decks is low in quantity, there are very high in importance. Sludge Belcher is a hugely important card in Control Warrior to provide some mid-game proactivity and late-game stability. The Warrior class card in the set, Death's Bite, is one of the strongest cards in the whole set and is an automatic inclusion in almost every Warrior deck.

3.3. Blackrock Mountain Adventure Value

Blackrock Mountain has strong value for a Warrior player. The Dragon synergy cards can be put to great use in the Dragon Warrior deck, while Grim Patron and Emperor Thaurissan are both key components in Patron Warrior, one of the strongest decks in the game.

4. ChangeLog

  • 02 Sep. 2015: Updated to include Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament cards.
  • 22 Feb. 2015: Complete overhaul in format, and update for the Goblins vs. Gnomes meta.
  • 08 Sep. 2014: Removed Tinkmaster Overspark.
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