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Terestian Illhoof

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missing deathlords, lil excorcist, cyclopian horror, shadow madness, 1 mind control tech and lightbombs. a bit too much of a craft for just one boss. maybe I should have saved some wild cards. any other advice? I was thinking maybe the Doomsayer+duplicate/echo mage deck I saw on here for magic mirror on hc)


11 hours ago, Guest Meh said:

A Rogue Mill deck can win also. Needed only two tries.

I will try this thx for the tip.



Update, I managed to get this done on hc with a bit of an altered version of the priest, crafted some old cards back after all. I tried the millrogue too but didnt quite hit the mark for me.

The decklist I used in case anyone needs it:


2x Mind vision

2x Resurrect

2x Priest of the feast

2x Shadow Madness

2x Shadow Word: Horror

2x Darkshire Alchemist

2x Excavated Evil

2x Holy Nova

2x Onyx Bishop

1x Cabal Shadow Priest



2x Annoy-o-Tron

2x Deathlord

2x Mind Control Tech

1x Barnes

1x Gormok the Impaler

2x Infested Tauren

1x Grim Patron (didnt know what else to put in, figured it might surprise me against so many 2/2)


well just one more wing of heroics to go for the card back

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I always come to this site to read the guides and comments AFTER I have defeated the boss on my own... Well, this guy took me a while, but I managed to beat Heroic Illhoof on my first try as shaman...barely.


Lightning Storm + Elemental Destruction = win

Priest was my first thought as the ideal class with which to beat Illhoof. I wanted to try some other less conventional classes/decks though. I did try three times with mill rogue, but no luck there. Surprisingly, I scraped by with a Reno shaman...didn't even draw Reno.

There are only a few key cards that proved to be of great use...

Earth Shock and Hex- I used these on his Icky Imps. I found myself being overwhelmed by the continually respawning 2/2s, so I decided to silence them asap. I knew Illhoof had plenty more in his deck for me to kill him with later.

Healing Wave- With so many 1-cost imps in his deck, I figured I had a good chance of getting the 14 healing...and so I did.

Lightning Storm and Elemental Destruction- Board clears! These two spells will be your easiest way to hit Illhoof hard. In my case, playing them back to back won me the game.

Jeweled Scarab- This actually had no impact on the game for me, but I mention it because it could. It may give you an additional Hex, Lightning Storm, or Elemental Destruction.

Evolve- I used it on a full board and it gave me some very big/powerful minions that I could perform multiple trades with before they'd die.

Thunder Bluff Valiant- Not really a game-changer, but it allowed my Stoneclaw Totem to kill an imp each time it was attacked. I was also able to use a Totem Golem buffed by Valiant to kill Kil'rek.

Feral Spirit- Probably would have been useful for both survival and to kill off imps, but I did not draw it.

I won't bother with a decklist (unless someone really wants it), because if I had to do it again, I would replace half of the cards in the deck. At least we know that it's possible to win with Shaman, if you are a diehard fan of the class. :)

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Priest is actually a strong class to deal with Terestian:

- Mind Vision. When in your opening hand and it copies his "Summon two Icky Imps" card turn 1 for you to play on turn 2, it is an almost guaranteed win.

Convert. Me want Icky Imp!

- Thoughtsteal. See above. Summon some Imps yourself.

- Shadow Madness. Allows you to steal one of his Imps, trade into another and keep the respawned one for good.

- Shadow Word: Horror. That's a lot of Icky Imps, Terestian... A shame if something should happen to them... all at once! Oh dear, did you just take over 20 damage this turn?

- Cabal Shadow Priest. Grab that Imp!

- Mass Dispel. If everything else fails, silencing his Imps allows to temporarily reduce his board presence.

- Mind Control. Game should be over by the moment you can cast this, but hey, GRAB MORE IMPS!

(You can add the neutral Mind Control Tech  and Sylvanas Windrunner as well. Anything that grab those damn Icky Imps!)

Combine (some of) the cards above with Taunt minions and ways to heal yourself, and you really shouldn't have much trouble with him.

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The Icy Veins deck is very effective.  I won 3 of 4 games.  I replaced missing cards with silence cards to gain board control, such as Mass Dispel and Silence.  Don't play before you are going to play a mind control minion or spell.


Baron Rivendale was useful, allowing  you to resummon two imps for every one of yours until your board was full.

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On 10/23/2016 at 9:39 PM, Huriphoonado said:

The Icy Veins deck is very effective.  I won 3 of 4 games.  I replaced missing cards with silence cards to gain board control, such as Mass Dispel and Silence.  Don't play before you are going to play a mind control minion or spell.


Baron Rivendale was useful, allowing  you to resummon two imps for every one of yours until your board was full.

Glad to hear that it worked well for you! Well done :)

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