Shaman Decks


Shaman is a class that favours a Midrange or Control style. The ability to always put a minion on the board using your Hero Power can gain you a significant advantage over time. The Overload mechanic featured on many Shaman cards can give you access to many powerful effects for a low Mana cost, but you must be careful of the effect it has on your next turn.

1. Deck List↑top

Deck Reachable Ranks Mana Curve Cost Last Update
Low Budget Midrange TGT GvG Naxx 3-1
1,320 Arcane Dust 2015/09/03
Legendary Malygos Combo TGT BrM GvG 5-3
4,920 Arcane Dust 2015/09/03
Cheap TGT GvG 15-12
980 Arcane Dust 2015/09/02
Legendary Midrange TGT GvG Naxx Legend
4,420 Arcane Dust 2015/08/26
Basic 20-15
0 Arcane Dust 2015/06/29
Legendary Malygos Combo BrM GvG 5
6,260 Arcane Dust 2015/06/17
Legendary Bloodlust BrM GvG Naxx Legend
2,620 Arcane Dust 2015/06/06
Legendary Control BrM GvG Naxx Legend
7,600 Arcane Dust 2015/04/26
Legendary Fel Reaver Mech GvG Naxx Legend
5,340 Arcane Dust 2015/04/16
Legendary Mech Aggro/Rush GvG Legend
4,740 Arcane Dust 2015/02/06
Legendary Control GvG Naxx Legend
6,300 Arcane Dust 2015/01/25
Legendary Midrange GvG Naxx Legend
4,260 Arcane Dust 2014/12/30
Low Budget Midrange GvG Naxx 7-5
1,520 Arcane Dust 2014/12/12
Burst Naxx 5-3
5,140 Arcane Dust 2014/11/30
Legendary Midrange Naxx 3-1
6,240 Arcane Dust 2014/11/30

2. Crafting Guide↑top

If you want a list of the most useful Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Shaman class in terms of crafting, please read our crafting guide for Shamans.

3. Blackrock Mountain↑top

Deck Mana Curve Cost Last Update
Mid-Budget Omnotron Defense System Deck (Heroic Mode) BrM GvG Naxx
4,240 Arcane Dust 2015/04/30
Cheap Omnotron Defense System Deck (Heroic Mode) BrM GvG Naxx
2,240 Arcane Dust 2015/04/30
Legendary General Drakkisath Deck (Heroic Mode) GvG Naxx
15,780 Arcane Dust 2015/04/17
Basic General Drakkisath Deck (Normal Mode)
0 Arcane Dust 2015/04/16
Legendary Coren Direbrew Deck (Heroic Mode) GvG Naxx
9,040 Arcane Dust 2015/04/02

4. Older Decks↑top

Deck Mana Curve Cost Last Update
S18 Legendary Windfury Naxx
2,600 Arcane Dust 2014/11/30
S7 Legendary Midrange/Control Naxx
4,740 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
S7 Mid Budget Midrange/Control Naxx
3,140 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
S18 Low Budget Midrange/Control Naxx
1,580 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
S7 Legendary Control
6,440 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
S7 Mid Budget Control
3,320 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
S7 Low Budget Control
1,760 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
S7 Basic
0 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06