Shaman Decks


Shamans can be played as control or aggression, but they have much better potential as control in high ranked game play. Overload spells can create advantage, but you need to plan their usage wisely as you might lose that advantage the next turn.

1. Deck List↑top

Deck Reachable Ranks Mana Curve Cost Last Update
Mid Budget Midrange/Control Naxxramas Card 5-Legend
3,140 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
Low Budget Midrange/Control Naxxramas Card 7-3
1,580 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
Legendary Midrange/Control Naxxramas Card Legend
4,740 Arcane Dust 2014/09/03
Legendary Control 7-5
6,440 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
Mid Budget Control 5-3
3,320 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
Low Budget Control 10-5
1,760 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06
Basic 20-15
0 Arcane Dust 2014/07/06

2. Crafting Guide↑top

If you want a list of the most useful Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Shaman class in terms of crafting, please read our crafting guide for Shamans.