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Season 2 Legendary Rogue Aggro/Rush Wild Deck

Last updated on Jul 06, 2014 at 16:36 by Poyo

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: this deck has been archived. It remains on the website for documentation purposes, but we no longer maintain it and no longer guarantee that it works well in the current meta-game.

On this page, you will find a S2 legendary budget Rogue Aggro/Rush Wild deck. It costs 9,360 a total of Arcane Dust to make, and it is called legendary because it utilises any number of required Legendary cards. This deck is designed to help you reach the top of the rankings (and possibly even Legend rank).

1. S2 Legendary Rogue Aggro/Rush Wild Deck

Our deck costs 9,360 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Rogue Cards Neutral Cards

1.1. Mana Curve


2. Strategy

Our Legendary Rogue deck is rather aggressive, and it excels in early-mid game with extremely cost efficient spells and Battlecry cards that will keep up your tempo and maintain the pressure on your opponent.

Setting up early pressure is essential, and you should strive towards efficient minion trading in all stages of the match until you are going in for the kill. Backstab, and Deadly Poison on a fresh Hero Power will add tempo to your early game, while Perdition's Blade or SI:7 Agent (with their combo activated) can give you the advantage on the board against aggressive opponents.

Defender of Argus will allow you to make better trades and maintain your board presence, while Azure Drake and Argent Commander are extremely card efficient and are likely to create the card advantage needed to carry on.

Cairne Bloodhoof is an amazing card, and it will often force your opponent to use multiple cards to deal with it, which will give you nice card advantage.

The Black Knight is rather situational, but with many decks playing Defender of Argus in the current meta game, you are likely to find a good target to help you create card advantage.

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