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Season 31 Warrior Patron/Worgen Hybrid BrM Wild Deck

Last updated on Feb 24, 2016 at 17:08 by Sottle 5 comments

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: this deck has been archived. It remains on the website for documentation purposes, but we no longer maintain it and no longer guarantee that it works well in the current meta-game.

The following guide outlines how to play Hybrid Patron/Worgen Warrior. It aims to combine the oppressive board states of Patron Warrior with the huge OTK combos found in a Worgen deck. It is extremely oppressive against heavy Control decks and was used to great effect by London Conspiracy's Crane333 in the recent G2 Class Legends tournament.

1. About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Sottle, a professional Hearthstone player who plays for compLexity Gaming. Sottle regularly streams on Twitch and explains all of his moves. Watching him is a good opportunity to see how this and other decks play out in practice, and how decisions are made in real time.

2. S31 Warrior Patron/Worgen Hybrid BrM Wild Deck

Our deck costs 920 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards

2.1. Mana Curve


3. Strategy

This deck is a hybrid between the common Grim Patron Warrior and the old school Raging Worgen OTK deck. In its presented form it is highly tuned to deal with heavy Control decks such as Renolock and Priest, but it can be tuned as shown in the Card Swaps section to have a more favourable matchup against more aggressive decks.

The strategy of the deck is to cycle through your deck quickly in the early game turns using cards like Slam and Acolyte of Pain while using Fiery War Axe and Death's Bite to control the state of the board. This will help to assemble the necessary combo pieces in your hand for the later turns in order to activate your kill combo, while also providing you with more resources to continue playing the control game.

Due to the omission of Armorsmith from the deck, your options for controlling the board early are very limited, and you will struggle against many decks that get off to fast start like Zoo and Secret Paladin, because of this you will often need to mulligan your entire hand for a Fiery War Axe in these matchups. If you miss your Fiery War Axe, Slam is a decent option to be able to deal with one key minion like a Knife Juggler to ensure the game does not get too far out of control.

Key to the strategy of the deck is recognising your different win conditions in different matchups. Against aggressive decks like Zoo, Secret Paladin, and Midrange Druid you want to focus on the Grim Patron side of your deck. You can freely use most of your Raging Worgen combo cards to control the board where necessary and you are simply focused on generating Patrons on the board. These decks are ill-equipped to deal with this strategy, and a board of 4 or more Patrons will usually be game ending if you are able to get them down in good time.

Against Control decks, your strategy is markedly different. You will need to prolong the game in order to assemble a large number of combo pieces in your hand. Your Grim Patrons will primarily be used as a distraction to your opponent, or used to immediately activate a big Battle Rage as Control decks will usually have answers to your board. Occasionally you will get away with filling a board with Patrons and just snowball the game in your favour, but generally your Patrons will just serve as a free turn where your opponent is forced to use all their Mana clearing your board.

Against Control decks, timing the use of your Emperor Thaurissan is one of the most important decisions. Unlike many decks, you do not simply want to play Emperor Thaurissan as soon as you have the Mana available. Instead, you will need to evaluate your hand and work out the maximum combo that playing Emperor will make available to you. For example, if you already hold a Raging Worgen, Charge, and Rampage in hand, then discounting these cards with Emperor will allow you to activate a full combo with a Faceless Manipulator and Inner Rage when you draw them later. If you do not have enough of these key combo cards in your hand, then you will need to wait and cycle additional cards like Shield Block and Slam before you use your Emperor.

Calculating the total damage of your Raging Worgen combos will take time to be able to do effectively. There are too many possible combinations to list effectively here, but for a starting point Raging Worgen plus Inner Rage, Charge, and Faceless Manipulator is already a total of 32 Damage, with 2 attacks from a Worgen each doing 8 damage each. If you are able to get a huge Emeperor hand with even more combo possibilities it opens up the possibility of 50+ damage. On top of this, you also have the potential to discount cards like Execute and Ironbeak Owl in order deal with problematic Taunts. Try to count your damage during your opponent's turn when you sense the potential for lethal damage, and do not forget the natural +1 attack that the Worgen gets from being Enraged.

3.1. Synergies & Combinations

Various cards like Inner Rage, Cruel Taskmaster, Rampage, Inner Rage, and Faceless Manipulator can be combined with Raging Worgen and Charge in order to create massive damage.

Whirlwind, Death's Bite, and Inner Rage can be used to draw additional cards from an Acolyte of Pain, to generate multiple Grim Patrons onto the board, or to activate Battle Rage.

3.2. Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies

You will want to mulligan aggressively for Fiery War Axe in most matchups as this is your key card for controlling the board early. If you do not have a Fiery War Axe against an aggressive deck, the only other cards you should consider keeping are Death's Bite, Slam, and Cruel Taskmaster.

The exception to this rule is when you have The Coin, in which case you can keep an additional Grim Patron activator like Whirlwind or Inner Rage, or the Grim Patron itself, if you have Death's Bite in your hand already. The reason for this is that quickly generating Patrons onto the board on turn 5 or 6 is a key strategy against decks like Zoo and Secret Paladin.

Against Control decks, you can consider keeping Emperor Thaurissan in your opening hand. Even though you will not be playing it on turn 6 most of the time, it is such an essential card in the deck that you will find yourself losing if you mulligan it away and it moves to the bottom 5-8 cards of the deck.

3.3. Card Swaps

If you want to tech this deck to have a better chance against aggressive decks, you can remove some of the Raging Worgen combo pieces such as one Worgen, one Charge, or the Rampage in order to fit in additional anti-aggro tools like Brawl, Bash, or Revenge.

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