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Season 31 Worgen OTK Warrior TOG Standard Deck

Last updated on Jul 20, 2016 at 20:26 by Sottle 8 comments

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: this deck has been archived. It remains on the website for documentation purposes, but we no longer maintain it and no longer guarantee that it works well in the current meta-game.

The following guide contains instruction on how to play Raging Worgen OTK Warrior. This is a powerful combo deck that is capable of doing up to 60 damage in a single turn through combinations of buffing a Raging Worgen and activating it with the card Charge. This is an archetype that has been around in Hearthstone since the Beta, but has come back to popularity thanks to popular streamer Neviilz hitting Rank 1 Legend with it.

1. About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Sottle, a professional Hearthstone player who plays for compLexity Gaming. Sottle regularly streams on Twitch and explains all of his moves. Watching him is a good opportunity to see how this and other decks play out in practice, and how decisions are made in real time.

2. S31 Worgen OTK Warrior TOG Standard Deck

Our deck costs 1,600 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards

2.1. Mana Curve


3. Strategy

This deck is a revival of an old-school combo based deck that relies on combining Raging Worgen with Charge and various other buff effects in order to create a true one turn kill effect.

The deck's strategy is based entirely around drawing cards and survival, and this is the mindset you need to get yourself into in order to be more successful. It is easy to get caught up in the mentality of trying to remove everything your opponent plays on the turn they play it, but often it is correct to simply sit back and draw some cards with Shield Block, Loot Hoarder, and Acolyte of Pain in the early game. Your big advantage as a Warrior is the ability to gain life easily, so you should not feel the need to overreact at the cost of using your cards inefficiently.

As with most Warrior decks, hitting a Fiery War Axe in your opening hand is crucial and will increase your winrate significantly against most matchups. If you do not get the War Axe in your opening hand you do not have too many high quality minions to contest the board early and will instead be trying to rely on combinations of Loot Hoarder, Blood To Ichor, Slam, and Ravaging Ghoul in order to put a stop to your opponent's development.

At some point during the mid-game turns you will need to take time to deliberately draw cards, often choosing to do this at the cost of removing your opponent's minions. Plays such as Slam or Cruel Taskmaster on your own Acolyte of Pain are crucial at times to make sure you are able to dig through your own deck in a timely manner. Since so many of the cards in your deck are dead without the correct combo pieces, it is important that you draw as much of your deck as possible in every game. The key to assessing these situations is evaluating the expected play of your opponent on the following turn. Ask yourself how much pressure you will be under on the following turn if you take the whole turn to draw through your deck and whether you can survive that pressure with the cards that you have in hand and those that you can reasonably expect to draw.

Wild Pyromancer is a key card during this period due to its overall versatility. During these mid-game turns it can allow you to pull crazy turns where you both draw cards and answer your opponent's board. The combination of Wild Pyromancer with Commanding Shout opens up the door to allow you to do a variety of different things from clearing your opponent's board with numerous 1 damage AoE effects, all the way to activating a huge Battle Rage due to your damaged minions not dying.

Emperor Thaurissan is another hugely important card to play correctly in this deck, and its usage depends highly on matchup considerations and the state of the game. Against heavier Control decks, particularly Warrior, you will need to activate a full combo using the Faceless Manipulator on your Raging Worgen in order to win the game. In these types of matchups you will need to be patient with your Emperor until you are able to hit multiple cards that are part of the eventual combo such as Raging Worgen, Faceless Manipulator, Charge, and Rampage. Against more aggressive decks and decks that cannot gain life easily however, you do not need to be so greedy with the card and can freely play it any time it seems appropriate. In matchups against aggressive decks, it can be more beneficial to use Emperor to discount a big Wild Pyromancer hand than trying to hold it to hit combo pieces.

Finally Execute is a huge consideration in this deck. Against strong players who are familiar with the deck you are playing, they will often hold their Taunt minions until you have used your Executes. This will often leave you in the position of not being able to push through the damage from your Raging Worgens to the opponent. In order to mitigate this, you should try to find more creative ways to remove your opponent's minions using combinations of Slam, Blood To Ichor, Ravaging Ghoul, Wild Pyromancer, and Fiery War Axe.

3.1. Synergies & Combinations

Arguably the most important thing to learn with the deck is the potential damage output of the various Raging Worgen combos. For your convenience, the most common combinations are listed below.

Wild Pyromancer can combine excellently with the numerous cheap spells in your deck but functions particularly well with Commanding Shout.

3.2. Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies

In most matchups you will be looking to mulligan for Fiery War Axe, Blood To Ichor, and Loot Hoarder. If you already have one or more of these cards in your hand you can start to keep additional cards such as Acolyte of Pain or Ravaging Ghoul.

Against Aggro decks like Zoo or Aggro Shaman you can keep Wild Pyromancer since it is so effective at sweeping their boards.

As mentioned previously, most of your matchup concerns come down to how greedy you need to be with Emperor Thaurissan and recognising how much damage you will need to deal with your eventual combo in order to win the game. Outside of this you need to be aware of decks that ran huge Taunts that demand you to hold on to an Execute, such as Druid decks running Ancient of War or N'Zoth decks running Chillmaw.

3.3. Card Swaps

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End can be included in the deck in place of 1 Blood To Ichor in order to create an additional win condition in the deck as well as a potential board clear.

4. ChangeLog

  • 20 Jul. 2016: Deck Added.
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