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Season 8 Legendary Mage Control Wild Deck

Last updated on Jul 06, 2014 at 16:25 by Poyo 37 comments

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: this deck has been archived. It remains on the website for documentation purposes, but we no longer maintain it and no longer guarantee that it works well in the current meta-game.

On this page, you will find a S8 legendary budget Mage Control Wild deck. It costs 8,520 a total of Arcane Dust to make, and it is called legendary because it utilises any number of required Legendary cards. This deck is designed to help you reach the top of the rankings (and possibly even Legend rank).

1. S8 Legendary Mage Control Wild Deck

Our deck costs 8,520 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Mage Cards Neutral Cards

1.1. Mana Curve


2. Strategy

Our Legendary Mage Control deck excels at controlling the board at all stages until you can finish your opponent, using direct damage spells. Control Mage is extremely fun to play, however Control Warriors present a difficult challenge because of their Armor.

The key to victory is surviving the early stages of the match with as much efficiency as possible until you can ultimately get your Archmage Antonidas rolling or play Alexstrasza and destroy your opponent with direct damage spells or giants.

Ice Lance can be used to delay any early aggression, however in most situations you will pair it with a Freeze effect provided by your Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Water Elemental, or Blizzard in order to take out a minion.

Doomsayer can easily wipe the entire board when used with Ice Lance, Frost Nova, or Blizzard, however if played in the early game, you can easily prevent some damage and divert your opponent's pressure from your hero on to Doomsayer.

Card advantage should never be a problem, especially with Arcane Intellect and the majority of your minions offering card efficiency. This will often lead to a rather large hand size, which can consequently allow you to play an early Mountain Giant, putting immense pressure on your opponent.

Frost Nova and Blizzard can also be used to delay your opponent's pressure and allow you to destroy their board the turn after with Flamestrike.

Should your opponent bring you low, you can efficiently play your Molten Giants and potentially finish your opponent the turn after with direct damage or Alexstrasza.

Archmage Antonidas should be played when you have the option of playing at least another spell the same turn, preferably after a board wipe. Should your opponent fail to remove it, you will likely win the game.

Ice Block will often help you stay alive while you set up your finishers and go for the kill. You can easily play Ice Block in the early stages of the match, unless you are playing against a Hunter as they will remove it with Flare.

2.1. Synergies and Combinations

Doomsayer + Freeze (Ice Lance, Frost Nova, Blizzard) can easily reset the board unless your opponent has Silence or other means of taking out your Doomsayer.

Ice Lance can be used as a finisher with Frostbolt or Water Elemental's attack, as well as removal for targets affected by Freeze.

Acolyte of Pain can be targeted by your own Hero Power, which will create card advantage.

2.2. Mulligan / Starting Hand

You should attempt to mulligan your finishers and any other expensive cards away in exchange for any means of early board control against aggressive decks. When you suspect another control deck, you should attempt to mulligan for card efficiency and perhaps a Mountain Giant.

2.3. Card Swaps

Should the meta game be extremely aggressive, you might want to consider including Ice Barrier in your deck in order to prolong your survival.

3. ChangeLog

  • 06 Jul. 2014: The deck has been reviewed and deemed valid for Season 4.
  • 08 Jun. 2014: Updated the deck for Season 3.
  • 25 Mar. 2014: Revamped the deck.
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