Cataclysm Classic Combat Rogue Spell Summary

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Combat Rogue in Cataclysm Classic.


Combat Rogue Spells, Cooldowns and Abilities

RogueRogue has two primary resources to deal damage, Energy and Combo Points. Abilities that cost Energy will often generate Combo Points.


Combo Point Generators

Listed below are the primary Energy spending Combo Point generating abilities.

  • Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike — acts as your primary Combo Point generating ability as a Combat Rogue.
  • Revealing Strike Icon Revealing Strike — while spammed like Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike this ability will be used ideally to build your fifth Combo Point before casting Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate.
  • Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives — while only used against a large number of enemies Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives is our only source of spammable AoE damage. On top of dealing damage it will also apply any Poisons you have applied to your thrown weapon.

Combo Point Spenders

Unlike the abilities mentioned above, the abilities on this list are Combo Point spenders, these abilities are generally more powerful than generating abilities as they will often cost both Energy and Combo Points to use.

  • Eviscerate Icon EviscerateEviscerate Icon Eviscerate will act as your primary way to spend Combo Points, assuming Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice is already active. This ability is best used with 5 Combo Points.
  • Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice — increases your attack speed and should be maintained at all times.
  • Rupture Icon Rupture — is a powerful bleed that while not often worth casting as Combat can be useful in a situation where you are likely to lose the ability to hit a target. This ability should not be used in the rotation but consider applying it to a debuff if it is still able to take damage but you will not be able to maintain up time.
  • Recuperate Icon Recuperate — is a heal-over-time effect that allows you to convert Combo Points to healing. The strength of the heal does not scale with the amount of Combo Points, only the duration so feel free to use this as you feel it is needed with any amount of Combo Points.
  • Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot — is an instant cast stun that's duration scales with the amount of Combo Points spent. While this is not a true DPS ability it has many great uses in a situation where the mob is able to be stunned it can be used as an impromptu interrupt in a situation where your Kick Icon Kick is unavailable or to stop all outgoing damage from a target for a short period.
  • Expose Armor Icon Expose Armor — reduces the targets armor by 12%. The amount of Combo Points spent only increases the duration of this debuff not its effectiveness. While this can be used in an emergency it is generally not recommended to use.
  • Deadly Throw Icon Deadly Throw — reduces the targets movement speed by 50% and deals damage based on the amount of Combo Points spent. This ability is generally not recommended unless you will be out of range of the target for a considerable amount of time.


In Cataclysm, RogueRogue cooldowns are just as strong as ever with even more incredible tools to both deal damage, mitigate incoming damage or turn the tables with an overwhelming amount of crowd control.

  • Combat Readiness Icon Combat Readiness — reduces incoming damage by 10% stacking up to five times leading to a total of 50% reduced damage. Combat Insight Icon Combat Insight stacks are gained by taking melee or ranged physical attacks so while this is an incredibly powerful defensive cooldown, it can be underwhelming if you are not consistently taking incoming damage.
  • Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows — instantly removes all harmful magic effects and grants immunity to all magic damage and effects for five seconds. This is an incredibly strong defensive cooldown that can be used proactively and reactively. Many encounters have mechanics that can be entirely trivialized by a well timed Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows or if you find yourself in a situation where you would otherwise not survive a large burst of incoming magic Damage never hesitate to use your Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows.
  • Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb — summons a eight yard radius cloud of smoke that prevents enemies attacks from coming into or leaving the shrouded area. While not a direct damage reduction this ability can be used to stop incoming spells and is an incredible tool especially in raids to avoid otherwise unavoidable incoming spells.
  • Tricks of the Trade Icon Tricks of the Trade — redirects all threat generated by the Rogue for six seconds to the target of Tricks of the Trade Icon Tricks of the Trade as well as increasing their damage dealt by 15% for its duration. This is a great tool to bolster your tanks threat early into a pull and can be used on another damage dealer once threat is established to allow them to deal more damage. This is especially powerful for classes that benefit from snapshotting like Warlocks.
  • Blind Icon Blind — is an instant cast disorient that will cause the target to wander for one minute. Any damage will instantly break this effect.
  • Vanish Icon Vanish — instantly sends the Rogue back into stealth allowing for the usage of Stealth Icon Stealth only abilities.
  • Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush — greatly increases your Energy regeneration and increases your Attack Speed by 20% for fifteen seconds. This ability should be used only when you are guaranteed the up time to spend your Energy for its entire duration.
  • Killing Spree Icon Killing Spree — deals a massive amount of damage over the span of two and a half seconds. This should be used when you are low Energy to avoid Energy capping while in the action of Killing Spree Icon Killing Spreeing.
  • Evasion Icon Evasion — increases the Rogue's dodge rating by 50% and reduces the chance to be hit by ranged attacks by 25%. This is a great tool should you find yourself with aggro or being targeted by an enemy dealing physical damage.
  • Dismantle Icon Dismantle — disarms the enemy for ten seconds. While this has limited usage in raids it can be an incredible tool to reduce incoming damage in Dungeons and in PvP.

Stealth Abilities

RogueRogue has a number of abilities that can only be used while in Stealth Icon Stealth, these abilities range from large bursts of damage, lengthy crowd controlling effects or even a brief silence with a damage over time component.

  • Garrote Icon Garrote — is a damage over time effect. As a Combat rogue this will be your primary ability to use coming out of stealth. On top of being a considerable amount of bleed damage this will also silence any targets able to be silenced for 3 seconds.
  • Ambush Icon Ambush — deals a massive amount of burst damage. Can only be used with a Dagger active.
  • Sap Icon Sap — is a minute long incapacitate that can only be used on Humanoids, Beasts, Dragonkin and Demons that are not in combat. Any damage will immediately break this effect.
  • Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot — stuns the target for 4 seconds. While not a direct DPS increase this ability can be used as an impromptu interrupt or just a way to stop all outgoing damage against any enemy that can be stunned.


RogueRogue is truly a master of tricks with a number of utility spells that can help you deal with all types of situations.

  • Blade Flurry Icon Blade Flurry — while active this increases the Energy cost of your abilities by 30% but causes your attacks to hit an additional target allowing you to deal a considerable amount of cleave damage.
  • Kick Icon Kick — is an instant, melee ranged interrupt. While Kick Icon Kick does have an Energy cost it is often one of the most reliable ways to interrupt spell casting in the game.
  • Distract Icon Distract — attracts the attention of enemies for 10 seconds. While this has very limited use in PvE it can be used to get closer to mobs in stealth you would otherwise not have been able to.
  • Shiv Icon Shiv — instantly applies the poison found on your off-hand and dispels any enraging effects on the target. While there are several other ways to remove enraging effects they can be difficult to use in comparison to Shiv Icon Shiv which is an instant cast in melee range.
  • Redirect Icon Redirect — instantly transfers all of your Combo Points onto your current target, allowing for much easier target swapping. As Combat this is even more important as you will need to cast Redirect Icon Redirect to maintain your state of Bandit's Guile Icon Bandit's Guile when switching targets.
  • Feint Icon Feint — lowers your threat by 5% and reduces all incoming damage from AoE effects by 50%. This is an incredibly powerful defensive ability that is literally free thanks to the Glyph of Feint Icon Glyph of Feint. There is almost no excuse to not have this active for every incoming source of AoE damage.
  • Gouge Icon Gouge — is an instant cast melee ranged incapacitate that can only be used against enemies that you are currently in front of. Any damage will break this incapacitating effect.


RogueRogue is able to augment their weapon with vile poisons that can greatly increase your damage, mitigate an enemies ability to deal damage or even act as a healing reduction or slow.

  • Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison — is a stacking poison that deals more Nature damage with each stack. This will be the primary poison you use on your off-hand weapon and your thrown weapon in a situation where the mobs you are AoEing with Fan of Knives Icon Fan of Knives will survive to be able to stack five times.
  • Instant Poison Icon Instant Poison — is the primary poison that will be used on your main-hand weapon. It instantly deals Nature damage to your target.
  • Wound Poison Icon Wound Poison — reduces the healing the target is able to receive and deals a Nature damage. This is will also deal more damage than Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison in an AoE situation if your Deadly Poison Icon Deadly Poison is not able to stack fully.
  • Crippling Poison Icon Crippling Poison — slows the target, while not used often this is an incredible potent slow and can be used on your thrown weapon in a situation where you need to slow multiple targets at once.
  • Mind-Numbing Poison Icon Mind-Numbing Poison — increases the cast speed of the target lessening the amount of casts the target would otherwise be able to cast. While not used often this can be a great tool to make interrupting easier with abilities like Kick Icon Kick.


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