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The Arena in Last Epoch is an endgame system that provides the ultimate challenge. Test your skills and abilities by fighting against endless waves of enemies, until you either die or choose to quit. Arena runs will earn you experience, loot, and glory. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Arenas in Last Epoch. Learn how to enter, survive, and get rewards.



Last Epoch has many endgame options to keep you entertained, such as Dungeons and the Monolith of Fate. However, if you want to test your skills even further, you should enter the Arena: a brutal place where you fight against endless waves of enemies that get stronger and tougher the longer you survive.

The Arena is a mode that requires you to know your character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a good knowledge of the game's mechanics and enemies. The Arena also offers unique loot, and glory, if you can survive long enough.


What is the Arena

The Arena is an endgame mode where you will have to survive countless waves of enemies to test your skill, allowing you to see how you rank among other players. In terms of rewards, the Arena is not the most lucrative mode, but it is the most challenging one.

Inside the Arena, waves of enemies will start coming towards you, and you have to defeat them all if you want to advance. Every 5 waves, you get a chance to rest and resupply. You will see barrels, a blacksmith and a stash where you can sort your loot or take a break. But once you leave the rest area, there is no turning back. You have to face 5 more waves before the next one appears.

A counter will be displayed, showing you how many waves you have completed. An Arena run will end if you die, or if you choose to quit.


Arena Types

Last Epoch has two types of Arenas: Endless Arena and Arena of Champions. The Endless Arena is where you can compete with other players and see how far you can go. You will face endless waves of enemies that get harder and harder. Your name will appear on the Ladder, and you can check your ranking with others.

The Arena of Champions is a mode that has a fixed number of waves and a boss at the end. The difficulty and rewards of the Arena of Champions scale with tiers and modifiers.


How to Access

The Arena can be accessed from Champion's Gate, a place in the Divine Era that you can reach from Heoborea. The first time you travel there, head to Wengari Fortress and follow the path through Kolheim Pass until you find The Champion's Gate.

To enter the Arena you need to spend an Arena Key Icon Arena Key, which can be obtained as a drop from the Monolith of Fate, or as an optional reward from an Arena run. The Monolith of Fate is another endgame system that consists of randomly generated timelines with different modifiers and objectives. Each time you complete five Echoes in a row without dying inside the Monolith of Fate, you will get an Arena Key, and there is a small chance of obtaining more keys in between.

Additionally, keys can also be obtained inside the reward chest when abandoning an Arena Run. The chance for a key to be in the chest will scale depending on the amount of waves you completed before quitting. The more waves you cleared, the higher the chance of getting another key.

Furthermore, it is important to know that there is a special key for the Endless Arena, the Arena Key of Memory Icon Arena Key of Memory! This key lets you resume your Endless run if you die. For example, if you made it to wave 1000, and started the Arena with a Key of Memory, you can start again from wave 500, instead of wave 0. If you have never made it to wave 100, this key will start you at wave 100.


Tips and Tricks

Fighting countless waves of enemies can be hard and tiring, as the Arena is a tough and exciting mode where you need to be prepared and skilled.

Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive in the Arena:

  • You can rest and resupply every five waves. You will see a checkpoint with a stash, loot, and a Blacksmith. If you are in a party, you can also revive your fallen teammates.
  • Each wave will make the enemies stronger, but also increase the experience and loot you get.
  • The run ends if all party members are dead, or if you choose to quit.
  • Every 10 waves, the Arena will change to a different map. You will also have to choose between adding a modifier or ending the run. The modifier will boost the loot, but also the enemy level, damage and health. You need to decide if you can handle another 10 waves, or if you should quit and start over.
  • Sometimes, big bosses will appear. They will drop a Unique item if you kill them.
  • Access to the Ladder is only granted through the Endless Arena.
  • All maps have four specific spawn points for enemies.
  • You have to fight right away. The enemies will attack the closest player as soon as they appear.
  • Be careful with positioning: certain spots inside the Arena will allow you to fight smaller packs of enemies one by one, instead of tackling everything in the middle.
  • The Arena is very random, and no wave will be the same. You need to have a good build, and enough resistance in each element to avoid getting killed by surprise.
  • Choose a build that suits your playstyle and preferences. You will need a build that can deal enough damage to clear the waves quickly, but also survive the incoming damage from enemies and bosses.
  • Upgrade your gear and skills.
  • Know your enemies and bosses. Focus on enemies that are the most dangerous, such as casters, healers, summoners, or the elites.
  • Have fun and enjoy the challenge. The Arena is meant to be fun and challenging, not frustrating and stressful. Don't let failures or losses get you down, and celebrate your achievements and rewards.


During an Arena run, you will face powerful Arena Champions that mirror the classes of Last Epoch. They will use various skills from their Masteries, and challenge you with their strength and speed. There are three different bosses that can enter, and defeating them will reward you with some unique loot:

  • Alfrig Wolfmaw (Primalist Champion): This boss will use different abilities from the Beastmaster and Shaman Masteries. Having good Lightning Resistance can be life-saving.
  • The Crimson Blade (Rogue Champion): This boss will use various attacks from the Bladedancer. It is a fast and agile enemy, and will require you to be very attentive.
  • Vaion the Arsenal (Sentinel Champion): This boss will use a set of skills from the Paladin and Forge Guard Masteries. It is the most tanky boss of all three and can take quite a while to take down.


The Arena is not the most rewarding endgame mode, but you can still get some interesting loot from it. The most valuable items are the Unique pieces that drop from the Arena Champions. They are exclusive to them and can't be found anywhere else:

  • Penumbra Icon Penumbra (Unique Ring) - Dropped by The Crimson Blade
  • Omen of Thunder Icon Omen of Thunder (Unique Belt) - Dropped by Alfrig Wolfmaw
  • Vaion's Chariot Icon Vaion's Chariot (Unique Boots) - Dropped by Vaion the Arsenal

You can get these items from any tier or in the Endless Arena. But remember, they are only for Rogue, Druid and Sentinel.



The Arena is a thrilling endgame mode in Last Epoch. It tests your skills and abilities in various ways, and encourages you to improve yourself. If you are competitive, you can also see how you rank among other players and measure your performance. For more casual players, it is simply a good way to have some fun fighting endless hordes of enemies without worrying too much about rankings, while still getting awesome loot.



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