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Last Epoch is a game that has a lot of endgame content, including dungeons, which are tough and rewarding areas that need keys to enter, and skills to finish. Keep reading this page, if you want to learn everything there is to know about dungeons in the world of Eterra!



Last Epoch has many rich and diverse endgame systems that test your skills and let you discover more about the world of Eterra. One of the most exciting and interesting endgame features is Dungeons. Each of them will give access to new and interesting content for everyone to enjoy.

Here is everything you need to know about Dungeons, how they work, and what you can expect from each of them.


What Are Dungeons?

Similar to other games, Last Epoch has repeatable dungeons that you can do over and over again, if you have the right items to open them. You can find dungeons in specific places, and once you have discovered the area they are located in, you can go back to anytime by using the waypoint closest to each dungeon. However, to enter, you need a specific dungeon key, which is then consumed upon entering the dungeon.

Each dungeon has a different level and modifiers that change every day, which keeps them fun and challenging for both new and experienced players.



All dungeons in Last Epoch follow a similar layout. When you enter a dungeon, you will see the first map. You have to find a way to the first door, where you will get a modifier and these modifiers will give you bonuses for the rest of the dungeon or the boss fight. After you go through the first door, you will see the second map. Like before, you have to find a way to the second door. This second door will give you yet another modifier, and then take you to the boss room. After you defeat the boss, you will get access to a special vendor or a special room with more rewards. These depend on the dungeon you are in.

The map itself will always be the same, but you will encounter different roadblocks. On your first dungeon run, some paths will be blocked. This means that you will have to find another way around the blocked road in order to continue on your path. Those roadblocks will change places on your second dungeon run. There will always be a path that leads to the next Door. You don't have to worry about getting stuck because of blocked paths.


No Deaths

Unlike other games, you can't die and then simply retry in Last Epoch. If you die during a dungeon run, you lose all your progress and will be kicked out of the dungeon. You will then need another key to enter again.

This can make it hard to advance, especially for players who have trouble clearing dungeons. You can team up with others to make runs easier, but remember that if you die during the dungeon, your teammates can't revive you. You will still be kicked out, and your teammates will have to finish the dungeon without you.

Running dungeons in Last Epoch requires you to be careful and pay attention, not only to the daily modifiers and levels, but also to every small enemy that you encounter inside the dungeon. Here are some tips:

  • Pick a difficulty that matches your level. This is not the place to challenge yourself too much.
  • Think about whether the reward is worth the risk. Do you want to finish the whole dungeon to access the special content at the end, or just explore a part of it?
  • Stay alert and focused.
  • Don't let too many small enemies surround you. They can be dangerous in large numbers.
  • Have the right resistances for the dungeon you want to do. Don't go into a dungeon with poison damage, if you have low poison resistance. The poison damage over time will kill you.
  • Take your time. It is better to go slow and steady, than to rush and die before the boss.

All Dungeons and How to Access Them

Currently, there are three dungeons in Last Epoch: Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum. Each dungeon has its own location, key, and boss. Here is a brief description of each dungeon:


Lightless Arbor

  • Location: Ruined Era, Near The Surface Waypoint
  • Key: Lightless Arbor Key
  • Boss: The Mountain Beneath
  • Mechanic: Burning Amber
  • Main Element: Poison
  • Reward system: Vault of Uncertain Fate

Soulfire Bastion

  • Location: Imperial Era, Near The Felled Wood Waypoint
  • Key: Soulfire Bastion Key
  • Boss: Fire Lich Cremorus
  • Mechanic: Soulfire Souls and Soulfire Shield
  • Main Element: Fire and Necrotic
  • Reward system: Soul Gambler

Temporal Sanctum

  • Location: Ruined Era, Near The Ruined Coast Waypoint
  • Key: Temporal Sanctum Key
  • Boss: Chronomancer Julra
  • Mechanic: Temporal Shift
  • Main Element: Poison and Void
  • Reward system: Eternity Cache
  • If you want to learn more about each dungeon, check out our dungeon guides below.

Obtaining Keys

To enter a dungeon, you need a specific key for it. Each dungeon has its own key: Soulfire Bastion Key Icon Soulfire Bastion Key, Temporal Sanctum Key Icon Temporal Sanctum Key, and Lightless Arbor Key Icon Lightless Arbor Key. You can get these keys in the same ways. Here are the different ways you can get dungeon keys.

  • Monolith of Fate   This is the most efficient method to get keys, while also rewarding you with lots of experience and rewards. If you are out of keys, or want to gather multiple ones in order to target-farm a dungeon, you can first head to the Monolith of Fate, and farm some of those. Timeline bosses will often drop a dungeon key.
  • Killing enemies   Keys will randomly drop from enemies as you play.
  • Arena of Champion   Keys can sometimes drop from the Arena of Champions, but we don't recommend using this method to get keys, as the drops are not guaranteed, and it can take quite a while to get a key in the arena.

Additionally, the Vault of Uncertain Fate can sometimes reward you with a Lightless Arbor Key.


Difficulty Settings

Last Epoch dungeons have two different ways to increase their difficulty You can either choose a different tier, or add different modifiers. Below, you will find an overview of both systems.



Each dungeon has 4 different Tiers you can choose from. To access higher Tiers, you have to complete a run in the lower tiers first. Tier 1 is the easiest tier. You should not have much trouble with it if you have a good level and gear. Tier 1 will not have any modifier when you enter the dungeon. From Tier 2 to Tier 4, the difficulty will go up: each tier, enemies will be stronger, but you will also get better rewards, and you will get a modifier when you enter the dungeon.



From Tier 2 to Tier 4 you will get a first modifier when you enter the dungeon. This modifier will be different every day. Inside the dungeon, you will get a second modifier at the first door, and a third modifier at the second door. These modifiers are small bonuses that can either help you in the dungeon, or increase the rewards you get at the end of the dungeon. But be careful, as modifiers also increase enemy damage and health. Some modifiers will give you double the rewards, but also make enemies much harder, so make sure you choose carefully.

For a detailed list of each modifier, you can check out each specific dungeon guide, where we have listed them.


Special Mechanics

Last Epoch dungeons have another special feature: each one has a unique mechanic. These mechanics are very important if you want to finish the dungeon. Here is a quick overview of each mechanic.


Burning Amber

The Lightless Arbor is shrouded in darkness, and the only way for you to find your way is to keep a Burning Amber with you. The Amber will follow you and light up the path. You can send it ahead to see what's in front of you and call it back, or use it to light Pyres. You will have to find specific enemies to recharge the Amber. Enemies inside the light will be weaker. You will need the Amber for the boss fight.


Soulfire Shield

Inside Soulfire Bastion, you can collect the souls of your enemies. These Souls are used to shield yourself with the Soulfire Shield. You can switch the shield from Fire protection to Necrotic protection. You can also use the Souls at the end of the dungeon, to trade with the Soul Gambler.


Temporal Shift

The Temporal Sanctum is a place where two different timelines overlap, and you have to use a Temporal Shift ability to switch from one timeline to the other. This can help you avoid enemies, obstacles, and more.



Each dungeon will be a great source of various rewards. You will get a lot of experience, gear, and idols from enemies and bosses, but that's not all. Each boss can also drop some rare Uniques that are specific to them. Additionally, after you beat the boss, you also will get a special endgame reward system that is different for each dungeon.



The following items are the specific Uniques that can be obtained from each boss:

  • Fire Lich Cremorus:
    • Tier 1+: Ashes of Mortality Icon Ashes of Mortality (Unique Ring)
    • Tier 2+: Lich's Envy Icon Lich's Envy (Set Item Gloves)
    • Tier 3+: Immolator's Oblation Icon Immolator's Oblation (Unique Belt)
    • Tier 4+: Pyre of Affliction Icon Pyre of Affliction (Unique Two-Handed Axe/Scythe)
  • The Mountain Beneath:
    • Tier 1+: Peak of the Mountain Icon Peak of the Mountain (Unique Helmet)
    • Tier 2+: Foot of the Mountain Icon Foot of the Mountain (Unique Boots)
    • Tier 3+: Face of the Mountain Icon Face of the Mountain (Unique Shield)
    • Tier 4+: Core of the Mountain Icon Core of the Mountain (Unique Body)
  • Chronomancer Julra:
    • Tier 1+: Julra's Stardial Icon Julra's Stardial - (Unique Ring)
    • Tier 2+: Somnia Icon Somnia - (Unique Helmet)
    • Tier 3+: Julra's Obsession Icon Julra's Obsession - (Unique Gloves)
    • Tier 4+: Vessel of Strife Icon Vessel of Strife - (Unique Relic)

Soul Gambler

The Soul Gambler is a special vendor that can be found at the end of each Soulfire Bastion run, and will provide multiple items that you can gamble for. For more detailed information about the Soul Gambler, check out our [Soul Gambler article].


Vault of Uncertain Fate

The Lightless Arbor is the only place that lets you access the Vault of Uncertain Fate upon finishing the dungeon. This Vault allows you to trade gold for valuable rewards.


Eternity Cache

The Temporal Sanctum has a very important system to become available after finishing the dungeon: the ability to craft legendaries. After you beat Julra, you can go through a door that takes you to the Eternity Cache. There, you can combine Exalted items and Uniques with Legendary Potential, and create powerful legendary items.



Dungeons are a very important part of Last Epoch's endgame. They not only help you level up and challenge yourself, but also let you access three amazing endgame features: the Soul Gambler, the Vault, and the Eternity Cache, which will give you more items and power.



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