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Heroes of the Storm Azmodan

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Hi, i main Azmodan and i can give you a few more informations:
Stacking without help works best on solo lanes where noone will interrupt your stacking (roaming enemies or an other team-mate that just destroy your progress of stacking by finishing of the lanes.)

So here i go: best way in stacking solo is to NOT PUSH your lane. Do as less damage as possible to keep the wave alive as long as possible to use "q" 2 times.
First you Lazer the health globe unit, till it has about 10% hp left. then your ally units should have taken down a meele enemie unit to 10% too. finish them off with the first q to get 4 stacks.
Wait and try to bringt down the range enemie units by auto attacks to get 4 more stacks with the 2. q.
Dont use more spells and attacks than necessery to keep your lane unpushed (try to hold them between both keeps) by start spawnen units when the other Hero pushes too much against you. Dont use "d" on cd at the beginning, just for depush).
At level 7 you should have about 50 stacks to let the following work:
q the first time (predicting when the enemie creep wave is still not fighting against yours, but when it is at their keep.
The second q should be ready in 0-3 sec after both waves start fighting. your can use it 1 more time to finish the whole wave off and getting 8-14 stacks.

So u should get about 100-140 stacks to continue stacking at lvl 10 without any more need of auto hits or anything else to get 10 stacks each wave by using   r+q.

So this is a much better way to stack solo, by stacking with leoric you can get twice as much, obviously roaming between two lanes.

On more thing that i should mention is that you dont have to lasthit a wave with your q. If the units die 0,5 sec after you hit your q, you will still get stacks. So you q and leoric will finish them off in early.

Next point: Positioning: Its best not to be in teamfight directly. You should stand behind your range assasins or on an other lane. The trick is to not let the enemie team see when you cast your q (because it has a sooo fucking damn high range). Its much more suprising and they nearly cant avoid it that way. I dont know the english word for sure, but i was something like "fog of war" if i remember correctly. The places where the enemy team cant see you. Thats the position where you have to hide and just q. Later you can directly join the tf, when u poked enough.

i hope this will help.

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