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Death Knight Tier 15 (T15) Set Bonuses

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T15 Blood 2P Bonus - Reduces the cooldown of your spell_deathknight_runetap.jpgRune Tap ability by 10 sec and removes its Rune cost.

T15 Blood 4P Bonus - Your ability_deathknight_boneshield.jpgBone Shield ability grants you 15 Runic Power each time one of its charges is consumed.

T15 DPS 2P Bonus - Your attacks have a chance to raise the spirit of a fallen Zandalari as your Death Knight minion for 15 sec.

T15 DPS 4P Bonus - Your Soul Reaper (ability_deathknight_soulreaper.jpgFrost / ability_deathknight_soulreaper.jpgUnholy) ability now deals additional Shadow damage to targets below 45% instead of below 35%. Additionally, inv_sword_122.jpgKilling Machine now also increases the critical strike chance of Soul Reaper.

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Is it me or does the t15 4 set seem to be geared more for frost? Unholy naturally does increased shadow damage, so that part is nice, but does unholy have more crit than frost?

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Unholy's mastery and frost's KM are balanced very closely for the 4-set, showing up as about a 2% damage increase for both.

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Any idea is the Blood´s 4-set bonus worth getting or should one just get 2-set and go for non-tier items?

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2 set then non tier items. The 4pc is just not worth it, especially when you factor in just how many time you can AMS for full RP this tier.

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I don't even like the 2pc for blood. It's worth a maximum of about 3k hps. Last tier when I was self healing for 30k, I thought that was amazing, because it would be a 10% boost to our self healing. but now that I'm 522+ and working on heroic progression I'm doing 50-70k hps on most fights. 3k hps doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

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The 2pc isn't game breaking by any means, but if used right it can be more than just its hps. As blood we are supposed to be timing CDs and Death Strike for burst, either having a CD in place to prevent the burst or a DS ready to recover from the burst, and a free 10% heal can be though of as a 10% burst reduction. If you use Rune Tap right after a burst that did 40% of your hp, it effectively can be though of as only doing 30%, and you probably would need to DS after a 40% but maybe not after a 30% burst. depends on a lot of things, but the anti-burst potential is there.

Plus, rune tap being free means more B runes for BB/HS/SR, which is a slight dmg increase.

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