Destruction Warlock Stat Caps/Soft caps

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I have a question about stat caps for destruction warlocks. Namely: How on Earth does one find information on what they are? Do the percentage caps change with gear bonuses?



I remember reading a note somewhere where they recommended hitting mastery cap, then altering gems/enchants/gear to up crit. But there was a comment on that page saying that the mastery cap was removed in 6.2, so one should just put mastery in all bonus sockets, gems and enchants.



Is this true? If not, what is a good mastery (and for that matter crit) percentage to be at for a destruction 'lock?



My warlock is currently ilvl 723 with a 100% Mastery rating while in a raid. Should I be trying to head to infinity on Mastery or should I be looking at increasing crit? (And what is the stat cap on crit?)



The only page I could really find about this was somebody's old Cata page for level 80s. Is there a place I can go that has concise information on how to calculate this stuff? I'd AMR it, but their suggestions for me differ from the Icy Veins guides, and I've heard they're unreliable for destruction warlocks.



I just have no idea how to figure out what my stat caps are.

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No caps or break points. Stack mastery.

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LOL. I suppose that just shows how long ago that I srs bsns raided.

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