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hearthstone Hearthstone: Loyan and Xixo Fighting It Out at the Top With Loyan's Shaman Deck

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As previously reported, Xixo grabbed the Rank one Legend spot on the Europe server before Whispers of the Old Gods was released. That position held up until last night, until Loyan took the top spot with his own build of Shaman.

Xixo started streaming his attempt to regain the lead two hours later. He mixed in several decks, but mainly used Loyan's own decklist for the climb. He dropped to double digits on several occasions, and at one point while leading a game and ranked second, his computer crashed. It took him over seven hours to get back in the lead.

Loyan has responded by concentrating on the NA server for now, but it seems likely that he'll attempt to regain number one on EU before the cutoff later tonight. Keep an eye on their streams to see if either of them manages to finish at the top! Stream links: Loyan, Xixo.


Sottle is currently working on the guide for this deck and will reply to the thread as soon as it is published.
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