Enh shaman: Which racial is best in legion?

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With the new expansion coming up and numerous class changes, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to swap from Troll to orc, because orc racials sync up with the cooldowns of the new Legion enhancement shaman better than the troll racial. I also thought that with Ascendance being an optional talent (Lets face it, it's not nearly as good as landslide is) the 3-min burst is no longer chained up with anything other than spirit wolves at the beginning of a fight. Those obviously aren't the only reasons why you would roll troll (15% haste is just straight up over powered when your classes best PVE stat is haste), but I was also wondering if haste was the best stat to have in legion as well?

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The difference between racials in PvE is small to meaningless. In Legion it's even smaller than before. So if you are a not a Mythic Bleeding Edge raider from World-20, there's no meaningful change in output - play whatever race you like.

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2 hours ago, TheRealMoMo said:

Do spirit wolves count as pets for the 1% damage increase from orcs?

According to wowwiki, it doesn't.

Ability warrior warcry
  • Command
  • Racial Passive
  • Damage dealt by Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 1%.

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Every racial has it's benefits, ti comes down to what you really want to play.  

Pandas - Double food buff,  extra racial CC (plus the bonus xp makes leveling faster) 

Tauren - Increased Crits, stomp which stuns enemies, and a small nature resist buff. 

Troll - has the haste boost and enhanced regen properties. 

Goblin - has increased haste as well 


I personnaly like Dwarves myself, though you were asking about horde.  The extra damage reduction cd with stone form is great as a dps or a healer.  

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Depending on how the stat weight changes once Legion hits and how things are buffed/nerffed in weeks after, the haste buff may be your best option (if it truly matters and you are pushing mythic content).  But who doesn't like a little angry goblin running around smacking things though....   

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