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Evolution on stuff

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hiiiiiiiiiii Shamates !

How are you all ?

So here's my question, after the faaaaaabulous 7.1 Release does our stuff change ? I mean the BiS, mosty on Trinket !


Bye !

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    • By Deydoridra
      I've been having issues where my dps is lower than it should be since I'm at a 874 ilvl. 
      I've changed mastery haste ratio and its still lower than it should be. If someone can look at my logs and help me out id be extremely grateful.
    • By Tenning
      Sorry if this has already been posted but at what point do Hailstorm trump Ancestral Swiftness? I've tried both and see the perks to both.
    • By dyppe
      Hey guys. 
      I do know which stats enhancement should go for, but i'm finding it hard to find any clues on what the stat percentages should be? I've also heard that enhancement need to alot of mastery, but how much? 
      Like some classes has to so stack haste at a certain point and so on, but what are the most optimal stat percentages for enhancement?
      I'm asking because i think i might lack mastery and that i have too much crit.
    • By Tazinas
      So I've just changed my spec from elemental to enhancement which means I still have some crit chance in the sockets.
      My problem is that I think I'm not doing as much dps as I should with my current gear :înas/advanced
      Logs from the last raid :
      Would be nice if someone could tell me what I can do better / where to improve :)
    • By Orodrake
      A friend and I was wondering about the updated opening sequence for the enh shaman. Before, and this is how I always used to do it, you casted Flametongue / Boulderfist / Hailstorm / Feral Spirits into Doomwinds and hail of Stormstrikes with procs. Pretty simple, you casted your buffs then you started to burst with wolves and Stormstrikes.
      Now it seems it changed, the order is now Boulderfist / Frostbrand / Feral Spirits / Flametongue and then Doomwinds / Stormstrikes if you have procs. I don't really understand this change, it seems like a much slower pull and I can't understand why you'd lose like 3 or 4 seconds of Flametongue (even tho it doesn't deal a lot of damage)...
      My friend suggested that because you cast Flametongue later, you have to refresh it later so you can spam more Stormstrikes before refreshing it. Is it right ? Any more ideas ?