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I suck. Let's find out why.

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Title says it all - despite having the highest simdps on my server, I can't even hit half of it in raids regardless of talent setup (pistol shot or ghostly strike).  I have some thoughts, but curious to see what you all see.  Pretty much ready to give up on raiding at this point.

Thanks in advance!


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    • By BrazenBadger
      Hi. So, I'm a soon to be returning player from back in vanilla days who hasn't been able to play since the end of Cata/early Pandaria. Really looking forward to a couple of expansions of content to faff with. Anyway, until I can actually play, I've been nerding out over the info and forums pages trying to decide what I'll main and use my new account free boost on, and since mythic+ looks really exciting to me, and I'm an old combat rogue enthusiast, I'm of course really interested in outlaw. But I had a couple questions on the theorycraft that I've been able to research, which mainly pertain to me really hoping a Slice and Dice can be viable.
      Now, from what I've seen, a lot of the people who have been experimenting and reporting low damage with Slice and Dice builds compared to Roll the Bones on both forums and videos don't mention weighting the stats any differently; they seem to be using the same values that the popular Roll the Bones build favors; high crit and versatility, and low mastery and haste a la IcyVeins suggestion. I haven't seen anyone on any of the forums go into the fact that doubling auto attack speed will basically double the value of Combat Potency and of mastery proccing Main Gauche, and further Combat Potency proccs off of Main Gauche attacks. 
      In other words, it gives all of these abilities double the chance to procc, since attack speed is increased 100 percent, and will synergistically increase both auto attack damage and energy regen. This, according to my math should put the value of Mastery well above the others, and subsequently, a high mastery will increase the value of haste synergistically in causing those procs to occur. And it might explain why some of these tests yield such unfavorable results for slice and dice, since it seems to almost reverse the stat preference with mastery first and haste second.
      It also seems like it would weight the value of sword master slightly more; with the main energy spender having an increased chance to proc an attack that has a chance to proc main gauche. Though, of course, that's minor compared to the Mastery and Haste difference, it might make a difference compared to other talents on that tier. It might also favor relics that add points to the Artifact ability 'Fortune Strikes' that gives bonus energy points from Combat potency procs.
      Sadly, I can't test any of this out personally for a couple more weeks, so I was curious if anyone has, or has seen anyone who has? Also, this is napkin math, not proper simcraft, so any insights from that would be appreciated! Thanks!
    • By TeamRage
    • By Mulajin
      Hate to be another needy fellow who is having a hard time analyzing the logs, but I'm trying to dig through and see what I'm doing wrong, but I can't find it all...
      I have Greenskins Waterlogged bracers, so i've thrown BttE into the rotation (when I remember to check the CD) and follow with the next PS proc (hopefully Blunderbuss!) that's my only rotation variation I'm attempting. I havent been using ghostly strike, because I have a terrible time remembering to keep it up, but I'm going to try again. (I wasn't specced  with GS for these logs) 
      I think I might be having an issue with casting PS/BB too much, but I'm sure there are other issues.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      ShadowCraft: (SC seems to be weird, is it not yet fully capable of handling all the ilvl variations?)
      Thanks a bunch guys.
      Edit: note: I know I'm using old pots/flasks, I'm a bit behind on being able to upgrade, so I'm currently only using current pots/flasks on some occasions. 
    • By Dyldoe
      So right now I play Sub as my main spec. I mained outlaw for the first week or so of Legion and honestly I hated sub (not sure why) but after I tried it, it is now my preferred spec among the 3. I know that sub scales the best with gear and is the most superior spec around 870ilv too. I never see sub in pve and usually outlaw/sin mainly (for mythic+ and raids) so I was wondering if I am doing anything wrong?
      For my talents, I use weaponmaster as it is very good for aoe pulls (I can pull about 400k dps on 3-4 targets) then followed by the traditional talents for pve sub (I go master of subtlety for raids) 
      I know my stats are not the best for sub as I need to get more mastery/vers rather than haste (crit is still pretty good if i'm correct)
      I couldn't spec into Akaari's Soul as it breaks cc in pvp with means I loose a hefty amount of dps which is very annoying and I am debating to repsec into it and put up with it in pvp for the extra dps increase.
      My weapon pathing looks like this:
      I seem to be doing everything correctly for dps but I do about 250-300k dps on single target and stays about 200k the whole time. Sometimes can go up to 350-400k depending on how smooth the fight goes but if it's anything to do with my weapon/talents/ilv/stats and even playstyle then please let me know, thanks!
      Edit: I have respecced my weapon to now look like this: 
      I should be doing better now ^^ Appreciate the help 
    • By Zalifur
      Hi, I just have a question about mastery as Outlaw. 
      Why is it so good for me? is my armory. I have an 830 versatility trinket that Mr. Robot says is better, so I'll probably swap one trinket for that and an 835 Rough-Hammered Silver Ring that would be approximately a 100 dps increase replacing my Grubby Silver Ring. Why is this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't really simcraft, I used shadowcraft in the past but it seems a bit unreliable at the moment.