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I suck. Let's find out why.

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Title says it all - despite having the highest simdps on my server, I can't even hit half of it in raids regardless of talent setup (pistol shot or ghostly strike).  I have some thoughts, but curious to see what you all see.  Pretty much ready to give up on raiding at this point.

Thanks in advance!


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    • By crescentrise7
      Hi guys,
      Long-time rogue here, first-time outlaw. Have been raiding more this expac but often feel like a liability to my semi-casual raiding guild. I took my first steps into heroic NH last night and feel like I'm not pulling my weight as an 893 outlaw. I've looked over my own logs and I think one of my major issues is that I have a tendency to be a little too frantic in terms of executing fight mechanics (for example, our raid group is very melee-heavy and I feel like I should be putting outlaw's mobility to use on Krosus to soak burning pitch, so I'm reflexively grappling to soak backline/kill adds, which reduces the time I spend actually DPSing). I am curious, though, if I'm missing anything major in terms of itemization, uptime, etc. - my ilvl is relatively low compared to my guildies, but my damage should not be this low. If anyone could take a look I'd really appreciate it.
      Note: the deaths in this log are 10000% my fault and the result of first-time jitters/heroic mechanics adjusting. pls no laugh
    • By Eucelyptus
      Hey Icy Veins,
      I created an account to ask this question because it's something I've been toying with the past few nights. I'll preface and say that I'm no hardcore raider, but do want to get into heroics eventually. I'm currently playing Outlaw, and wish to continue so, however notice that no matter what I do with RtB (knowing the proper reroll rules), my DPS is garbage. I'm only 850 currently, so can't rely on specific pieces of endgame gear to improve this. It's just too sporadic, unpredictable. I also tend to PvP a lot, so the inconsistency is not helpful.
      So I tried Slice and Dice the other night and was actually very pleasantly surprised. Not only did I see an overall DPS *increase* on several minutes of rotation target dummies, but I found it played out much nicer too. I could spam things. I was getting Saber Slash procs more from spamming. More CP's = more fun, and apparently also more damage. So I started playing around a lot with my Talents.
      I'm wondering if anyone else is running Slice and Dice currently, and what talents they've chosen? I've currently tested that Vigor + Alacrity + Swordmaster gives me the most consistently high DPS in a mostly stationary fight. Deeper Stratagem was a close second, but it didn't change my DPS that much, more just how the spec felt. Harder hitting, less frequently.
    • By Kufru
      Hi !
      I'm asking help in finding what's wrong with my mate's rogue, rotation, or cd usage ?
      His toon is "Lecameleon"
      Here is the armory link :
      Logs :
      Comparing to other rogues logs, i see his "run through" are doing less damages, and he lacks burst phases, but i'm not playing rogue so i don't understand why, and can't help him much...
      Hope you'll find something usefull, thanks in advance :)
    • By Essix
      So I know the title sounds a bit silly, but hear me out. My problem with MfD is, quite simply, that it locks the upper body of your character into the /point animation and I hate how it looks. I hate it hate it hate it. I use MfD, then Run Through, and my rogue does this weird crouching lunge forward with her cutlass pointing up into the sky. It's so infuriating, and I can't just wait until the animation finishes because I'll lose DPS.
      So, how much does MfD outclass the other max level talents for Outlaw? I just want to know if it's even possible to take one of the other talents and have even somewhat competetive DPS.
    • By Psychedelicx
      Hey guys, I currently have alot of choice when it comes to what trinkets I should use. I ofcourse have been simming all the different options but because alot of these combinations include Nightblooming Frond, I take them with a grain of salt and am looking for other opinions. Just for FYI the highest SimDPS combo i am getting is Nightblooming Frond + Hunger of the Pack which is at 754 112 SimDPS. With all options I am between 897 and 898 iLvL. These are my choices
      895 - Heroic Warforged - Nightblooming Frond
      890 - Heroic - Entwined Elemental Foci
      885 - Heroic - Arcanogolem Digit
      885 - Titanforged - Unstable Arcanocrystal (+930 to all secondary stats)
      880 - Mythic - Bloodthirsty Instinct
      880 - Mythic 14 - Hunger of the Pack
      940 - Legendary - Kil'Jaeden's Burning WIsh (This basically is not an option however due to me having Greenskin's Wrists and Insignia of Ravenholdt Ring)
      Cheers for all your help, If you would like anymore information just ask.