Outlaw Rogue DPS issues

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Hey guys I have been having some dps issues on my outlaw rogue. I have 906 ilvl but I am usually one of the lowest dps. I have only been focusing on the ilvl of the gear and not really the stats so I am thinking that that is the problem. Any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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Generally outlaw is the weakest spec right now even though it was buffed last patch its still awkward in raids(but its even worse in pvp LOL) due to redicilous fluctuations in damage output.

But nevertheless,first thing you need to do is to go and thoroughly read Furty's guide.Its very good.Secondly,you need to learn how to use simcraft and estimate your current stat weights as well as your different gear compositions in order to optimize your dps.And finaly,use the best legendaries in slot (they are listed in the guide mentioned above) cuz they really matter these days.

These are the staple steps that came to my mind that every raider should do.Also generally speaking until you learn more try to prioritize Versatility and Haste over Crit and Mastery since they are quite superior for outlaw especially on the items like rings and necks which dont have agility on them(For example 890 ring with haste+vers might be better than 915 ring with mastery+crit)

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Hey there. I play Outlaw a lot - mostly mythic dungeons but also raids where it performs acceptably (HC ToS.) ST damage is up there and it takes much less of you to pull it off than Sub and Sin - especially on encounters with a lot of mechanics to keep and eye on. This makes Outlaw a nice spec you want to focus on the encounters and mechanics instead of 'perfect' rotations.


At the moment as Outlaw I do the most consistent single target damage with following build:

* Talents: Quick Draw, Deeper Stratagem, Alacrity + Slice n' Dice

* Tier: T19 2p and T20 4p (Mine: T19 915 & 905 - T20 900 + 3x 915)

* Trinkets: NBF & CoF (Mine: NBF 895 - COF 890)

* Legendaries: Insignia and Greenskin Cuffs


This only works assuming you have a high WF of T19 (900+) and high NBF (900~ ish) as well. Furthermore you can up the damage of this spec if you have the CoS ring paired with Insignia (10% extra Autoattack dmg). I don't have this ring unfortunately...


Here's my current statweight with this build: 

Agility=24.57. Versatility=23.18 CritRating=22.57, HasteRating=19.39, MasteryRating=18.41


Hope you find it useful :)

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