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talents Assassination Rogue: Mists of Pandaria Rotation Changes, Talents, and Glyphs (Patch 5.0.4)

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This article is no longer being updated. Please check our Assassination Rogue guide, which is fully compatible with Mists of Pandaria, and is being constantly updated. Thank you.

In preparation for the updates to our guides for Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4, we are releasing articles such as this one, explaining what has changed for a particular class and spec, and what the new rotation is likely to be.

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress (both from Blizzard's side and from our own) and that this article assumes you are at least somewhat familiar with the Cataclysm version of the Assassination Rogue rotation and playstyle (such as from reading our guide).

We will first list the most important changes to the Assassination Rogue Cataclysm abilities, and then we will proceed to explaining the (likely to be) optimal rotation. Keep in mind that we do not document every single change or new ability, only those that impact the rotation.

Finally, we will give you some information about the most useful talents and glyphs you should choose.

Main Changes

Assassination Rogues will notice two important changes in Mists of Pandaria. Both of them apply to all three Rogue specializations.

The first main change is related to Combo Point management. The three Rogue specialisations have mechanics that cause Combo Point generating abilities to sometimes generate an extra Combo Point. In the case of Assassination Rogues, ability_rogue_stayofexecution.jpgSeal Fate will generate an additional Combo Point every time you critically strike with a single-target Combo Point generating ability. Also, Rogues get a new DPS cooldown: inv_knife_1h_grimbatolraid_d_03.jpgShadow Blades, which temporarily causes your Combo Point generating abilities to generate an extra Combo Point. To prevent you from wasting Combo Points, Blizzard introduced a new, nigh-mandatory Tier 6 talent: ability_rogue_slaughterfromtheshadows.jpAnticipation. This talent enables you to have up to 10 Combo Points on a target. When you use a Finishing Move, it will consume up to 5 Combo Points. This means that if you have 8 Combo Points and cast ability_rogue_disembowel.jpgEnvenom, you will be left with 3 Combo Points.

The second main change will concern AoE damage. Previously, AoE damage for Assassination consisted in spamming ability_rogue_fanofknives.jpgFan of Knives. In Mists of Pandaria, Fan of Knives generates a Combo Point on your current target if it strikes it. To spend these Combo Points, you are given a new AoE ability called inv_knife_1h_cataclysm_c_05.jpgCrimson Tempest.

New Abilities

As mentioned above, inv_knife_1h_grimbatolraid_d_03.jpgShadow Blades is a new DPS cooldown that increases Combo Point generation and inv_knife_1h_cataclysm_c_05.jpgCrimson Tempest is a new AoE ability that you will use to consume the Combo Points built by ability_rogue_fanofknives.jpgFan of Knives. In addition, you gain the following new abilities:
  • ability_rogue_shroudofconcealment.jpgShroud of Concealment is a raid-wide Stealth. It works just like Illidan's concealment aura in the Well of Eternity dungeon.
  • ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.jpgShadow Walk temporarily increases the efficiency of Stealth.
  • ability_rogue_disembowel.jpgSwiftblade's Cunning is a passive ability that grants your party and raid members +10% melee and ranged attack speed.
  • ability_backstab.jpgDispatch is a new ability that replaces Backstab. It can only be used on targets below 35% health or when ability_rogue_focusedattacks.jpgBlindside procs (see below).
  • ability_rogue_focusedattacks.jpgBlindside is a new self-buff that has a 30% chance to proc every time you use ability_rogue_shadowstrikes.jpgMutilate. This self-buff grants you a single use of ability_backstab.jpgDispatch with no Energy cost and regardless of the target's health.

Removed Abilities

spell_shadow_ritualofsacrifice.jpgSinister Strike, ability_rogue_eviscerate.jpgEviscerate, and ability_backstab.jpgBackstab are no longer accessible to Assassination Rogues.

In addition, spell_ice_lament.jpgCold Blood, one of your DPS cooldowns, has been removed.

Finally, several core mechanics have been removed: ability_druid_disembowel.jpgRuthlessness, ability_rogue_feigndeath.jpgVile Poisons, and ability_hunter_rapidkilling.jpgOverkill.

Changed Abilities and Mechanics

As we mentioned in the introduction, ability_rogue_fanofknives.jpgFan of Knives now generates a Combo Point every time it is used. In addition to this, you will notice the following important changes.
  • ability_rogue_slicedice.jpgSlice and Dice now has a built-in duration of 36 seconds, which is 15 seconds longer than what you had in Cataclysm.
  • ability_rogue_rupture.jpgRupture now lasts 24 seconds (up from 20, with inv_glyph_primerogue.jpgGlyph of Rupture), which makes it easier to maintain.
  • ability_creature_poison_06.jpgMaster Poisoner causes targets afflicted by your poisons to take +5% increased spell damage (down from 8%). The other effects have been removed (causes your Envenom ability to no longer consume Deadly Poison, and reduces the duration of all Poison effects applied to you by 50%).
  • ability_rogue_deadliness.jpgVendetta now increases the damage you do on your target by 30% (up from 20%), but it only lasts 20 seconds (down from 30 seconds).

Poison Changes

Poisons are now spells so you no longer need to buy reagents from vendors. Also, a poison is always applied to both your weapons, so you can no longer have different poisons on your two weapons. Finally, all your poisons now have a set chance to be applied by each strike of your weapon; this means that slower weapons will have a smaller chance of applying poisons than faster weapons.

Poisons are now either Lethal or Non-Lethal. Lethal Poisons are your damaging poisons while Non-Lethal Poisons provide crowd control and utility.

ability_rogue_dualweild.jpgDeadly Poison and inv_misc_herb_16.jpgWound Poison are your Lethal Poisons. ability_poisons.jpgInstant Poison has been removed from the game, so the slightly redesigned Deadly Poison will be your poison of choice. Wound Poison will only be used when you need the healing reduction that it provides.

Your Non-Lethal Poisons are listed below. Using inv_throwingknife_04.jpgShiv when a Non-Lethal Poison is active on a target will apply a concentrated version of the poison effect.


With the addition of ability_rogue_focusedattacks.jpgBlindside and ability_backstab.jpgDispatch, your rotation changes slightly.

To build Combo Points, use the priority list below.

To spend Combo Points, use the priority list below.Note that you should still start the fight in Stealth and use ability_rogue_garrote.jpgGarrote to break it, so as to benefit from ability_rogue_venomouswounds.jpgVenomous Wounds as early in the fight as possible.


The removal of ability_hunter_rapidkilling.jpgOverkill means that Stealth no longer plays a role in your play style. As a result, ability_vanish.jpgVanish is no longer considered a DPS cooldown for Assassination Rogues.

spell_ice_lament.jpgCold Blood has not made it to Mists of Pandaria, so the only DPS cooldown that you get to keep is ability_rogue_deadliness.jpgVendetta, which should be used exactly as it was in Cataclysm.

In addition, you gain inv_knife_1h_grimbatolraid_d_03.jpgShadow Blades, which increases your Combo Point regeneration and should be on cooldown. When Shadow Blades and Vendetta are both off cooldowns, do not hesitate to combine them. This will rarely happen, as these two abilities have different cooldowns.

Multiple-Target Rotation

Just as in Cataclysm, AoE damage for Assassination Rogues will consist in spamming ability_rogue_fanofknives.jpgFan of Knives. Since this ability now generates Combo Points on your Combo Point target, you will have to weave in inv_knife_1h_cataclysm_c_05.jpgCrimson Tempest, your new AoE ability, in order to consume the Combo Point built by Fan of Knives.

Preliminary tests show that you will be able to give up on your single-target DPS when there are 7-8 enemies or more.


Tier 1 talents improve Stealth, which is no longer useful to Assassination Rogues. You have the choice between:
  • ability_stealth.jpgNightstalker, which increases your damage by 25% while stealthed;
  • rogue_subterfuge.jpgSubterfuge, which makes your Stealth break 3 seconds after taking or dealing damage;
  • rogue_shadowfocus.jpgShadow Focus, which removes the Energy cost of your abilities while you are in Stealth.
Shadow Focus seems to be the best choice here, as it removes the Energy cost of ability_rogue_garrote.jpgGarrote when you use it to get early uptime on ability_rogue_venomouswounds.jpgVenomous Wounds.

Tier 2 talents provide you with survival and crowd control abilities. Whichever you take should make very little difference on your performance as a raider. You have the choice between inv_throwingknife_06.jpgDeadly Throw (interrupts and slows movement), rogue_nerve-_strike.jpgNerve Strike (damage reduction), and ability_rogue_combatreadiness.jpgCombat Readiness. Deadly Throw will be largely useless in PvE while the other two can be useful in fights where you take direct damage from an add.

Tier 3 talents provide you with powerful survival abilities.

  • ability_rogue_cheatdeath.jpgCheat Death, which used to be only accessible to Subtlety Rogues, works in a similar way as it did in Cataclysm. We believe that this will be the preferred choice.
  • rogue_leeching_poison.jpgLeeching Poison provides you with a self-healing poison that will be useful in situations such as the Twilight Realm against Valiona and Theralion in Bastion of Twilight.
  • ability_rogue_turnthetables.jpgElusiveness grants ability_rogue_feint.jpgFeint a 30% damage reduction, which can be very useful if you often need to mitigate the damage you take.
Tier 4 talents provide you with survival and mobility abilities.
  • ability_rogue_preparation.jpgPreparation is an improvement over the old ability of the same name that was previously only available to Subtlety Rogues. It resets the cooldown of several survival and defensive abilities. This will most likely be the default choice for every specialisation.
  • ability_rogue_shadowstep.jpgShadowstep used to be a Subtlety-only ability. It teleports you behind your target and can be useful on fights where you often have to move away from the boss.
  • rogue_burstofspeed.jpgBurst of Speed is a very powerful movement-speed-increasing ability that has a 4-second duration. While active, It also removes movement-impairing effects and prevents their re-application. It has no cooldown and costs 60 Energy to cast. We believe that this talent will be extremely powerful in PvP and while questing. It might also be punctually useful in raids, but that will depend on encounter mechanics.
Tier 5 talents give various boosts to your poisons (mostly to the Non-Lethal Poisons) and will have almost no implication in PvE. You have the choice between ability_rogue_deadlybrew.jpgDeadly Brew, rogue_paralytic_poison.jpgParalytic Poison, and ability_rogue_dirtydeeds.jpgDirty Tricks.

Tier 6 talents deal with Combo Point management. ability_rogue_slaughterfromtheshadows.jpAnticipation is so appealing that it will be nigh-mandatory for raiding. It basically allows you to store extra Combo Points so they don't go to waste if you happen to generate more than 5. ability_rogue_versatility.jpgVersatility, which removes the cooldown of ability_rogue_redirect.jpgRedirect, and inv_throwingknife_07.jpgShuriken Toss, which allows you to generate Combo Points on a remote target, might be useful, but that will depend on encounter mechanics.


The only major glyph that has an incidence on your DPS will be inv_glyph_primerogue.jpgGlyph of Vendetta, which increases the duration of ability_rogue_deadliness.jpgVendetta by 10 seconds and only reduces its damage bonus by 5%.

All the other major glyphs provide either utility, more survival, or more mobility, and your choice of glyph will largely depend on the encounter. Those that will come in handy are:

Regarding minor glyphs, it is worth noting that inv_glyph_majorrogue.jpgGlyph of Tricks of the Trade has been changed. While this glyph still removes the Energy cost of Tricks of the Trade, it also causes your ability_rogue_tricksofthetrade.jpgTricks of the Trade ability to no longer increase the damage of your target. Therefore, you will usually not use this glyph, meaning that using Tricks of the Trade on a fellow raid member will have a much higher penalty than before on the Rogue's DPS.

Other than that, we believe that the two following minor glyphs will be used by almost everyone: inv_glyph_minorrogue.jpgGlyph of Safe Fall and inv_glyph_minorrogue.jpgGlyph of Poisons.

Finally, inv_glyph_minorrogue.jpgGlyph of Blurred Speed can be useful for dealing with particular encounter mechanics.

This concludes our Assassination Rogue preview for Mists of Pandaria. We hope you have enjoyed reading it and that it proved useful to you. As always, we are looking forward to reading your opinions on the matter!

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Wow, Assassination is looking super easy. I always enjoyed Assass better than Combat, well, until Tier 13.

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This is regarding the suggestion to use 5 combo points on Slice and Dice. When on my rogue, from stealth I would open with garrote with a slice and dice right after. The reason being is 5 combo points can be generated fast enough for Envenom to refresh slice and dice with the Cut to the Chase, as mentioned in this guide, before the original duration of Slice and Dice falls off. This also gets Envenom up faster as well as Rupture and so forth. Even when changing targets, Slice and Dice can likely be refreshed yet again with some fast combo points. Therefore, it is likely we will only need one combo point to initiate and maintain Slice and Dice.

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This is regarding the suggestion to use 5 combo points on Slice and Dice. When on my rogue, from stealth I would open with garrote with a slice and dice right after. The reason being is 5 combo points can be generated fast enough for Envenom to refresh slice and dice with the Cut to the Chase, as mentioned in this guide, before the original duration of Slice and Dice falls off. This also gets Envenom up faster as well as Rupture and so forth. Even when changing targets, Slice and Dice can likely be refreshed yet again with some fast combo points. Therefore, it is likely we will only need one combo point to initiate and maintain Slice and Dice.

Thank you for this suggestion. You can be sure that it will be included in our Mists of Pandaria guide for Assassination Rogues. This is just a preview, so we tried to keep things simple ;)

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You state that Eviscerate is not available for Assassination rogues, then recommend Glyph of Debilitation (which buffs Eviscerate). I assume this was just left in because of your Combat preview.

Which spec comes out on top for rogues in MOP in your view (raiding)?

Edited by lobesforit

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it should say envenom and not eviscerate. still a viable option just linked wrong spell for the reasoning

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Which spec comes out on top for rogues in MOP in your view (raiding)?


This changes with every build, but it is a good early estimate. Of course these were done with the level of player skill at maximum efficiency. Even though sub is ahead of assass, I think the sub rotation will prove to be too volatile as it has been in the past for PvE. My opinion is that Assassination will be the way to go for the first tier of MoP. I have no access to the beta, so I have nothing other than what I have read here on IV and a few simcraft models.

Edited by kodjin

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You state that Eviscerate is not available for Assassination rogues, then recommend Glyph of Debilitation (which buffs Eviscerate). I assume this was just left in because of your Combat preview.

Which spec comes out on top for rogues in MOP in your view (raiding)?

As Ethren pointed out, there was an error in the link. The glyph you are mentioning also works with ability_rogue_disembowel.jpgEnvenom, so the text should have read Envenom and not Eviscerate. This has been corrected :)

As kodjin said, you can find early simulation results at At the moment, simulation tools are the best way of figuring out stat priorities and the respective DPS numbers for all classes. We, testers, can't afford to spend hours in front of the new dummies when everything changes with every new beta build.

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      Thanks for your consideration!
    • By Pandacho
      Frequently Asked Questions:
      Q: Where are all my glyphs?
      A: Major glyphs (playstyle affecting) are gone. The remaining ones (former Minor) are purely cosmetic now and only affect the appearance of spells.
      New glyphs are consumable that are being applied directly to a spell in your spellbook.
      Q: Where are all the Elemental shields?
      A: Water shield was removed completely, Earth shield is a PvP talent now, Lightning shield is an Ench spec talent.
      Q: Where are my Elementals?
      A: They were removed from the resto spec together with the Primal Elementalist talent.
      Q: Seriously? What else has gone?
      A: Spirit has gone. Now you have a standard mana pool and a standard mana regen (44000 mp5) both in and out of combat. Some other healing classes have a talent or an artifact trait for increased mana regen, resto shamans - do not.
      You can’t see Spell Power in your Character Info or on your weapon - it was merged with the Intellect. So for math purposes, Int=SP. If you want to see detailed attributes, use an addon, for example DejaCharacterStats
      Damaging abilities: Fire Elemental, Searing totem, Elemental Blast, Frost Shock have gone.
      Our damaging abilities now are Flame Shock, Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning.
      Ghost wolf speed boost: the glyph has gone. You will have a Class Hall Champion boosting your speed in the outdoor world.
      Q: Where is the Totemic Projection, I want to move my totems around?
      A: The talent has gone. All the healing totems now spawn at your feet and remain there, all the utility totems has a targeting reticle so you can place them anywhere in range.
      Q: What professions should I choose for my shaman?
      A: Professions don’t affect directly your gameplay so choose whatever suits your playstyle.
      Better to choose a crafting/gathering pair like Leathercrafting/Skinning because the gathering profs would be a much easier source for the Blood of Sargeras (BoP item) at least on the start of the expansion. Blood of Sargeras is used in almost every high-end craft and gear upgrade.
      Anyways, profession choice shouldn’t be a concern because in Legion you can swap between professions for 1000 g, saving all the current (Legion) progress and recipes.
      Q: What is the stats priority for a resto shaman?
      A: Intellect>Mastery>Haste>Crit>Versatility
      In-depth explanations and math are done by Gardiff (Mythic resto shaman on Kil’jaeden-US) - a theorycrafter and the Resto Shaman Secondary Stat Simulator developer. The SIM and walls of text are here and here.
      Q: But why not to prioritize Crit, Resurgence is still the only regen mechanic outside of base regen?
      A: It is, but it is garbage, in-depth explanation is here:
      Q: What are the right talents for solo playing/Mythic+/raiding?
      A: You can find different talent builds below in this post.
      Q: How should I fill the Artifact for the best performance in raids?
      A: Resto shaman Artifact Calculator

      1) Right path up to the Gold Trait
      2) Left path up to the Gold Trait (yes, Tidal Pools it’s not a great gain but leaving it out doesn’t help either)
      3) Jump to the third Gold Trait through either side (right or left) - they both are not a great gain for the raids, leave Refreshing Currents for the very end.
      Q: May / should I level as a resto? I hate dps spec / afraid to lose artifact power.
      A: Resto spec is a viable spec for leveling. The main concern here is that you kill mobs slower than any dps spec but the great advantage is that you are literally unkillable in any situation.
      You can level in a dps offspec too, it is faster but with almost all the selfhealing being removed, you should be pretty cautious with pulls.
      Don’t worry about the Artifact: no matter which one you will choose on lvl 100, you will get the Artifact quests for the remaining specs on lvl 102.
      Don’t worry about losing artifact power during leveling: almost all of it is stored in consumable items so just respec to resto before using them.
      Don’t worry about upgrading your offspec Artifact during leveling: first 13 traits on every artifact are very cheap, their cost starts to jump in geometric progression only from the 14th trait.
      Upgrading a bit your offspec artifact for easier leveling wouldn’t hold back your main spec.
      Q: I’m new to resto, what are all these HPM, QA, TW abbreviations?
      A: The most frequently used abbreviations are:
      Talent Builds:
      Soloing content in resto spec:
      The main idea of a talent build for solo playing is to maximise your dps relying on passive/instant healing, while keeping mobs away as long as possible.
      Tier 1: Torrent (increases your instant heal)
      Tier 2: Gust of Wind or Graceful Spirit. I personally would prefer GS for the additional passive increase of movement speed in Ghost Wolf form.
      Tier 31: Earthgrab Totem to keep your enemies away
      Tier 4: Ancestral Guidance to convert your damage into healing
      Tier 5: Earthen Shield Totem: redirects a part of every attack against you and allies to itself.
      Tier 6: Echo of the Elements: double HST, Riptide and Lava Burst - extremely useful.
      Tier 7: Doesn't matter: nothing here will affect your solo experience.
      Tier 1: Undulation or Torrent.
      Undulation is fully utilized in 5-man environment because of constant need in tank healing.
      Torrent pretty much turns Riptide into a full power instant heal, may pair nicely with EotE.
      Tier 2: Wind Rush Totem or Graceful Spirit. Take WRT if a group speed boost is needed during the encounter, otherwise GS.
      Tier 3: Lightning Surge Totem is very useful on trash.
      Tier 4: Crashing Waves or Ancestral Guidance.
      I’d say AG if you took EotE, in this way you wouldn’t waste double TW from Crashing Waves when applying two Riptides in a row.
      Tier 51: Earthen Shield Totem or Ancestral Vigor.
      Vigor actually may be a lifesaver in high level Mythic+.
      Tier 6:: Cloudburst Totem or Echo of the Elements.
      Use CBT if you are comfortable with its playstyle and are able to plan in advance, otherwise (or if you chose Torrent) take WotE.
      Tier 7: Ascendance or High Tide. I think that Ascendance is more viable, but HT may be fine too depending on the group comp.
      Possible combos:  Stick with Undulation + Crashing Waves if you prefer HW/HS healing style. Torrent + Ancestral Guidance + Echo of the Elements for Riptide + CDs style.
      Tier 1: Torrent (increases your instant heal)
      Tier 2: Wind Rush Totem or Graceful Spirit. Take WRT if a raid speed boost is needed during the encounter, otherwise GS.
      Tier 3: Lightning Surge Totem may be useful on trash or if you need more add stuns during the encounter.
      Tier 4: Crashing Waves or Ancestral Guidance.
      Tier 5: Ancestral Protection Totem gives you an additional ress that is not counted as Battle Ress - may be great to cheese some mechanics where you rather let a person die. Better not to use if you are not sure when you’ll need it because of a very long CD. Choose Earthen Shield Totem otherwise.
      I find Ancestral Vigor a bit of an overkill in raids because we don’t really have the 1-shot mechanics demanding additional HP pool. Might be useful though for soaking or for people dealing with specific mechanics during encounters.
      Tier 6: Cloudburst Totem. Not really debatable at least for the start of the expansion (if remains unnerfed) - saves a lot of mana accumulating not only your healing but overhealing too and releasing the stored power to actually injured targets.
      Bottomless Depths are useless because 1) Resurgence returns a miserable amount of mana and 2) Proccing Resurgence is our very last concern when raid drops below 60%.
      Echo of the Elements is underperforming seriously in the raid environment. HST is dropped always on CD making the gain of double charge almost insensible (like 1 additional HST during an encounter), in addition the proc rate for the additional Riptide charge from the talent is extremely low, not justifying choosing EotE over CBT.
      Tier 7: Wellspring or High Tide.
      Ancestral Guidance + Cloudburst Totem + Wellspring  combo
      This combo is incredibly efficient and strong if done right (remember that both CBT and AG are semi-smart and they generally don't overheal), but if you use WS in isolation or for healing up a large number of targets, you won't get good mileage out of the ability.
      The basic idea is that you want to NOT use WS to heal up for a raid-wide ability. What makes WS good right now is that you can force all of its healing into CBT through purposeful overhealing (but still useful healing). BUT, if you use it to heal a raid that has 20 targets who have taken damage, it will split that 1800% SP over 20 targets which is incredibly weak because you get no overhealing bonus.
      The point is, if you are going to try using WS, then absolutely DO NOT use WS ever to actually heal 20 targets taking damage from a massive raid damage pulse. Instead, use it before the big raid AoE goes out and when there are only ~6 (ideally) injured people so that you can put all that extra healing into CBT.
      Cloudburst Totem  + High Tide combo
      For the encounters with constant raid wide/ticking damage / short encounters.