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RoRo vs 5.4.8

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How "strong" is RoRo now against +16ilvl SoO trinkets? Is it still viable to have any version of RoRo?

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Short answer:

RoR is still going to be your BiS if 543[Heroic] or 549[Heroic TF]


Longer answer:

The scaling of other trinkets doesn't matter so much as the scaling of the rest of the gear.  Because all of your secondary stats are being increased with the rest of your gear, RoR will continue to gain strength based on that.

If you look at a BiS situation in Catus you will find:

. . . . DPS. . Err . Trinket 1 . Trinket 2.1. . 516.6K . 263 . [549] RoR . [588] HT.2. . 513.1K . 261 . [543] RoR . [588] HT.3. . 511.3K . 279 . [549] RoR . [588] TED.4. . 511.2K . 192 . [549] RoR . [588] AoC.5. . 508.5K . 240 . [588] HT. . [588] TED.6. . 507.4K . 275 . [543] RoR . [588] TED.7. . 507.0K . 259 . [536] RoR . [588] HT.8. . 505.9K . 190 . [543] RoR . [588] AoC.9. . 502.6K . 255 . [530] RoR . [588] HT10. . 502.3K . 271 . [536] RoR . [588] TED11. . 501.0K . 192 . [536] RoR . [588] AoC12. . 500.9K . 164 . [588] HT. . [588] AoC13. . 499.7K . 185 . [588] TED . [588] AoC14. . 498.3K . 274 . [530] RoR . [588] TED15. . 496.7K . 192 . [530] RoR . [588] AoC16. . 489.3K . 248 . [510] RoR . [588] HT17. . 485.1K . 258 . [510] RoR . [588] TED18. . 480.9K . 192 . [510] RoR . [588] AoC

Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of which trinket combinations are strongest.

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