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Druid of the Flame

Last updated on Apr 10, 2015 at 23:34 by Sottle 27 comments

Table of Contents

Druid of the Flame is a Druid-only minion. This card can be obtained in the Blackrock Mountain solo adventure. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.

1. General Comments

Druid of the Flame is a new Druid card introduced in the Blackrock Mountain Adventure that follows the common Druid mechanic of "Choose One". Much like Druid of the Claw and Ancient of War it offers two different forms, one aggressive, and one defensive. Druid of the Flame however, offers the additional benefit of both forms being considered Beasts.

2. Constructed Play

In Constructed, Druid of the Flame is a useful and flexible card to fill the 3 Mana slot in a Druid deck. However, Druids already favour Shade of Naxxramas in the 3 Mana slot, due to its excellent synergy with Savage Roar. There is also potential for a Druid Beast synergy deck, using Druid of the Fang, but these decks have so far not proven to be successful.

3. Arena

In Arena, Druid of the Flame is a very powerful card. The vast majority of the time you will be playing it in 2/5 form, which puts it in a unique bracket with cards like Spider Tank that have 7 points of stats for 3 Mana.

4. Icy Veins Decks that Contain this Card

There are currently no decks on Icy Veins that use this card.

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