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Season 18 Hunter Aggro/Rush GvG Wild Deck

Last updated on Dec 13, 2014 at 21:08 by Sottle 76 comments

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: this deck has been archived. It remains on the website for documentation purposes, but we no longer maintain it and no longer guarantee that it works well in the current meta-game.

In this article we will outline an aggressive Hunter deck designed to quickly overwhelm your opponent with early minions and fast damage, whilst also combatting other fast decks such as Zoo and opposing Hunters. Despite costing a modest 880 dust and featuring no craftable Legendary cards this deck is capable of competing at the highest ranks on the ladder, and even in Legend rank.

Update: Following the nerf in January's patch to Undertaker, we have carefully evaluated all of our decks that contain the card. It has been decided that this deck should still continue to run the card, since Undertaker is primarily used to push damage through to the opponent, and not to trade with opposing minions.

1. About the Author

This deck is presented to you by Sottle, a professional Hearthstone player who plays for compLexity Gaming. Sottle regularly streams on Twitch and explains all of his moves. Watching him is a good opportunity to see how this and other decks play out in practice, and how decisions are made in real time.

2. S18 Hunter Aggro/Rush GvG Wild Deck

Our deck costs 880 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards

2.1. Mana Curve


3. Strategy

This deck looks to have a fast start using Undertaker and the numerous low cost Deathrattle cards to quickly establish an overwhelming board. Then using cards such as Eaglehorn Bow and Kill Command combined with the Hunter Hero Power continue to push for fast damage and kill the opponent before they have a chance to recover.

Undertaker alongside your 1-drops will get you off to a fast start very consistently. Since this deck plays 6 Deathrattle 1 Mana minions to combine with your Undertakers, you should find yourself ahead on board on turn 2 more often than not. Even if you do not get the Undertaker, your 1 drops are still very functional in isolation.

Glaivezooka is a new addition to Hunter in Goblins vs Gnomes and provides a fantastic answer to your opponent's early minions to ensure you are ahead on board in the early turns. 1/3 minions such as Voidwalker or Northshire Cleric used to pose serious problems for Hunter, but with the addition of Glaivezooka, you can clear these minions up efficiently.

Freezing Trap is a key card in the deck and is the only Secret that is present. These will provide you with some answers to huge minions that you cannot otherwise deal with due to the lack of Hunter's Mark in the deck. Playing only one type of trap is also important, since it lets you play Mad Scientist strategically, knowing which Secret it will summon.

Mad Scientist is an extremely powerful inclusion, providing great value for a 2 Mana card. Since this deck only uses Freezing Traps you always know which Secret Mad Scientist will give you and can adjust your play accordingly.

Animal Companion is another fantastic value card. At 3 Mana it grants you a Beast which is always more powerful than a standard 3 Mana minion. Even though you cannot control which Companion you are given, there are plenty of situations where you do not mind which you receive, and the turns where you get the exact one you need can be devastating.

Eaglehorn Bow is an important card. It is used both for eliminating your opponent’s minions to enable your own minions to continue to push for damage, as well as for attacking your opponent’s life total directly. Due to the low number of Secrets in this deck, you shouldn not be afraid to use up both charges of the Bow if it creates a significant advantage.

Kill Command is one of your primary finishers in the deck. At 3 Mana for 5 damage it is an extremely efficient spell. However, do not be afraid to use it to clear a problematic Sen'jin Shieldmasta or Sludge Belcher if necessary.

Mechanical Yeti and Piloted Shredder are included in the deck to give you more mid-game stability, and provide additional minions later in the Mana curve to combo with Undertaker if you do not draw it early.

Loatheb is an inclusion in many decks currently. Its ability to lock out your opponent's spells can protect an established board from AoE removal, or provide you with an extra turn needed to win the game in a race for damage situation. At 5/5 Loatheb is also one of the most powerful creatures in the deck and can draw removal away from Savannah Highmane

Savannah Highmane is one of the most powerful cards in the game and a crucial inclusion to give you enough sustainability against heavier control decks. The Deathrattle effect can also be useful to create some value out of Undertaker if you draw them in the late-game.

3.1. Synergies & Combinations

Using Undertaker in conjunction with the large quantity of Deathrattle minions in this deck can quickly create an Undertaker that grows out of control in the early turns and take the game away from your opponent.

3.2. Mulligans & Matchup Specific Strategies

The mulligan strategy is reasonably simple. You always want to push aggressively for Undertaker and low cost Deathrattle minions to give you the fastest start possible. When holding The Coin you ideally want to play 2 1-Mana cards on turn 1. Without The Coin however, a smooth curve of a 1, 2 and 3 Mana cards such as Undertaker, Mad Scientist, Animal Companion is ideal. Despite the simple nature of the mulligan strategy, there are still some matchup specific considerations.

3.2.1. Vs Control Warrior

Do not be afraid to keep Savannah Highmane in your opening hand. Warrior will usually start the game slowly, so a fast start is not essential. However, having a Savannah Highmane available to drop on the board on Turn 6 is usually devastating to your opponent as it is an extremely difficult card for Warriors to remove. Without it, you may find that your deck runs out of damage against the Warrior’s removal and armor gain.

3.2.2. Vs Priest

Mulligan aggressively for Glaivezooka. This is your key card for dealing with the usual annoying answers Priests have for your early game in the form of Zombie Chow or Northshire Cleric.

3.3. Card Swaps

Fel Reaver can be included in the deck as an extremely aggressive finisher. Even through the drawback seems severe, an unanswered 8/8 on the board will win you the game regardless of how many cards are discarded.

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