Cataclysm Classic Blood Death Knight Stat Priority

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On this page, you will find out the optimal PvE stat priority for your Blood Death Knight in Cataclysm Classic. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.


Stat Priority for Blood Death Knight

The stat priority for BloodBlood Death Knight is as follows:

  1. Mastery
  2. Stamina/Strength
  3. Hit Rating (to cap 8%)
  4. Expertise Rating (26 Expertise Cap)
  5. Dodge and Parry
  6. Haste Rating


Mastery is the new stat added in during Cataclysm and provides a different, unique benefit for every single specialization in the game. For BloodBlood DeathKnights, Mastery gives Blood Shield Icon Blood Shield which causes our Death Strike Icon Death Strike ability to grant you an absorb shield based off of your Mastery. Death Strike is our primary form of self-sustain and adding a shield on top of the massive amount of self-healing is a great way to mitigate incoming damage.

At Level 85:

  • 179.28 Mastery Rating = 1% Mastery


Stamina and Strength are the two primary stats you should be focusing on with an emphasis on Stamina, while gearing you will never have to choose between Stamina or Strength. Strength increases our Attack Power and grants Parry equal to 27% of your Strength. Stamina while still mostly a Tank stat also now increases your damage thanks to the addition of Vengeance Icon Vengeance which causes you to gain Attack Power equal to 5% of the damage you've taken up to a total of 10% of your total health. Death Knight has multiple tools that act as multipliers on Stamina such as Veteran of the Third War Icon Veteran of the Third War and Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle Icon Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle.

At Level 85:

  • 1 Strength = 2.04 Attack Power with Abomination's Might Icon Abomination's Might
  • 1 Stamina = 11.7 Health.

Hit Rating

Hit rating causes our abilities to be able to hit the target and while you do not need to hit with your Death Strike Icon Death Strike to be healed and gain Blood Shield Icon Blood Shield it is still ideal to land your attacks to maximize your DPS and threat.

At Level 85:

  • 120.1 Hit Rating = 1% Hit Chance

Expertise Rating

Expertise Rating reduces the chance that the target will Dodge or Parry At 26 Rating which is what we are aiming for you will have completely remove any boss level mobs ability to Dodge your attacks, while attacking from behind boss mobs will not be able to Parry so we have no real reason to add anymore Expertise past the cap of 26 as we will rarely if ever be attacking from in front of the mob. Many races have some kind of Expertise racial.


Dodge and Parry Rating

Dodge and Parry both provide a chance to entirely avoid an incoming Attack. Parry has been reworked to behave almost identically to Dodge rating so ideally you will have a relatively even amount of Dodge and Parry rating. Mastery however is much stronger consistently so consider Reforging Icon Reforging which ever of these two stats you have more of in order to maximize the amount of Mastery you can have on your gear.

At Level 85:

  • 176.72 Parry Rating = 1% Parry
  • 176.72 Dodge Rating = 1% Dodge
  • 1 Strength = 0.27 Parry Rating

Haste Rating

Haste rating is our most highly sought-after secondary as it causes our Runes to regenerate faster, the faster your Runes regenerate the more Rune spending abilities, namely Death Strike Icon Death Strike as a Blood Death Knight you are able to cast. This also scales incredibly with our Improved Blood Presence Icon Improved Blood Presence talent.

At Level 85:

  • 128.05 Haste Rating = 1% Haste


  • 22 May 2024: Updated for Expertise/Hit Change.
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