Lumidouce Bell

Lumidouce Bell

Lumidouce Bell is a Local Specialty found all over Fontaine.

Lumidouce Bell is at the moment used exclusively for ascending Chevreuse and Lynette.

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How to Obtain Lumidouce Bells?

Lumidouce Bells can be found all over Fontaine. 3 Lumidouce Bells can be harvested from every Lumidouce Bell plant you encounter. You can follow our Lumidouce Bell Farming Route Guide to find out efficient farming routes for this local specialty.


Is Lumidouce Bell Sold by Vendors?

No shop currently sells Lumidouce Bell.


Can Lumidouce Bell be Obtained from Gardening?

Lumidouce Bell Seed can be planted in a Luxuriant Glebe in your Teapot, after which time, you need to wait for 2 days and 22 hours before you can harvest your Lumidouce Bellss.


Which Characters Use Lumidouce Bells for Their Ascension?

Currently, Chevreuse and Lynette use Lumidouce Bells Roses for their Ascensions.


What Items Can Be Crafted with Lumidouce Bell?

Currently, no crafting recipe uses Lumidouce Bell as a reagent.



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