Electro Elemental Reactions, Resonance, and Characters

Electro Elemental Reactions, Resonance, and Characters in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Electro Element in Genshin Impact. Here, players will find out about Electro's Elemental Reactions, Electro Resonance and any mechanics related to the Electro Element.

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Introduction to the Electro Element in Genshin Impact

The Electro Element in Genshin Impact represents the power of lightning. Electro characters are often associated with Energy Recharge and Energy Generation having several characters who can function as a battery for the team as well as an Elemental Resonance which creates additional Particles.

Electro characters have a range of Elemental Reactions with Electro having access to seven different Reactions, one of which can then be used to enable Aggravate and Spread.


Playable Electro Characters


Electro Elemental Reactions

Electro has the following reactions when combined with other elements:

Reactions Elements Used Effects
Aggravate (Dendro x Electro) → Quicken x Electro Adds additional Electro DMG to your attack when Electro is applied to the Quicken aura.
Crystallize Geo x (Pyro or Hydro or Electro or Cryo) Picking up a Shard created by the Crystallize reaction will create an Electro shield for your character.
Electro-Charged Hydro x Electro Deals Electro DMG over time to nearby targets affected by Hydro.
Hyperbloom (Dendro x Hydro) → Bloom x Electro Detonates Dendro Cores, causing them to transform into a Sprawling Shot which targets the nearest enemy while dealing increased Dendro DMG.
Overload Pyro x Electro Creates an explosion dealing Pyro DMG and knocking enemies backwards.
Quicken Dendro x Electro Simply applies the Quicken aura, allowing for Aggravate and Spread to occur.
Superconduct Electro x Cryo Reduces the enemies Physical RES by 40% and deals Cryo DMG.
Swirl Anemo x (Pyro or Hydro or Electro or Cryo) Spreads and Absorbs Electro.

Electro Cleansing and the Electro Status

Some characters have the ability to apply Electro either to themselves or to your on-field character. The Electro status itself has no effects but will enable other Elemental Reactions. For example being hit by Pyro will cause Overload, knocking your character backwards. Teyvat's enviroment can also apply Electro when struck by lightning or by interacting with Electro Crystals commonly found in Inazuma.

Abilities such as Dori's Alcazarzaray's Exactitude applies the on-field character with Electro, this allows you to be able to "cleanse" any Elemental Status already on your character.

Electro can safely cleanse Cryo but will create reactions if used against Pyro and Hydro.


Electro Resonance High Voltage

Electro's Elemental Resonance is High Voltage which can be activated when at least 2 Electro characters are in the party. This makes your characters affected by Hydro for 40% less time guarantees an Electro Particle to be generated when Superconduct, Overloaded, Electro-Charged, Quicken, Aggravate and Hyperbloom occur.



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