Beastmaster Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Beastmaster! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.

Beastmaster Companions Leveling Build Guide


This version of the Beastmaster's leveling build is focused around multiple high damage companions and large amounts of damage mitigation through Armor and Reduced Damage empowerments. The build is extremely beginner friendly and can be used all the way to level 70 without any issue. It is very possible to leave this guide earlier for an end-game build guide if proper equipment is picked up. However, it is recommended to wait until level 70.

This build uses Summon Raptor Icon Summon Raptor as it's main damage skill, however, a large amount of damage is contributed by both the Beastmaster and the Summon Wolf Icon Summon Wolf. All three of these skill will synergize with the Beastmaster's passive tree, gaining massive amounts of attack speed, life leech, armor shred and flat damage for both the Beastmaster and his companions. Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap is taken for our Traversal skill, but also ensures you will never be alone when entering a fight, as your companions will jump in with you and gaining a damage the attack speed buff, Frenzy. There is not much automation in the build, as the player will need to manually trigger the companion buffs. In a difficult fight, the player will need to manually cast Summon Frenzy Totem Icon Summon Frenzy Totem in order to give a massive attack speed bonus to you and the companions. This totem will also give a massive increase to the health regeneration of anything effected by it.

Defensively, this build relies on the Effective HP received from Resistances, Armor, stacking flat HP, Damage Reduction and life leech. This class is notorious for being very tanky; this leveling guide is no exception, as you will be able to waltz into empowered monoliths with mediocre gear.

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Beastmaster Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Primalist Beastmaster
Swipe Summon Wolf Summon Raptor Summon Frenzy Totem Fury Leap

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist passives are mostly used to provide a defensive boost by increasing Health regen, Flat Health, and Life Leech. The Strength gain is also important to start stacking our Armor base.

Plan to only invest 20 points in this tree, as that's the minimum requirement needed to unlock the Beastmaster passive tree.


Beastmaster Passive Tree

Beastmaster Passive Tree

This build will not utilize Druid or Shaman passives at all. Instead, we prioritize every point into Beastmaster. Aside from the fact this build does not use skills from the other two Mastery subclasses, Beastmaster is able to put points into several nodes that push base physical damage to both himself and his companions. Several nodes will add offensive bonuses like shred, leech, crit and attack speed. Again, these nodes are not solitary for the beast master, as the companions will be able to use these as well.

To start off, place the max amount of points into Ursine Strength, as this will give a large bonus to defensive layers by taking 16% reduced damage from melee ranged enemies and an increase to our armor base. We are then going to put several singular points in order to push ourselves further in the tree. Put a singular point in Savagery, Ambush, and Lamprey Teeth. From there, put four points into Boar Heart, giving us a an additional 15% damage reduction when we are hit. We will then max the next three nodes. Put five points in Porcine Constitution and Rending Maw, the former adding an additional 15% damage reduction the latter giving you 100% shred armor chance. Put a singular point in Hunters of the Deep to enable the aformentioned offensive effects to your companions. Follow the tree from there as shown, but prioriteze picking up the singular point in Nature's Embrace to gain another companion. The next major milestone would be Viper Fangs as this will give a massive boost to both you and the companions attack speed.

At the point of reaching level 70 and having finished all quests, you should have a total of 20 points into Primalist and 63 points into Beastmaster. It is at this point, you can consider following an end game guide or continue to use this until you aquire necessary gear for the swap.



Swipe Skill Tree

Our main damage skill used for this build is Summon Raptor Icon Summon Raptor. However, do not count out our own Swipe Icon Swipe damage, as we are scaled to have over 360% Critical Multiplier. The skill will also cull enemy targets when they reach 14% HP or less, making this a must for big targets. You will also rely on Swipe to empower your companions, as they will get the buff from Viper Fangs when you do.

While pathing Swipe Icon Swipe, prioritize Twin Fangs and Lion's Strength before other nodes. Follow the obvious pathing from there and leaving the cull node, Culling for last.


Summon Wolf

Summon Wolf Skill Tree

Summon Wolf Icon Summon Wolf is a Beastmaster's best friend. These fuzzy friends have phenominal AI and will hunt down and tear apart enemies in the vicinity. These wolves are pack hunters, and will almost always go together. You can manually trigger their location with the "A" key, or whatever you have it defaulted to. They are failry resiliant with this setup; however, do not neglect them. Be sure to use Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap to keep them healed when they are low. Be aware, they are scaled with Life Leech.

When scaling this, you should work towards Safety In Numbers immediately, to get multiple wolves at one time along with your Summon Raptor Icon Summon Raptor. Once this node is taken, work towards Pack Hunters, as this will give you the ability to summon another companion/wolf.


Summon Raptor

Summon Raptor Skill Tree

Summon Raptor Icon Summon Raptor is a massive boost to our DPS. This prehistoric beast will tear apart the battlefield on the hunt the blood. When an enemy is Bleeding, it will do 50% more damage and double its Critical Strike Multiplier. To add insult to injury, this moster hits 4% harder per Bleeding enemy. This is why we scale Bleed on Swipe Icon Swipe, in order to have mulitple enemies Bleeding to feed the rage of the Raptor.

Initially, path towards Broken Tooth and Ravage. Scent of Blood should be maxed followed by Predator. Follow the only possible pathings from there.


Summon Frenzy Totem

Summon Frenzy Totem Skill Tree

Summon Frenzy Totem Icon Summon Frenzy Totem is a massive gain to the Beastmaster and his companions. It will add 20 base damage and give them a more potent Frenzy. This will also give a large boost of 250% to Critical Strike Chance, all be insuring the enemies are torn to piece when your Summon Wolf Icon Summon Wolf howls.

Path towards the node Lead The Pack before Revitalizing Totem. Then follow the only pathing available from there.


Fury Leap

Fury Leap Skill Tree

Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap has more than a few uses, as it will heal, empower, give us invulnerability while in the air, and of course be used as a traversal skill with our companions.

Prioritize Pack Leader to make sure the companions are always with you when you land. From there path to Battle Bloom, make sure you max Wings of Endurance on the way for the heals.

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Damage Rotation

Clearing and Bossing will follow the same approach. The only difference would be positioning and the avoidance of high damage mechanics. Utilize your Summon Frenzy Totem Icon Summon Frenzy Totem and land some Swipe Icon Swipe on the target to start ramping up into your Viper Fangs. Utilize the actives in Summon Wolf Icon Summon Wolf (Howl) and Summon Raptor Icon Summon Raptor (Rampage) when necessary.


Gearing and Affixes

The Beastmaster Leveling Build utilizes dual wielding with one handed swords. Ideally, this will eventually be Dragonbone Axe Icon Dragonbone Axe's, as their implicits would help scale Swipe Icon Swipe for Bleed. However, these are not realistically in reach during the campaign. The remainder of the gear can be mixed and matched, as the examples shown are just "ideal" for what is available.

Below is a list of Affixes you should aim for to better suit the playstyle of this build. Beastmaster scales very well with Strength, thus it should be prioritized on gear pieces when possible for both damage and look to Vitality for survivability.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Strength Increased Melee Attack Speed
Added Melee Crit Chance
Added Crit Strike Mulitplier
Shred Armor on Hit
Increased Minion Melee Damage
Increased Physical Damage
Increased Minion Damage
Increased Health
Flat Health
Increased Armor

Useful Uniques

Early on, if you happen to find a The Claw Icon The Claw, you could skip 2 skill points in Summon Wolf Icon Summon Wolf. These being Safety In Numbers and Howl of Might. You could then put those points into Legendary Bite. Alternatively, if you do find The Fang Icon The Fang (A better version of The Claw Icon The Claw) you can use that instead. It will also add a large chunck of flat damage to all of your companions. The Claw Icon The Claw can be seen as early as Level 4.


Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. Below are the options available for Beastmasters.



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