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In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about the Merchant's Guild; one of the two trading factions in Last Epoch! Learn what this faction has to offer, and how to become the most valued merchant throughout Eterra!



In Last Epoch, you can pick one of two trade factions: the Merchant's Guild or the Circle of Fortune. This article is about the Merchant's Guild; a faction for traders who like to buy and sell items with other players, using favors as currency.

If you are a trader, you might be wondering how to make the most of the Merchant's Guild faction and its features. In this guide, we will cover what you get from joining this faction, as well as some good advice for your future trading endeavors.

Last Epoch Bazaar

Joining the Merchant's Guild

To join the Merchant's Guild, you need to reach the Upper District of the mercantile city of Maj'Elka. Once you reach the city, talk to the NPC named Zerrick, who will introduce you to the Factions and their Central Hub. After choosing the Merchant's Guild, you will get access to the Bazaar, located north of the Maj'Elka city center.

The biggest benefit of joining the Merchant's Guild is having the ability to trade with others and find some powerful items through an easier way (trading) instead of relying on the RNG of loot drops.


Gaining Reputation and Favor

As a member of the Merchant's Guild, you will need to gain ranks in order to access the full potential of the faction. To gain ranks, you will have to gain reputation. Reputation is earned through quests, killing enemies, and completing trades. You will also gain favors through killing enemies or completing quests, which is the currency needed in order to sell and buy items in the bazaar. Additionally, you will also earn favor by trading with other players.

You can check your reputation and favor levels by talking to the Merchant's Guild representative or opening the faction window.


Ranking Up and Unlocking Perks

The Merchant's Guild has 10 ranks, each with its own perks and benefits.

Merchant's Guild Interface

Here are the different bonuses from ranking up:

  • Rank 1: Trade Basic Items. Buy Normal, Magic, and Rare items in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 2: Trade Set Items. Buy Set Items in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 3: Trade Specific Unique Items. Buy Unique items with no Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 4: Trade Idols. Buy Idols in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 5: Trade Exalted Weapons. Buy Exalted Weapons in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 6: Trade Unique Weapons. Buy Unique Weapons with Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 7: Trade All Exalted Items. Buy all Exalted Items in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 8: Trade All Unique Items: Buy all Unique Items - including those with Legendary Potential - in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 9: Trade Legendary Weapons: Buy Legendary Weapons in the Bazaar or directly with other players.
  • Rank 10: Trade All Legendary Items. Buy all Legendary Items in the Bazaar or directly with other players.

Selling Items

One of the main features of the Merchant's Guild is the ability to sell your own items. To do so, you will need to visit any vendor in the bazaar and select “My stall” to access your own stall. Once your stall is open, you will be able to list an item to sell or view your previously listed or sold items. No specific rank is required in order to sell items on the Bazaar.

Once you place an item in the shop, the Merchant's Guild that will assign the cost in favors that you need to pay to list the item. The price will be based on the rarity of the item. It will then let you set the price you want to sell it for. Since the Merchant's Guild will not make any profit from the sale, the price you ask for will be the price other players will have to pay to buy it. You will receive the full price after the item is sold. Afterward, you will have to visit your stall in order to redeem the money you won from the sold items.


Buying Items

Another feature of the Merchant's Guild is the ability to browse other players' shops in the Bazaar. Visit the stall vendor to access the Bazaar search window, which displays a list of all things currently for sale in the same game mode that you are in. The search function is very comprehensive and allows you to search for details such as legendary potential, rarity, ranks, and more!

The UI will also precisely display all of an item's details, allowing you to make sure that it is exactly what you're looking for before buying it. There are no hidden surprises after purchasing an item from the Bazaar.

Merchant's Guild Bazaar UI

However, you will not be able to resell an item purchased from the bazaar.

Once you have found the perfect item, you can buy it if you have the required Faction Rank, Favor, and Gold. After purchasing, the item will appear in either your inventory or the gift inventory.


Trading Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you trade like a pro within the Merchant's Guild:

  • Keep an eye on the market trends and prices. You can use the Shop NPC to see what items are in high demand and what prices are reasonable.
  • Be flexible and reasonable with your prices. You can set your prices based on the value of the item, the rarity of the affixes, the demand and supply, and your own preferences. But you should also be open to negotiation and other offers, as you might get a better deal or a faster sale.
  • Be polite and respectful with your customers and sellers. Trades can also be made directly between two players, and you should always interact with respect.
  • Have fun and enjoy the trading experience. Trading is not only a way to get better items and gold, but also a way to interact with other players and make friends. You can share your builds, tips, stories, and jokes with your trading partners, and maybe even join them for some co-op adventures.


The Merchant's Guild is a fun method to gain access to better items and socialize with other players. It is a great faction for players who do not want to rely on the randomness of gear hunting and would rather spend their time and wealth trading items within the bazaar or other players.



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