Bladedancer Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Bladedancer! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.



This Bladedancer mastery leveling guide is designed to get us started in the right direction with your new mastery, by offering a simple skill setup to assist us while we play through main story act of the game and begin the Monolith endgame. We have chosen a set of skills and passives that create an effective and yet simplistic play style that can rapidly push our character to level 70 and complete the main campaign.

This build zips around the battlefield using Shift Icon Shift and Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb to confuse the enemy while you hurl Shurikens Icon Shurikens at them automatically. For any enemy who gets too close, we unleash our Cinder Strike Icon Cinder Strike against them, cutting them down where they stand. As a Bladedancer, we can employ our Shadows across the battlefield, triggering them to perform AoE attacks with Shadow Cascade Icon Shadow Cascade for fast clearing. This build is speedy, with boosts to Movement Speed and built in Haste and Frenzy buffs.

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Bladedancer Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Rogue Bladedancer
Shift Cinder Strike Smoke Bomb Shurikens Shadow Cascade

Rogue Passive Tree

Rogue Passive Tree

We start with Steady Hand to boost our Dexterity and Health. Next, we take Twin Blade so we can dual wield then follow the pathway to Duelist. Now that we've completed our the Passive Tree for Rogue, we will be moving on to our Mastery Passive Trees. For this build specifically, we will be the majority of our points in our chosen mastery: Bladedancer. We will be targeting Melee Damage, Dodge bonuses and Health Leech. The combination of these three focuses will keep us alive, while we brawl with the enemy.


Bladedancer Passive Tree

Bladedancer Passive Tree

We start with Cloak of Shadows, gaining some Dexterity and a chance to receive Glancing Blow when hit. This passive node's pathway takes us to Shroud of Dusk, which grants us another chance when hit to gain the buff Dusk Shroud. These starting nodes are going to help us with our defenses, while we zip around the battlefield hoping not to take any big hits. Next, we focus on our damage with passive nodes Pursuit, Once and Flash of Steel. Now let's add in some Health Leech with Blood Dance and some bonus Critical Strike stats with Critical Eye. Finally, we add some Armour Shred with Hooked Blades and our last point goes into Shadow Master.

Shift Passive Tree


Shift Icon Shift is our Traversal skill that we augment to not only zip around the battlefield, but to trigger several other attacks. Let's start with the skill tree node Sleight of Hand which throws our Shurikens automictically when we use this skill. Next, we want to target the skill node Consumed by Shadow and Unseen Strike on the upper pathway. This makes this skill do damage to any enemies hit along its trajectory, adding in a kill threshold for taking out any enemies whose Health is below 16%. Lastly, we take the pathway to the right hand side and grab our Movement speed buffs and the ability to cast Shadow Cascade Icon Shadow Cascade at the end of the skill.

Cinder Strike Passive Tree

Cinder Strike

This is our main DPS skill, that we use against any nearby enemies as we zip through the battlefield. This skill focus on the upper nodes first: Inferno and Blast Wave, adding an AoE effect on our first strike of the combination. Next, we stack our Fire damage with the lower branch of skill nodes, starting with Ignition.

Smoke Bomb Passive Tree

Smoke Bomb

We will be using this skill all the time on the battlefield. This skill is part defense and part offense. First, Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb blinds everyone within the radius of the skill, and it buffs us with Haste. To keep this skill around longer, we increase the duration with Lingering Fumes, then we take another defensive node Thick Smoke to add a stack of slow to everyone inside. Next, we add an Armour Shred against our enemies trapped inside the radius with Eroding Fumes. Lastly, some offense buffs for our damage with Smoke Blades and then we add the ability to create Shadows of ourselves with Umbral Assault.

Shurikens Passive Tree

Shurikens Form Skill Tree

Shurikens Icon Shurikens is not only triggered whenever we use our Shift Icon Shift with an auto-cast, but we can also use this manually cast it. However, when we cast it manually we alter the skill first by pathing to Alacrity, Fan of Blades and finally, Blade Shield. This will cast our skill around us in shield form, this is further boosted by Floating Blades and Bladed Armor. Finally, we take the remaining skill nodes Ethereal Blades, Weighted Projectiles and Abrasive Arsenal to add some Armor Shred and Pierce.

Shadow Cascade Passive Tree

Shadow Cascade

Shadow Cascade Icon Shadow Cascade is really the beard and butter on this build. This skill triggers all the Shadows we have created on the battlefield through our other skills and has each clone of us to an AoE attack. The skill tree helps us further enhance this for higher efficiency and to create more Shadows. First, we take the bottom pathway going to Gloomstalker as our first targeted node. This also us to create more Shadows whenever we use Shadow Cascade against a group of enemies. Then we continue along the pathway and get Carnage and Precision to help us with our Critical Strike stats for more damage. Lastly, we take the branch on the upper side of the skill tree and take Shadow Torrent, Crushing Darkness and Flow State.

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Mechanics and Playstyle

This build feels fantastic to play, and has the added benefit of having an easy to understand rotation. We start with Shift Icon Shift to leap into a group of mobs and, dropping a Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb to produce more Shadows. The clones are detonated like bombs using Shadow Cascade Icon Shadow Cascade, allowing each Shadow to perform their AoE attack. This attack will take out most of the mobs in a single strike and can even take our smaller Rare opponents. We will be weaving our Shurikens Icon Shurikens in between skill casts to keep Bladed Armor on us and Shred the Armor off nearby enemies. Anyone within our reach should be attacked with Cinder Strike Icon Cinder Strike, setting off an AoE hit on the first hit of the skills combination. This rotation will be repeated over and over, moving your character throughout the map as an ultra fast killer.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Fire Damage
Elemental Damage
Physical Damage
Physical Penetration
Melee Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Multiplier
Melee Attack Speed
Melee Damage Leeched as Health
Health on Kill
Health on Melee Hit
Health Regen

Useful Uniques

As you go through the game we will come across many uniques, while the majority of low-level uniques should be set aside for leveling alts (Yay, for unlimited stash space), we will want to keep our eyes out for these specific items to assist with the build. While none of these have huge build changing affixes the majority of them are similar very good items you can scale easily with. One of themes you will see with these uniques is Movement speed, this affix accelerates gameplay even just from being able to go around faster the battlefield.

If you happen to come across the unique weapons Humming Bee Icon Humming Bee or Firestarter's Torch Icon Firestarter's Torch, these two weapons will likely be your best options for a weapon until we find something we can craft with higher values in our 40s or 50s. Despite its level, these uniques carry some great damage that scales quite well with our build.

As for some unique armor pieces to keep an eye out for, the Calamity Icon Calamity and Prism Wraps Icon Prism Wraps, both offer some nice boosts around Elemental Damage. These can really push our DPS up noticeably higher with Cinder Strike Icon Cinder Strike. Add in Legendary Potential and you have some great items to keep for alt characters.

Another great unique for this build, is the Bleeding Heart Icon Bleeding Heart. This amulet is an easy quest pick up and grants us some Health Leech at early levels. Speaking of other leech items, you may come across are the unique gloves Avarice Icon Avarice and unique relic Tome of Elements Icon Tome of Elements, both offering Health Leech to us. Be on the look out, they could literally save your life.

One of the best unique belts for Physical builds is the Thorn Slinger Icon Thorn Slinger with its extra skill point for all physical skills (which Cinder Strike Icon Cinder Strike is considered) and increase to potions. Don't leave this one on the ground if you come across it.

Lastly, we must talk about unique boots, particularly the Lessons of the Metropolis Icon Lessons of the Metropolis. These boots boots are a great defensive addition to our build with its boost to dodge and less damage taken while moving.

Despite the lower level of these uniques, they are quite valuable and can help push you that much faster to level 70. These can all be expanded into fantastic items if found with Legendary Potential for any future leveling needs. Good luck hunting and may your luck be high!



Idol slots are gained through the campaign, unlocking small bonuses and unique affixes for the player to discover and augment their builds with. The Idol screen consists of a grid system for the player to fill out with different sized idols, eventually filling in every part of the grid. As the Idol shape increases (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, etc.) the stronger an affix you might find for your build.

The target Affixes we want to look for in our Idols are:

  • +% Health
  • + Health
  • Chance to Shred Armour
  • Resistances
  • Increased Shred Armour Effect

There is a class idol for Rogues we will be searching for. It works specifically with our Cinder Strike Icon Cinder Strike skill, increasing the AoE with the first attack. It's specific affix is below:

  • Increased Area with the first attack of Cinder Strike

Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. Below are the options available for Bladedancers.



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