Druid Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Druid! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.



This Druid mastery leveling guide is designed to get us started in the right direction with your new mastery, by offering a simple skill setup to assist us while we play through main story act of the game and begin the Monolith endgame. We have chosen a set of skills and passives that create an effective and yet simplistic play style that can rapidly push our character to level 70 and complete the main campaign.

This build is a brawler on the battlefield, using Swipe Icon Swipe and Werebear Form Icon Werebear Form to charge into packs of enemies. This build assigns the skill trees for Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap and Warcry Icon Warcry as two great utility skills as we level up towards unlocking our Werebear form. Once our transformation skill is unlocked, our utility skills will be converted into Maul and Roar. With all of our skills transferring into Werebear perfectly, we have added a companion to our last skill slot to provide a supportive aura while we fight. This companion can be activated for a heal, but otherwise keeps us buffed up and ready to brawl.


Druid Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Primalist Beastmaster Druid
Swipe Fury Leap Warcry Werebear Form Summon Spriggan

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist is our base class to start this character off with, our goal in this passive tree is to gain some critical stats that will be useful all the way to level 70. We start with Primal Strength, this node is going to grant us the main stat of Strength and some increased Health Regeneration. Strength is going to be used in the majority of our damage skills and grant us a bonus to Armor for each point we have. Next, we want to pick up Harmony of Blades as soon as possible so we can dual wield two melee weapons. After that we will select the node Hunter's Restoration to add to our Health pool, but also grants us some rejuvenation of health every 3 seconds like a mini heal that stays on us permanently. Lastly, we are going to select Survival of the Pack to boost our Melee damage and grant us some Health leech for this melee focused build.

Now that we've completed our the Passive Tree for Primalist, we will be moving on to our Mastery Passive Trees. For this build specifically, we will be focusing a lot of our points into the Druid Passive Tree, as our chosen mastery. This tree will synergize well with our Werebear skills and provide us with powerful boosts to help us with the leveling process.


Beastmaster Passive Tree

Beastmaster Passive Tree

The Beastmaster tree contains several nodes that will help us while we play this brawling build. Ursine Strength is the first node we are going to heavily invest in, this node grants us Strength and a flat Damage Reduction from nearby enemies. Next, we are going to put 3 points into the bottom pathway on the tree, starting with Savagery then Ambush and Lamprey Teeth. These nodes will focus on amplifying our Melee attacks with added damage, a chance to Aspect of the Shark and Health leech. Now, we are going to on the another unique Aspect to the Beastmaster: Aspect of the Boar. We will be putting points into Boar Heart and the node right after it, as shown in the image above. These will allow us to gain a defensive aspect whenever we are hit. This is will complete our points in the Beastmaster passive tree.


Druid Passive Tree

Druid Passive Tree

This passive tree will contain the majority of our points. We will be targeting nodes that will increases our damage and survivability, but also our fourth skill: Werebear Form. This is a transformative skill that we will use to brawl with, it is based on rage and has set decay while you are in this form. One of the main components we need from this tree, is the ability to augment our rage decay allowing us to stay in Werebear form for longer periods. Spirit Warden and Primordial Resonance are going to be our first choices, adding damage, health and mana. However, each of them also has a bonus passive when we put 5 points into them. The important one is under Spirit Warden, this grants us our rage/mana cost of any skill to be added to as health to our character - a pseudo-heal. Next, we take Druidic Prowess for the raw stats. Then Focused Wrath and Rancour, these two are going to help keep us in our Werebear form longer - very important. The next two nodes are Wind in the Leaves and Bush Stalker. Lastly, we will be making a heavy investment into Aspects of Might for the raw strength increase, but also the bonus modifier of adding Melee damage per strength that our character has. This tree is now complete.



Swipe Passive Tree

This is our DPS skill: a wide melee attack that can strike multiple enemies in front of you. This skill is scaled off of Strength, Physical/Melee Damage, Area of Effect and Attack speed. We will be spamming this skill while in and out of our Werebear form, as it carries over into both. We will be taking two main pathways through the Skill tree, the first is on the left hand side building up our Damage, Area of Effect, Health Leech and finally, a kill threshold. This path should be taken and completed first. Then we will move on to the lower pathway, take the nodes that grant us Aspect of the Panther. We keep this skill as a basic physical attack without many modifiers, focusing on our ability to increase its damage through simple gear affixes like Strength and Physical/Melee damage.


Fury Leap

Fury Leap Passive Tree

This is a traversal skill for us to begin engagements or retreat when needed. This skill is scaled off of Strength, Physical/Melee Damage, Area of Effect and Movement affixes. We will start in the skill tree by taking the upper pathway to the Aspect of the Mantis, this allows us a short reset of the skill when we control how far we jump. Next, we want to get Warrior's Entrance for the bonus damage buff after we land at our targeted location. Lastly, we want to head towards Gravity, taking the immunity node Heorot's Protection just off the pathway.



Warcry Passive Tree

Warcy is transformed to become a healing and buffing shout for us, this uses a lot of nodes so pay close attention to the skill tree. This skill is scaled off of Physical/Spell Damage, Area of Effect and the Attunement stat as it is technically a spell. We will start by taking the lower left pathway towards Breath of Eterra, then the path through the Berserker node and the other nodes after it to amplify the Berserker buff. Then we can take the upper part of the skill tree to lower the cooldown with Shallow Breath and Apprehend to pull mobs towards us just like Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap.


Werebear Form

Werebear Form Passive Tree

Werebear Form Icon Werebear Form is a key component to our build, not only does it amplify our damage and survivability, but it helps take this build into the mid-game as we gain several new skills to use. Swipe Icon Swipe and Warcry Icon Warcry will be the same while our Druid is in Werebear form or not. Then we use the node Skull Crusher to benefit Maul by allowing it to use our Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap's skill tree, augmenting its ability. Next, we take Ursine Heart and Frenzied Strikes to gain as much Rage as possible while we attack to stay in Werebear Form infinitely. Rampage is the final skill granted to us in Werebear form and is a fantastic traversal skill that can really speed up your movement around the battlefield. Remember, we will be limited here on points in our skill tree due to the skill not being fully leveled.


Summon Spriggan

Summon Spriggan Passive Tree

The amazing Spriggan; this pet carries a powerful aura that we augment as much as possible to be with us and active at all times. We are going to focus on the lower pathway of the tree first, adding skill nodes like Aura of Life, Aura of Kinship and Aura of Retribution. These are going to all be apart of our companion's Aura that will passively be applied to us at all times. Next, we use the upper pathway to target some defensive capabilities and help our Spriggan with their survivability.

Image courtesy of Last Epoch Tools

Mechanics and Playstyle

This is a brawling build and is very much about crashing into your enemies with Rampage Icon Rampage or Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap to start off every fight. We then buff up using our Warcry Icon Warcry ability and start to spam Swipe Icon Swipe. After you have unlocked Werebear Form Icon Werebear Form you will incorporate Maul into your fighting, but for the most part this is simply about Swipe Icon Swipe. We have built in lots of Health leech and Healing abilities to keep you standing no matter how many foes you are facing and with Swipe Icon Swipe's decent AoE and Kill Threshold, you should be cutting down the mobs fairly easily.


Gearing and Affixes

We are going to target weapons' for dual wielding, swords or axes, the rest of our gear will be straight forward filling in the slots with the recommended list of Affixes below. You should aim to upgrade your gear using a loot filter to highlight the gear you need with the right affixes. This game also carries a substantial crafting system where you will be able to augment pieces of gear you find with either strong affixes or craft new one you can add to an empty slot. There is a deeper look at the crafting system in the link below.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Melee Damage
Physical Damage
Damage while Transformed
Physical Penetration
Melee Critical Strike Chance
Critical Strike Multiplier
Melee Attack Speed
Melee Damage Leeched as Health
Health on Kill
Health on Melee Hit
Health Regen

Useful Uniques

As you go through the game we will come across many uniques, while the majority of low-level uniques should be set aside for leveling alts (Yay, for unlimited stash space), we will want to keep our eyes out for these specific items to assist with the build. While none of these have huge build changing affixes the majority of them are similar very good items you can scale easily with. One of themes you will see with these uniques is Movement speed, this affix accelerates gameplay even just from being able to go around faster the battlefield.

If you happen to come across the unique one-handed sword Humming Bee Icon Humming Bee, this will likely be your best options for a weapon until we find something we can craft with higher values in our 40s or 50s. Despite its level, this unique weapon carries some great damage and attack speed buffs for our Swipe Icon Swipe, and don't forget that extra Movement speed.

As for some unique armor pieces to keep an eye out for, the Peak of the Mountain Icon Peak of the Mountain and Prism Wraps Icon Prism Wraps, both offer some nice boosts around Critical Strike Chance. These can really push our DPS up noticeably higher. Add in Legendary Potential and you have some great items to keep for alt characters.

Another great unique for this build, is the Chimaera's Essence Icon Chimaera's Essence. This amulet is fantastic as our Werebear Form Icon Werebear Form counts as a transformation, granting us the damage boost from this amulet. It also has many other valuable stats for our build besides the damage, so keep your eyes out for one.

One of the best unique belts for Physical builds is the Thorn Slinger Icon Thorn Slinger with its extra skill point for all physical skills and increase to potions. Don't leave this one on the ground if you come across it.

As for a great unique ring that can be used for any class to boost our journey through the campaign is the Arboreal Circuit Icon Arboreal Circuit. This level 1 ring boasts two valuable stats for our build. The Movement speed actually beats out a lot of other stats in the early game, simple from the amount of time you save moving around in the world.

Speaking of Movement Speed, we must talk about unique boots - particularly the Advent of the Erased Icon Advent of the Erased. These boots can grant our Minions haste, while this chance is small - it can happen on every kill and with a max roll of 11% it can trigger quite often. To opportunity to have a free haste casted on our Minions is great, regardless of our level.

Lastly, are two elemental uniques that can assist this build with a lot of damage, but also grant us some Health leech from the relic slot is: Tome of Elements Icon Tome of Elements and Stormhide Paws Icon Stormhide Paws. These two are great additions if you come across them, especially the gloves which, if you have a good Legendary Potential slot, can become an endgame item even with its low level.

Despite the lower level of these uniques, they are quite valuable and can help push you that much faster to level 70. These can all be expanded into fantastic items if found with Legendary Potential for any future leveling needs. Good luck hunting and may your luck be high!



Idol slots are gained through the campaign, unlocking small bonuses and unique affixes for the player to discover and augment their builds with. The Idol screen consists of a grid system for the player to fill out with different sized idols, eventually filling in every part of the grid. As the Idol shape increases (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, etc.) the stronger an affix you might find for your build.

The target Affixes we want to look for in our Idols are:

  • Increased Health
  • Health
  • Increased Melee Damage While Transformed
  • Resistances
  • Elemental Resistance While Transformed

Progressing to Endgame

We have several options for your next step in the Endgame. Take some time to have a look at the Druid Endgame guides listed below:



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