Falconer Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

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Welcome to our Last Epoch Falconer Falconer Leveling build guide for the Rogue class. Here you will learn everything about the Falconer play style, passives, skills, strengths, and weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.



This Falconer mastery leveling guide is designed to get us started in the right direction with your new mastery, by offering a simple skill setup to assist us while we play through main story act of the game and begin the Monolith endgame. We have chosen a set of skills and passives that create an effective and yet simplistic play style that can rapidly push our character to around level 70 and complete the main campaign.

This build uses Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault as the primary movement skill, that will also produce exploding Umbral Blades Icon Umbral Blades that will also apply Shadow Daggers Icon Shadow Daggers. This aids the player in quickly and efficiently moving across the campaign, whilst still clearing enemies that may be in your path. We also utilize Falconry Icon Falconry to clean up bosses as well as Dive Bomb Icon Dive Bomb for more troublesome packs.

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Falconer Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Rogue Falconer Bladedancer
Umbral Blades Aerial Assault Falconry Dive Bomb Smoke Bomb

Rogue Passive Tree

Rogue Passive Tree

Rogue is our base class to start this character off with. Our goal in this Passive Tree is to gain defensive scaling with Evasion and Dodge and Parry. We are also able to start scaling some offenses with Swift Assassin. In end game builds this tree may be more utilized, but for now, this will do.

Now that we've completed our the Passive Tree for Rogue, we will be moving on to our Mastery Passive Trees. For this build specifically, we will be focusing a lot of our points into the Falconer Passive Tree, as our chosen mastery. This tree will synergize well with our damage for the falcon and self damage. We will also invenst in some points into the Bladedancer tree, as this adds more movement speed and adds a large chunk of offense to our build.


Falconer Passive Tree

Falconer Passive Tree

The Falconer tree will be the bulk of our points, focusing on buffing our Falcon, as he will do majority of the work for us. Though it is preffered if you finish the Falconer tree first, you may opt for more movement speed and attack speed, by investing in the Bladedancer tree.

The first set of points will be for quality of life, and will aid you in moving quickly through the campaign. Invest 5 points into Raptor's Wings, from there, take 5 points into Handler to give +5% base Critical Strike Chance to the Falcon. After which you will put a singular point into Wilderness Scout and 5 points into Outlander's Tenacity. From there, we will opt for some more defenses with a 5 point investment into Fencing Grace. We then add significant offensive capability to our Falcon with 6 points into Tactician. Now we will add another major boost to our Falcons damage by putting 3 points into Peltast and 5 points into Avian Hurl. We now will boost our defenses again with 4 points into Deflect and Weave, be sure to not put all 5 in this node, as doing so will remove our block chance entirely. We gain more defense from the Evasion Tactics node, by investing 6 points into it. Followed by 3 points into Relentless Talons, will give you life leech based on the damage done from our Falcon. Once we are here, we then turn on some of the biggest offensive modifiers for the Falcon in the game. By take 2 points into Needle Like Precision and 5 points into Finesse Them, our bird will take a portion of our Critical Strike Avoidance and convert it into Critical Strike Multiplier for itself.


Bladedancer Passive Tree

Bladedancer Passive Tree

The Bladedancer tree will be some extra points to boost into movement and boost our offensive capabilities. It is only 13 points, so should simple to add in, once you reach the end of the Falconer tree. Start by placing 5 points into Pursuit, giving you a 8% movement Speed buff and a boost in attack damage. Then which we add to our base damage, which is crucial to our ailements Shadow Daggers Icon Shadow Daggers. Place 8 points into Once, adding 16 to our throwing and melee physical damage. With that


Umbral Blades

Umbral Blades Passive Tree

Umbral Blades Icon Umbral Blades is going to be one of our main sources of damage. We wont necessarirly be spamming this later in the campaign, as the triggers from our Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault will be automating this quite often. In the early game, however, this will be the skill we continuously spam. We start by immidiately moving to Loathing, be sure to drop the singular point into Lethal Darkness. We then make our way into Burst of Agony, making sure to put all 4 points in the node. We then put the remainder of the points into Twilight Assault. There will be a few extra points left over, which we drop into Dawnfall, Steel Torrent and Edge of Obscurity.


Aerial Assault

Arial Assault Passive Tree

NOTE:You must put unscaled Falconry Icon Falconry on the bar for Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault to function.

Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault we be our second skill that we scale. This will begin to automate the build as we get points into Plumed Daggers. Do not be frivolous with Mana, use Umbral Blades Icon Umbral Blades manually when necessary. Because of this, we want to immidiately move into Plumed Daggers, picking up 3 points into Twilight Strike. We then head immidiately south in the tree to Coordinated Assault, putting only the necessary points to get there. After which, we will head to the top left of the tree, again, putting the minimum amount at first to get to Shaded Wingspan. From here, we work to the top right of the tree, and again, putting only the minimum required to get to Slayer of big Prey. The remaining points can be put into Avian Hunter in order to reduce the cooldown further.



Falconry Passive Tree

Falconry Icon Falconry will further automate the build. As our Falcon will nave have massive gains to all damage he does. By putting points into Sky Chaser he will have reduced cooldowns on his hard hitting feather knives. Opting to go for Exposed Weakness next then moving to the top of the tree into The Blood Dance. Be sure to use this skill on bosses, especially when they are low, as the Falcon will instantly kill enemies below 16% hp.


Dive Bomb

Dive Bomb Passive Tree

We can use Dive Bomb Icon Dive Bomb when ever we see a large or difficult pack. This may just outright kill it, or at the very least, allow our Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault to kill them on landing. Very few monsters on a decently scaled Falcon will survive this attack. Opt for the 4 points in Devastating Dive first, as this will ensure a massive hit. We add the 3 other points into Rushing Wings, then from there we move up and across the top. Take the max in all 3 nodes, Rush of the Hunt, United Assault and Focused Hunter with the singular point into Cloud Gatherer.


Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb Passive Tree

Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb is our generic "Get-out-of-jail" card. We can use it to bolster our defenses, while we make a stand against a pack. Doing so, will enure maximum damage output from the Smoke Blades node. We will also gain massive health leech while under the cover of smoke with Blood Bandit. We opt for defensive nodes first here taking 4 points into Rapid Concealment we will then move south west in the tree, taking 5 points into Smoke Blades then the 3 points into Blood Bandit. From there we only really benefit from the 5 points into Generosity, which will give us room to move around after we cast Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb. Do not forget to use Dive Bomb Icon Dive Bomb, as it will increase the duration of the Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb.

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Mechanics and Playstyle

Early in the campaign, the build will be slightly slower, as there will be some automation missing until you can scale enough points into Aerial Assault Icon Aerial Assault. However, once this automation kicks in, the build will run very smoothly. Mana should be fairly constant as well thanks to Refreshing Resolve. With half decent gear, your Falcon and your Umbral Blades Icon Umbral Blades should make quick work of any foe you encounter. However, be aware, any obvious high damage mechanics will still need to be avoided. Use your Smoke Bomb Icon Smoke Bomb when in danger to get a massive damage and health leech boost. Utilize your Dive Bomb Icon Dive Bomb and Falconry Icon Falconry active skill when you see fit.


Gearing and Affixes

As for gearing, we will try and hunt down anything that give us base throwing damage AND negative mana cost on throwing skills, which are found exclusively in rings. However, belts, gloves, amulets and relics will give us ample places to add even more throwing damage. Throwing damage will carry this build, as our Falcon utilizes 50% of this throwing damage because of our passive points in Avian Hurl. The rest of the gear should focus on surviving and Critical Strike Avoidance. Going above 100% Critical Strike Avoidance in this build is ideal for our passive Finesse Them.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Dexterity Added Throwing Damage
Critical Strike Avoidance
-# Throwing Mana Cost
Throwing Attack Speed
Critical Strike Chance
Critical Multiplier
Dodge Rating
Flat Health

Useful Uniques

As you go through the game we will come across many uniques. While the majority of low-level uniques should be set aside for leveling alts, we will want to keep our eyes out for these specific items to assist with the build. While none of these have huge build changing affixes, the majority of them are good items you can scale easily with. One of themes you will see with these uniques is Movement Speed; this affix accelerates gameplay even just from being able to go around faster the battlefield.

The most usefull by far, would be the Woven Flesh Icon Woven Flesh. This would add 100% Critical Strike Avoidance, thus increasing our Falcons Critical Strike Multiplier.

You may run across other uniques that can help alleviate defenses, but keep in mind, majority of the stats we are looking for will be on rare or exalted gear.



Idol slots are gained through the campaign, unlocking small bonuses and unique affixes for the player to discover and augment their builds with. The Idol screen consists of a grid system for the player to fill out with different sized idols, eventually filling in every part of the grid. As the Idol shape increases (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, etc.) the stronger an affix you might find for your build.

The target Affixes we want to look for in our Idols are:

  • +% Health
  • + Health
  • Resistances
  • Physical Penetration with Shadow Daggers

Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. We have several options available for Falconer.



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