Shaman Mastery Leveling Build for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

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This is the perfect leveling guide for new players wanting to start with Shaman! This page will cover everything and anything you could need to know about leveling the class, including which skills to use, what stats to prioritize, and what uniques are useful early in the game.



This version of the Shamans's leveling build is focused around consistant high area damage and amror and endurance. The build is extremely beginner friendly and can be used all the way to level 70 without any issue. It is very possible to leave this guide earlier for an end-game build guide if proper equipment is picked up. However, it is recomended to wait until level 70.

This build uses Avalanche Icon Avalanche as it's main damage skill. This build also utilizes Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap which is automated to work with Upheaval Icon Upheaval as our movement skill. Upheaval Icon Upheaval will also add a massive amount of a Armor and Endurance with Upheaval Icon Upheaval from Primal Bulwark. We also capitalize on automation with Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom, which will give us AoE damage and a massive boost in movement speed.

Defensively, this build relies on the EHP received from Resistances, Armor, Endurance and stacking flat HP. We will also generate ample of extra endurance and armor through our skills. The base class of Primalist is notorious for being tanky, this leveling build is no exception.

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Shaman Leveling Passive Trees

Class Passives Skill Passives
Primalist Shaman Druid Beastmaster
Avalanche Fury Leap Maelstrom Upheaval Warcry

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist Passive Tree

Primalist passives are mostly used to provide a defensive boost to our character with Cold and Lightning Resistance. These nodes will increase our Attunement, Base HP, and HP Regen.

Plan to only invest 20 points in this tree, as that's the minimum requirement needed to unlock the Shaman, Druid and Beastmaster passive trees.


Shaman Passive Tree

Shaman Passive Tree

This build will also utilize Druid and Beastmaster passive trees, albeit a small number of points. We prioritize majority point into Shaman, as this tree will provide majority of our offensive base damage. This build will use mostly base skills from the Primalist, but Avalanche is the sole mastery specific skill that is used. Avalanche Icon Avalanche is scaled to last for 8 seconds, which will match the cooldown of the skill. Since we are not channeling, we will regen mana while the boulders are falling. Most of this build will be a player casting Avalanche Icon Avalanche, leaping into combat with Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap, which will proc Upheaval Icon Upheaval, which gives armor and endurance when it hits an enemy. As you kill enemies, you have a 25% chance to generate a stack of Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom, which upon reaching 6 stacks, will give you a massive speed boost. Warcry Icon Warcry can be used to as a heal, cleanse, instantly generate four stacks of Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom, and will also pull enemies into you, which makes them easier to hit with your Avalanche Icon Avalanche.

To start off, place the max amount of points into Natural Attunement, five points into Hunter's Restoration and then seven points into Primal Strength. Natural Attunement will give us a strong start to our Attunement. Attunment will be important for both Primal Bulwark and Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom. Attunement also is imperative for our base mana pool.

At the point of reaching level 70 and having finished all quests, you should have a total of 20 points into Primalist and 49 points into Shaman. You will also have 8 points in the Beastmaster and 6 points in the Druid.


Druid Passive Tree

Druid Passive Tree

Druid passives are just limited to the singular node of Chitinous Plating where six points are allocated for the sole purpose of buffing Armor and Endurance.


Beastmaster Passive Tree

Beastmaster Passive Tree

Beastmaster passives are also limited to a single node. This node is for a flat damage reduction from Ursine Strength where we've allocated 8 points.



Avalanche Skill Tree

Our main damage skill used for this build is Avalanche Icon Avalanche. This skill has a large AoE that randomly hits in a large area around our character. Avalanche Icon Avalanche will allow us to run around and while we Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap generating Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom stacks.

While pathing Avalanche Icon Avalanche, prioritize Hailstorm before other nodes. This will ensure our Avalanche Icon Avalanche continues to fall around us while we traverse the campaign. Once you collect that node, move to Frost to full convert the damage to cold, this is where our damage will come online. We then focus on Snow Storm in order to create these boulders of frost more often. We do not have a mana generator, however, since we are not channeling, we still regenerate mana while the skill is on cooldown.


Fury Leap

Fury Leap Skill Tree

Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap is our primary traversal skill and is how we set up automation with Upheaval Icon Upheaval. We use the tree to reduce the cooldown and reduce Mana cost.

Initially, path towards Violent Upheaval. Once there we work towards Warrior's Entrance to boost our Spell Damage. From there path we go to Panther Strike in order reduce the cooldown.



Maelstrom Skill Tree

Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom is going to pump out decent AoE Spell Damage as well as increase your movespeed. This will be automatically generated from killing with Gathering Storm Icon Gathering Storm. This also has significant damage boost from Turbulence, considering we should be well over 60 Attunement.

When scaling this, you should work towards Gathering Storm Icon Gathering Storm firstfollowed by Windfury to boost Movement Speed.



Upheaval Skill Tree

Upheaval Icon Upheaval is a massive boost to our defensive scalers. It also helps with the upkeep of six stacks of Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom we need in order to keep our area DPS and Movement Speed up.

Initially, path towards Through Muck and Clay, being sure to max the nodes Terrain Delving and Primal Bulwark. We then path to Glacial Cascade, to take advanatage of some extra damage by converting to Cold. The remainder of points just help us hit more enemies, ensuring that Primal Bulwark does get its stacks. If you ever fall below six stacks of Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom, the Earth Armor will be consumed to give you more Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom.



Warcry Skill Tree

Warcry Icon Warcry is used primarily as a heal and a way to generate four stacks of Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom on use. However, it does some damage and purposely pulls enemies closer to us. This ensures they are close enough to be hit by the Avalanche Icon Avalanche constantly dealing damage around us.

Path towards the node Whirlpool, being sure to max it and also grab the singular point in Purging Shout. We then path towards Shallow Breath, grabbing only the minimum points along the way. We will then convert the skill to cold with Jormun's Wrath, and finish at Apprehend.

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Damage Rotation

Clearing and Bossing will follow the same approach. The only difference would be positioning and the avoidance of high damage mechanics. Open up with Avalanche Icon Avalanche and use Upheaval Icon Upheaval manually when needed to generate stacks of Earth Armor. Fury Leap Icon Fury Leap into packs ONLY when Avalanche Icon Avalanche is active and not about to run out.


Gearing and Affixes

The Primalist Avalanche leveling build utilizes a easy to obtain wand and low level off-hand catalyst. The affixes shown in the planner are ideal, but was tested with T3-T5 rolls with no issues. We try to target affixes like Attunement, Vitality, Increased Spell Critical Strike Chance, and Added Critical Strike Multiplier. It is possible to mix and match the shown defensive affixes amongst the gear, this is just how it was balanced. Mana Regeneration is important in this build, as we do not use a mana generating skill, however, Mana Reduction Cost is used where we can.

Below is a list of Affixes you should aim for to better suit the playstyle of this build. This Primalist scales well with Attunement, thus it should be prioritized on gear pieces when possible for both damage and look to Vitality for survivability.

Attributes Offensive Defensive
Increased Spell Crit Strike Chance
Crit Strike Multiplier
Shred Armor on Hit
Increased Mana Regen
Increased Cold Damage
Increased Health
Flat Health
Increased Armor
Endurance Threshold

Progressing to Endgame

This build will carry you all the way to the start of the Monolith, where you will need to decide on an Endgame build to follow. Below are the options available for Shamans.



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