Hunter Quests in TBC Classic

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On this page we will discuss the important quests you will be able to take on as a Hunter in The Burning Crusade Classic and the rewards they will give you.


Hunter Pet Quests

The quest to tame your first pet will become available at Level 10 from any Hunter trainer. While the exact progression will not be identical between races and factions, the general steps are the same.

Before you can tame a pet of your own, you will be asked to tame certain animals using a Taming Rod. You will need to do this three times for three quests, which will each give you a specific animal to tame. These animals will generally be the most common animal type in the area, so they are usually easy to find. Once you tame all three pet types and complete the quests, you will learn Tame Beast IconTame Beast to tame a pet of your own. You are not done quite yet though, you will then need to travel to the closest major city and talk to the Hunter trainer there, who will then teach you some more pet related spells. Once you find the Hunter trainer, you will have all the spells needed to tame and take care of your pet.


Hunter Rhok'delar Quests

Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers Icon Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers is an extremely popular Hunter weapon from Classic at level 60, and while it is not worth using at level 70, it does have a fun and rewarding quest chain that you could do if you wanted it.


Sunken Temple Quests

Starting at Level 50, this quest chain becomes available by just talking to a Hunter trainer in any major city. This is not a particularly rewarding quest, and can easily be skipped if you want to prioritize leveling.

  1. Pick up The Hunter's Charm from a class trainer in a major city.
  2. Travel to Azshara to find Ogtinc. Pick up the quest Courser Antlers from him.
  3. Kill Mosshoof Coursers until you get the two Perfect Courser Antler Icon Perfect Courser Antlers that you need for the quest. These can be found all over the Northern and Southern parts of Azshara, but not in the center.
  4. Return to Ogtinc to get the next quest, Wavethrashing. You will need to bring back six Wavethrasher Scales Icon Wavethrasher Scales, which drop from the Wavethrasher Hydras that can be found on the far North-East and far South-East shores.
  5. Return to Ogtinc to get The Green Drake, which requires you to travel to the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and do the dungeon to kill Morphaz. Once you kill Morphaz and loot his Tooth of Morphaz Icon Tooth of Morphaz, you can return to Ogtinc.


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