Shaman Quests in WotLK Classic

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On this page, we cover the Shaman-specific quests in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. These are usually started by your trainer and send you across the world in search for your four elemental totems: (Earth, Fire, Water and Air), and into Sunken Temple for some special gear.


Earth Totems Quests

The quest for your Earth Totem Icon Earth Totem starts at Level 4. It will be slightly different depending on whether you are starting in Durotar (Call of Earth), Mulgore (Call of Earth) or Ammen Vale (Call of Earth) but the logic is similar.

Draenei Earth Totem Quest Start

For Horde players, you will be asked to kill some nearby enemies for two quest items that you will turn in at the quest giver. Then you are given Earth Sapta Icon Earth Sapta and a location where to use it. This will allow you to view and interact with an Earth Elemental which will give you Rough Quartz, which you turn in at the initial quest giver for the Earth Totem Icon Earth Totem.

The Draenei version is slightly different, but simply requires you to head to the northwest part of Ammen Vale, talk to the Earth Elemental NPC there, kill four enemies nearby and turn it back in. Follow up by returning to the original quest giver at the central Ammen Vale hub in order to receive your Earth Totem Icon Earth Totem.


Fire Totems Quests

For Horde players, the quest for Fire Totem Icon Fire Totem starts at Level 10, with Call of Fire. This quest takes you to Kranal Fiss, which will, in turn, send you over to Telf Joolam, who is atop a mountain in Durotar. To find him (not an easy task!) start by heading to the 36,57 map coordinates, and then go up the mountain from there.

Once you reach Telf Joolam, you will be asked to collect Fire Tar Icon Fire Tar (from Razormane Water Seeker) and Reagent Pouch Icon Reagent Pouch (from Burning Blade Cultist). Return these to him, and you will soon get to the final step, which involves using Fire Sapta Icon Fire Sapta and killing the summoned Minor Manifestation of Fire. Turn in the resulting quest item Torch of the Eternal Flame Icon Torch of the Eternal Flame to Kranal Fiss and you will receive your Fire Totem Icon Fire Totem.

Draenei Fire Totem Quest Start

For Draenei, the initial Call of Fire quest starts with your class trainer in The Exodar and sends you to the NPC depicted in the picture above for further instructions. Once you talk with him, head to the northeastern tip of the island you are currently on to find Temper, who will send you to a cave directly to your west (and slightly south once you reach the mountains), to retrieve the Ritual Torch from one of the Crazed Wildkin inside.

Return the torch to Temper, who will then send you to the southwestern island, which is very far away. Once there, you can open the Fireproof Satchel that you received at the start of the quest, and use the Ritual Torch on the strawman effigy nearby to summon Hauteur, who you must kill in order to loot the quest item required. Instead of running back, simply use the Orb of Returning contained inside the bag to be back instantly!

Turn in the quest, then turn in the follow-up quest at the NPC that sent you to this place to begin with, in the middle of the isle, and proceed to go inside The Exodar to turn in the next quest at Prophet Velen, who can be found at the top of the Vault of Lights section in the southwest. Finally, turn in the last quest at Farseer Nobundo in the Crystal Halls, directly north from Velen's position, to receive your Fire Totem Icon Fire Totem.


Water Totems Quests

The quest for your Water Totem Icon Water Totem starts at Level 20, with Call of Water, which is picked up from your capital city class trainer.

For Horde players, this quest takes you to Islen Waterseer, which will, in turn, send you over to Brine, who is around 43,77, in The Barrens. She will ask for three tasks:

  1. Filling Empty Brown Waterskin Icon Empty Brown Waterskin at the water hole just below her hut;
  2. Filling Empty Red Waterskin Icon Empty Red Waterskin at the well in Tarren Mill (62,20);
  3. Filling Empty Blue Waterskin Icon Empty Blue Waterskin at the fountain in Ashenvale (33,67).

Once you are done with them all, Brine will give you Vial of Purest Water Icon Vial of Purest Water, which you must turn in to Islen Waterseer. She will give you Water Sapta Icon Water Sapta and the next quest step, which takes you to Silverpine Forest (38, 44), where you will use the Sapta and face a Corrupt Minor Manifestation of Water. Kill it, complete the quest nearby, and return to Islen to finally receive your Water Totem Icon Water Totem.

Draenei Water Totem Aqueous Location

For Draenei, you will instead be instructed to go to the northwest of Bloodmyst Isle where you can find Aqueous at the bottom of the ocean, at the position marked on the picture above.

Pick up the new quest and go directly south from your current position, until you find a red river. Follow it up to find a lake that has the enemies you need to kill for the quest. Once you collect enough, return to Aqueous and accept the follow-up quest, which will send you to Ashenvale. In order to reach the quest location, you can take the boat that docks directly southwest of The Exodar.

This boat will land at Darkshore, at which point you should just run south until you enter Ashenvale, and then follow the road until you reach Astranaar. Go south again until you arrive at 33,68, near the mountains. Fill the bag in the fountain, on the shrine in the middle of the small island at this location, and return to Aqueous, preferably with the help of a Hearthstone Icon Hearthstone.

The follow-up quest will require you to return to the red lake area where you killed the corrupted elementals earlier, but this time you will want to find a barrel and click it in order to summon Tel'athion the Impure, whose death will bring an end to the corruption in Bloodmyst Isle and award you your Water Totem Icon Water Totem, after some more turn-ins at Aqueous and Farseer Nobundo.


Air Totems Quests

The quest for your Air Totem Icon Air Totem starts at Level 30, with Call of Air. Ironically, after all the running you did for the Water Totem Icon Water Totem, the only thing you need to do to gain your final Totem as a Horde player is to talk to Prate Cloudseer in the Thousand Needles (53,42 map coordinates).

Draenei Air Totem Mountain Path Start

Draenei have it pretty easy as well, as all you need to do is to find the mountain passage to the north of The Exodar, as shown in the picture above. Follow it to the cave at the top, where you will find Velaada, who will tell you to talk to an Air Elemental NPC right outside the cave. Simply talk to the elemental, accept his quest, and talk to him once more to be given the option of being transported directly to Farseer Nobundo, who will give you your Air Totem Icon Air Totem.


Shaman Sunken Temple Questline (Enamored Water Spirit)

Enamored Water Spirit Icon Enamored Water Spirit used to be an important trinket in WoW Classic, but is mostly forgettable in Wrath and so is this questline. Regardless, to get started on this quest chain, get Elemental Mastery from a major city Shaman trainer and collect one of each: Elemental Fire Icon Elemental Fire, Elemental Earth Icon Elemental Earth, Elemental Water Icon Elemental Water and Elemental Air Icon Elemental Air.

Turn these at Bath'rah the Windwatcher, whom you can find at the 80,65 map coordinates in Alterac Mountains.

Pick up Spirit Totem from him, and collect the required items from spiders and bears found around 34,59 in Western Plaguelands.

Finally, return to him to receive the final step in the quest: Da Voodoo. This quest can be completed in the Sunken Temple, by killing and looting the undead troll mini-bosses located in the elevated areas around the center ring.



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