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I beat heroic mode with hunter's Deck:

2x Hunter's Mark
2x Explosive Trap
2x Misdirection
2x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x Mad Scientist
2x Scavenging Hyena
2x Animal Companion
2x Deadly Shot
2x Emperor Cobra
2x Illuminator
2x Ironfur Grizzly
2x Tundra Rhino
1x Maexxna
2x Savannah Highmane
2x Core Hound
1x KelThuzad

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I just successfully won against Coren Direbrew on Heroic in 2 attempts with the following (fairly basic deck with only 3 legendary cards). I figured i'd share it with people who are struggling with this fight and don't have many legendary cards.


2 x Preparation

2 x Cold Blood

2 x Deadly Poison

2 x Betrayal

2 x Blade Flurry

2 x Eviscerate

1 x Gang Up (might be useful to use two of these if your having bad RNG)

2 x Fan of Knives

1 x Tinker's Sharpsword Oil

1 x Abomination

2 x Sludge Belcher

1 x Vanish

1 x Lord of the Arena

2 x Sunwalker

2 x Sprint

1 x Stormwind Champion

1 x Force-Tank MAX

1 x Gruul (very useful for finishing blow)

1 x Kel Thuzad (theoretically useful but never played him in my winning attempt so not required)

1 x Ysera (Useful for the cheap good minions she gives you but that's about it so again not required but is very useful)


The strategy with this deck is making sure you ALWAYS have enough taunt minions alive so that Coren's minions can never hit you.

If he spawns 4 (1/1) minions don't immediately kill them. they take up half of his minion spaces so only kill them when your ready to hit him hard (preferably with Blade Flurry or Fan of Knives)


I hope this helps!

- Puma

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easy win Rog deck all you need is gang up and kelthuzad ( he is the only creature in your deck ) get a gang up in your hand to start use it on Kel immediately .....win

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easy win Rog deck all you need is gang up and kelthuzad ( he is the only creature in your deck ) get a gang up in your hand to start use it on Kel immediately .....win

Oh that's a good idea!

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I just beat him in Normal with Mage and mostly basic cards. I used 20 spells I had for mage, then filled the rest of my deck with only taunt minions biggrin.png

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These are the cheapest decks I beat Heroic Coren Direbrew (The Grim Guzzler) with.

The Hero Power Pile On! allows Coren to summon 2 minions every turn, while it only summons 1 for you. Most of Coren's minions are high-value, so you need to find a way to use his Hero Power to your own advantage. Otherwise you will get overwhelmed very quickly.
The main idea behind beating Coren in Heroic mode is to use large minions that do not have a Battlecry, and support them with spells. Mulligan for spells only. Do not hesitate to concede and restart, if your starting hand has minions or if the early turns did not go in your favor. Navigating the early turns really is the key to defeating Coren.

F2P Mage (0 Dust)
Difficulty: hard (may take more than 10 tries)

2x Mirror Image
2x Arcane Explosion
2x Frostbolt
2x Frost Nova
2x Fireball
2x Polymorph
2x Dragon's Breath
2x Gurubashi Berserker
2x Archmage
2x Boulderfist Ogre
2x Lord of the Arena
2x Flamestrike
2x Core Hound
2x Stormwind Champion
2x War Golem

Stall with Mirror Image on turn 1 and ideally even turn 2, followed by Frost Nova on turn 3 and 4.
Hope for Stormwind Champion to buff your Mirror Images.
Use Arcane Explosion to deal with Get 'em!
Use Archmage to buff your removal spells, especially Arcane Explosion.
This deck needs the perfect draw, so it can take a while.

Naxx Shaman (0 Dust)
Difficulty: easy (may take up to 5 tries)
Inspiration: http://www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/legendary-coren-direbrew-shaman-deck-heroic-mode

2x Ancestral Healing
2x Totemic Might
2x Frost Shock
2x Goldshire Footman
2x Rockbiter Weapon
2x Frostwolf Grunt
2x Lava Shock
2x Reincarnate
2x Windfury
2x Hex
2x Ironfur Grizzly
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Bloodlust
2x Sludge Belcher
1x Lord of the Arena
1x Kel'Thuzad

The only cheap and easy way to win this fight is by playing dirty and abusing the AI bug concerning Kel'Thuzad and taunts. Coren's Hero Power will even help you with this strategy.
Put as many spells into you deck as possible – be they useful or not. Add Kel'Thuzad and fill up the deckslots with taunts only, preferably cheap ones to be able to play them soon, if you draw them.
Mulligan for Reincarnate. Concede, if you draw Kel'Thuzad.
Use Ancestral Healing on a Totem, as soon as Kel'Thuzad is on the board.
Reincarnate Kel'Thuzad to be safe from Execute.
Use Hex to get rid of Baron Geddon and Mogor the Ogre.
If Coren plays Brawl just hope for the best.



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I really wonder why people focus so much on prolonging the game. You could just play mage, have a number of delaying spells like ice lance, mirror image, ice block, frost nova. The rest of your cards are high cost minions and you can just focus on hitting the face after the boss use his hero power.

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T4 Mage Win


I just defeated heroic Coren Direbrew/Grim Guzzler on my very first attempt. Using my 'hero power' mage deck, I achieved victory on my 4th turn!




T4 Lethal- 8+6+4=18 atk dmg + 6 from Fireball or 4 from Polymorph = win


My deck does not contain KT, as most or all of the others do. Here is the list, for anyone interested:


1x Mana Wyrm

2x Frostbolt

2x Fallen Hero

2x Garrison Commander

2x Arcane Intellect

2x Frost Nova

1x Ice Barrier

2x Polymorph: Boar

1x Fencing Coach

1x Saboteur

2x Fireball

2x Maiden of the Lake

2x Water Elemental

1x Antique Healbot

1x Nexus-Champion Saraad

2x Sludge Belcher

1x Coldarra Drake

1x Emperor Thaurissan

1x Flamestrike

1x Frost Giant


I know that a few of these minions are poor choices for a fight against this boss, especially the ones with a battlecry. In other words...I got extremely lucky with both my starting hand and Coren's hero power.

T1: I played Mana Wyrm. His hero power (Pile On) brought out Succubus and Baron Geddon for himself, Frost Giant for me.

T2: I played Frostbolt on Baron Geddon, then attacked Baron with my 2/1 Mana Wyrm to kill it. Hit Coren for 8 with Frost Giant. Pile On brought out Ravenholdt Assassin and Grim Patron for himself, Coldarra Drake for me.

T3: I played Frost Nova to freeze his board. Hit Coren for 14 with Giant and Drake. Pile on brought out Venture Co. Mercenary and Dark Iron Bouncer for himself, Garrison Commander for me.

T4: See image above.


Four cards essential to my win: a 6-cost minion, an 8-cost minion, and two freeze spells. This leads me to believe that a properly constructed freeze mage with a few heavyweight minions would work like a charm :)

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Just one tried him with a retard frost mage : I just put all my frosting card and some  7+ legendary.

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Normal Mode


Wow.. I beat him first try in like 3 turns using Bob21117's mage deck as suggested above, made only one change:


2x Mirror Image

2x Arcane Explosion

2x Frostbolt

2x Frost Nova

2x Fireball

2x Polymorph

2x Dragon's Breath (didn't have these cards so used 2X Forgotten Torch)

2x Gurubashi Berserker

2x Archmage

2x Boulderfist Ogre

2x Lord of the Arena

2x Flamestrike

2x Core Hound

2x Stormwind Champion

2x War Golem

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