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This thread is for comments about our Coren Direbrew guide for Blackrock Mountain.

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I beat heroic mode with hunter's Deck:

2x Hunter's Mark
2x Explosive Trap
2x Misdirection
2x Dire Wolf Alpha
2x Mad Scientist
2x Scavenging Hyena
2x Animal Companion
2x Deadly Shot
2x Emperor Cobra
2x Illuminator
2x Ironfur Grizzly
2x Tundra Rhino
1x Maexxna
2x Savannah Highmane
2x Core Hound
1x KelThuzad

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I just successfully won against Coren Direbrew on Heroic in 2 attempts with the following (fairly basic deck with only 3 legendary cards). I figured i'd share it with people who are struggling with this fight and don't have many legendary cards.


2 x Preparation

2 x Cold Blood

2 x Deadly Poison

2 x Betrayal

2 x Blade Flurry

2 x Eviscerate

1 x Gang Up (might be useful to use two of these if your having bad RNG)

2 x Fan of Knives

1 x Tinker's Sharpsword Oil

1 x Abomination

2 x Sludge Belcher

1 x Vanish

1 x Lord of the Arena

2 x Sunwalker

2 x Sprint

1 x Stormwind Champion

1 x Force-Tank MAX

1 x Gruul (very useful for finishing blow)

1 x Kel Thuzad (theoretically useful but never played him in my winning attempt so not required)

1 x Ysera (Useful for the cheap good minions she gives you but that's about it so again not required but is very useful)


The strategy with this deck is making sure you ALWAYS have enough taunt minions alive so that Coren's minions can never hit you.

If he spawns 4 (1/1) minions don't immediately kill them. they take up half of his minion spaces so only kill them when your ready to hit him hard (preferably with Blade Flurry or Fan of Knives)


I hope this helps!

- Puma

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easy win Rog deck all you need is gang up and kelthuzad ( he is the only creature in your deck ) get a gang up in your hand to start use it on Kel immediately .....win

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easy win Rog deck all you need is gang up and kelthuzad ( he is the only creature in your deck ) get a gang up in your hand to start use it on Kel immediately .....win

Oh that's a good idea!

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I just beat him in Normal with Mage and mostly basic cards. I used 20 spells I had for mage, then filled the rest of my deck with only taunt minions biggrin.png

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These are the cheapest decks I beat Heroic Coren Direbrew (The Grim Guzzler) with.

The Hero Power Pile On! allows Coren to summon 2 minions every turn, while it only summons 1 for you. Most of Coren's minions are high-value, so you need to find a way to use his Hero Power to your own advantage. Otherwise you will get overwhelmed very quickly.
The main idea behind beating Coren in Heroic mode is to use large minions that do not have a Battlecry, and support them with spells. Mulligan for spells only. Do not hesitate to concede and restart, if your starting hand has minions or if the early turns did not go in your favor. Navigating the early turns really is the key to defeating Coren.

F2P Mage (0 Dust)
Difficulty: hard (may take more than 10 tries)

2x Mirror Image
2x Arcane Explosion
2x Frostbolt
2x Frost Nova
2x Fireball
2x Polymorph
2x Dragon's Breath
2x Gurubashi Berserker
2x Archmage
2x Boulderfist Ogre
2x Lord of the Arena
2x Flamestrike
2x Core Hound
2x Stormwind Champion
2x War Golem

Stall with Mirror Image on turn 1 and ideally even turn 2, followed by Frost Nova on turn 3 and 4.
Hope for Stormwind Champion to buff your Mirror Images.
Use Arcane Explosion to deal with Get 'em!
Use Archmage to buff your removal spells, especially Arcane Explosion.
This deck needs the perfect draw, so it can take a while.

Naxx Shaman (0 Dust)
Difficulty: easy (may take up to 5 tries)
Inspiration: http://www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/legendary-coren-direbrew-shaman-deck-heroic-mode

2x Ancestral Healing
2x Totemic Might
2x Frost Shock
2x Goldshire Footman
2x Rockbiter Weapon
2x Frostwolf Grunt
2x Lava Shock
2x Reincarnate
2x Windfury
2x Hex
2x Ironfur Grizzly
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Bloodlust
2x Sludge Belcher
1x Lord of the Arena
1x Kel'Thuzad

The only cheap and easy way to win this fight is by playing dirty and abusing the AI bug concerning Kel'Thuzad and taunts. Coren's Hero Power will even help you with this strategy.
Put as many spells into you deck as possible – be they useful or not. Add Kel'Thuzad and fill up the deckslots with taunts only, preferably cheap ones to be able to play them soon, if you draw them.
Mulligan for Reincarnate. Concede, if you draw Kel'Thuzad.
Use Ancestral Healing on a Totem, as soon as Kel'Thuzad is on the board.
Reincarnate Kel'Thuzad to be safe from Execute.
Use Hex to get rid of Baron Geddon and Mogor the Ogre.
If Coren plays Brawl just hope for the best.



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I really wonder why people focus so much on prolonging the game. You could just play mage, have a number of delaying spells like ice lance, mirror image, ice block, frost nova. The rest of your cards are high cost minions and you can just focus on hitting the face after the boss use his hero power.

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T4 Mage Win


I just defeated heroic Coren Direbrew/Grim Guzzler on my very first attempt. Using my 'hero power' mage deck, I achieved victory on my 4th turn!




T4 Lethal- 8+6+4=18 atk dmg + 6 from Fireball or 4 from Polymorph = win


My deck does not contain KT, as most or all of the others do. Here is the list, for anyone interested:


1x Mana Wyrm

2x Frostbolt

2x Fallen Hero

2x Garrison Commander

2x Arcane Intellect

2x Frost Nova

1x Ice Barrier

2x Polymorph: Boar

1x Fencing Coach

1x Saboteur

2x Fireball

2x Maiden of the Lake

2x Water Elemental

1x Antique Healbot

1x Nexus-Champion Saraad

2x Sludge Belcher

1x Coldarra Drake

1x Emperor Thaurissan

1x Flamestrike

1x Frost Giant


I know that a few of these minions are poor choices for a fight against this boss, especially the ones with a battlecry. In other words...I got extremely lucky with both my starting hand and Coren's hero power.

T1: I played Mana Wyrm. His hero power (Pile On) brought out Succubus and Baron Geddon for himself, Frost Giant for me.

T2: I played Frostbolt on Baron Geddon, then attacked Baron with my 2/1 Mana Wyrm to kill it. Hit Coren for 8 with Frost Giant. Pile On brought out Ravenholdt Assassin and Grim Patron for himself, Coldarra Drake for me.

T3: I played Frost Nova to freeze his board. Hit Coren for 14 with Giant and Drake. Pile on brought out Venture Co. Mercenary and Dark Iron Bouncer for himself, Garrison Commander for me.

T4: See image above.


Four cards essential to my win: a 6-cost minion, an 8-cost minion, and two freeze spells. This leads me to believe that a properly constructed freeze mage with a few heavyweight minions would work like a charm :)

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Normal Mode


Wow.. I beat him first try in like 3 turns using Bob21117's mage deck as suggested above, made only one change:


2x Mirror Image

2x Arcane Explosion

2x Frostbolt

2x Frost Nova

2x Fireball

2x Polymorph

2x Dragon's Breath (didn't have these cards so used 2X Forgotten Torch)

2x Gurubashi Berserker

2x Archmage

2x Boulderfist Ogre

2x Lord of the Arena

2x Flamestrike

2x Core Hound

2x Stormwind Champion

2x War Golem

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      Friday was the second day of the group stage of the HCT 2017 World Championship. Here's what happened (spoilers ahead)!
      Group C
      This group had only champions from Europe and North America: ShtanUdachi represented Russia, Ant represented the US, Sintolol represented Germany and Purple represented Canada. The first match of a day saw Alexey "ShtanUdachi" Barsukov easily beat Anthony "Ant" Trevino with a score of 3-1.
      Then, it was time for one of NA's favourite's Ryan "Purple" Murphy-Root to face off against Thomas "Sintolol" Zimmer. Sintolol is one of the few players that has brought Big Spells Mage in this tournament and Purple opted not to ban it, which turned out to be a mistake. Purple took a quick 2-0 lead in the beginning, but Sintolol came back with his Combo Dragon Priest against Purple's traditional Higlander Priest. Even though Purple denied Sinto's 4/18 Twilight Drake with a clever play involving a stolen Inner Fire, the German player still managed to win that game with a 44/44 Kabal Talonpriest. Sintolol then proceded to reverse-sweep his opponent (3-2). Overall, this was one of the series with the smartest plays.
      Afterwards, Purple easily eliminated Ant with a clean sweep (3-0). The other game of Group C was the battle of European giants: ShtanUdachi versus Sintolol. Sinto's Mage remained unbanned again and he managed to take the first game against ShtanUdachi's Jade Druid. In the last match, Sintolol made an impressive play with his Priest, involving stealing ShtanUdachi's Fandral Staghelm and using a pre-obtained Nourish. The German player humbly admitted later that he hadn't planned this play, it was just luck but it was enough to crown him as the victor of Group C with a score of 3-1.
      Group D Match W-L Sintolol 2-0 ShtanUdachi 1-1 Purple 1-1 Ant 0-2 Group D
      Group D has representatives from all 4 big regions: Surrender from Korea, OmegaZero from China, Fr0Zen from the US and Neirea from Ukraine. Jung-Soo "Surrender" Kim had a tense first match against Zheng "OmegaZero" Lin. The Korean player, whom a lot of people have voted for, ultimately won the series with 3-2. Then, it was Yevgeniy "Neira" Shumilin against Frank "Fr0zen" Zhang. Neirea must have noticed the performance of Sintolol's Big Spells Mage, because he quickly banned Fr0zen's Mage (he's a notoriously good Freeze Mage player). However, this wasn't enough since the American player easily beat Neirea with a score of 3-1.
      Neira also lost with the same score from OmegaZero in the elimination match. Thus, both of Ukraine's players (Kolento and Neirea) were eliminated.
      The winner's match between Surrender and Fr0zen was intense. The Korean Summer Champion also saw that Mage was a force to be reckoned with and he banned that deck, letting the audience finally see a Warlock deck in action during the World Championship. Surrender played impressively with his Priest in the first game against Fr0zen's Druid. However's Fr0zen won the two next games in a row, putting Surrender in a difficult position. The next match, with Fr0zen's Cubelock and Surrender's Aggro Druid, was very close: Surrender got lucky in the end and he evened out the score. In the last game, Cubelock proved to be a liability for Fr0zen, as his draw was weak, and Surrender managed to come out at the top of his group (3-2).
      Group D Match W-L Surrender 2-0 Fr0zen 1-1 OmegaZero 1-1 Neirea 0-2 Final Remarks
      It became apparent from this deck that players, who brought unique decks and not the usual meta ones, stood out. We saw that the previous day with Orange's Hunter. Now, it was Sintolol's Big Spells Mage that made the difference in Group C. The experienced players of Group D must have noticed that Mage's performance, because Fr0zen's Mage was banned in both games he played. On the other hand, the traditional Priest, Druid and especially Rogue meta decks have had an average performance, while Fr0zen's Cubelock showed that maybe Warlock isn't so powerful as it seems.
      If there was one player that left an impression to the audience, it was Europe's sole champion to secure a guaranteed spot in the quarterfinals, Sintolol. He made some really smart plays that left everyone with their mouth open and he remained humble and sincere in his post-game interviews. On the other hand, the Group D winner Surrender had two very close games (3-2). Even though he showed his talent with Highlander Priest once again, it was mostly luck and not skill that helped him win these two games. Of course, he still remains a favourite for the World Championship and his reactions are always amusing to watch.
      The decider matches are currently underway and we'll be back later today with another recap!
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      The final stage of the HCT 2017 Worldc Championship has kicked off with the group stage. On Thursday, we saw matches on groups A and B. Beware because spoilers are following!
      Group A
      This group consists of Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen, Julien "DocPwn" Bachand, Jon "Orange" and Chen "tom60229" Wei Lin. The first match of the day was between the Danish Hoej vs the Canadian DocPwn (2-3). This was one of the longest matches, with both players displaying exceptional skill. It all culminated into the 5th game, where DocPwn managed to get his Keleseth Rogue early game going and beat Hoej's Priest. In the other game, tom60229 from Taiwan easily beat Orange from Sweden with a score of 3-1.
      The two defeated players, Hoej and Orange, proceeded to play against each other. Hoej's Murloc Paladin, the deck that made him stand out compared to other contestants, betrayed him as he lost 3 times in a row with it! Thus, one of the favourites for the World Championship was eliminated. DocPwn also sweeped his opponent tom, but he had a much harder time. Their last game, with Keleseth Rogue for DocPwn and Jade Druid for tom, had quite a few upsets and you should definitely watch it.
      The decider match between Orange and tom60229 will take place on Saturday.
      Group A Match W-L Total W-L DocPwn 2-0 6-2 Orange 1-1 4-3 tom60229 1-1 3-4 Hoej 0-2 2-6 Group B
      Muzahidul "Muzzy" Islam, Jason "JasonZhou" Zhou, Aleksandr "Kolento" Malsh and Samuel "SamuelTsao" Tsao play in this group. Muzzy, who represents America and is one of the favourite's to win the World Championship, beat the Chinese JasonZhou with a score of 3-1. In the next match, even though SamuelTsao made some mistakes, he managed to even the score with the Ukranian legend. In their final game, the young Taiwanese's Priest beat Kolento's Druid with an impressive 46-damage OTK (3-2).
      The elimination series between Kolento and JasonZhou is totally nail-biting! The two experienced players evened out each other and it all came down to the final game with a Keleseth Rogue mirror match. Jason drew better and he managed to eliminate crowd favourite Kolento (along with everyone who voted for him) with a score of 3-2. SamuelTsao managed to beat Muzzy with the same score in another intense series. Their last match (Warlock vs Priest) had a lot of upsides, but in the end luck smiled to SamuelTsao.
      The decider match between Muzzy and JasonZhou will take place on Saturday.
      Group B Match W-L Total W-L SamuelTsao 2-0 6-4 Muzzy 1-1 5-4 JasonZhou 1-1 4-5 Kolento 0-2 4-6 Final Remarks
      Thursday was a day of surprises, particularly unpleasant ones for Europe. Favourites Kolento (RIP packs) and Hoej were eliminated; I am mostly suprised about Hoej, since he had one of the strongest deck line-ups of this Championship. Statistically speaking, I don't think we'll have a European World Champion this time.
      On the other hand, outsiders DocPwn and SamuelTsao managed to come out on the top of their groups. DocPwn's effort is certainly admirable, since he's not exactly a full-time professional Hearthstone player: he was calm, level-headed and showed some exceptional critical decision making. In contrast, Samuel's youth and inexperience were quite evident, but his opponents also underestimated him. I think he has a lot to show for in the future.
      The not-so-surprising highlight of the day was Warlock being banned in almost all matches. Among the decks that stood out were Orange's Hunter (he's the only one that brought one and he won 2/2 of his games with it) and JasonZhou's interestingly teched Aggro Druid.
      Day 2 of the Group Stage is currently underway, so make sure to watch it!
    • By Zadina

      The two Hearthstone developers talked to IGN about the design process behind some of the most impactful cards from Kobolds & Catacombs.
      First of all, Peter Whalen and Mike Donais confirmed that there will be an update on February, a month after the World Championship. This patch will contain new events and possibly balance changes. They will take a look at the meta as it's been and as it is in the World Championship and they will decide accordingly.
      Moving on, they talked about some of the classes and how K&C cards have affected them. Starting with Warlock, Cubelock was a deck that was tested internally and it was an archetype the team was "certainly concerned about and [they] played a bunch of games with it". Carnivorous Cube was also tested internally in Recruit Hunter and in Quest Druid. As far as Possessed Lackey is concerned, there was a second version of it that read "Battlecry: If you control a Demon, Recruit a Demon", while Dark Pact was 0 mana at some point. Lastly, Rin, the First Disciple's seals used to have different effects and Azari, the Devourer was a 15/15 untargetable minion.
      The two devs talked next about the other dominating class of the current meta: Priest. Mike Donais pointed out that Highlander Priest was already doing well, so it was only given one new card: Psychic Scream. On the other hand. Big Priest has a pretty medium win rate, even though it can feel frustrating to play against. It's also a deck that will lose several cards in the upcoming rotation. At this point, the devs repeated that they are looking forward to develop and see in action new playstyles in the post-Barnes era. Finally, during the design process Twilight's Call could summon any minion, not just Deathrattles, but this was deemed too powerful.
      The next class to be discussed was Rogue. The team is happy with how balanced the Kingsbane Rogue deck turned out to be. Some internal iterations of the Rogue legendary weapon were dual-wielded daggers or a weapon that had the Battlecry: Discover a card, everything you draw is a copy of that. Mike also talked about Valeera the Hollow: he expected her to be more powerful than she already is, but maybe players will find a way to use her more in the future.
      There were a few words about Hearthstone's currently weakest class: Shaman. The devs think that the Shaman Spellstone is a powerful "sleeper" card, although maybe there's presently not a proper deck for it. They were also slightly worried about Unstable Evolution. Another "sleeper" card for them is Warrior's Drywhisker Armorer.
      An important point is that when asked about Corridor Creeper, Peter said that it's "one of the cards that raised a red flag". Lastly, they talked about King Togwaggle and the numerous iterations he had - all around swapping decks with your opponent. The penalty on the spell card isn't high enough on purpose, because they didn't want Togwaggle to be a super competitive card.
      I've tried to summarise the most important points, but you should definitely check out the entire interview on IGN. There's much more detail behind the design process of Kobolds & Catacombs, while there is also temp artwortk of cards as well as two cards that never made it into the game!
    • By Aleco

      Players can earn up to three free packs for logging in to Hearthstone during the Hearthstone World Championships.
      The folks over at Hearthpwn.com have learned from data mining of patch 10.0 that the Hearthstone World Championships will offer players three free packs as daily login rewards. The first day of the championships will give players a Journey to Un'Goro pack, the second day a Knights of the Frozen Throne pack, and the third a Kobolds & Catacombs pack. The Hearthstone home screen will also change to sparkling white theme honor the World Championships.

      Along with this week's awesome Tavern Brawl featuring World Championship winning decks, this marks the first time that Blizzard has brought Hearthstone eSports all the way to the Hearthstone client. Given the recent start of the Overwatch League and the choose your champion feature for the World Championships, it seems that Blizzard is supporting competitive gaming now more than ever.
    • By Zadina

      This week's Brawl honours the 3 previous Hearthstone World Champions!
      The 2018 World Championship is about to begin and Team 5 is celebrating by giving us a very special Tavern Brawl. In this Brawl, you get to play with decks that the previous world champions from 2014, 2015 and 2016 used on their way to the top. Your player name will even change to the respective Champion: Firebat, Ostkaka or Pavel!
      Here are the deck archetypes you can get:
      Firebat's Undertaker Hunter Firebat's Ramp Druid Firebat's Miracle Rogue Firebat's Zoolock Ostkaka's Patron Warrior Ostkaka's Oil Rogue Ostkaka's Freeze Mage Pavel's Tempo Mage Pavel's Malygos Miracle Rogue Pavel's Midrange Shaman Pavel's C'Thun Warrior Pavel's Malygos OTK Druid You might think: "why would I want to play a deck from 2014 with cards that have been nerfed"? Well, all cards are on their pre-nerfed versions, therefore they are basically in the same state as when originally used by each World Champion. So, say hello to pre-nerf Undertaker, Leper Gnome, Hex and many others.
      Amnesiac can never catch a break.
      A slight inconsistency is that cards that generate other cards or tokens, like Piloted Shredder or Babbling Book, can generate cards/tokens from later expansions. For example, my opponent's dead Shredder created Friendly Bartender, a card that neither Champion had encountered at their time.
      Enjoy the Brawl and tune in to the World Championship this weekend!