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Fire mage T14 bonus: Thoughts?

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So, i was curious what other's thoughts were on this, as i haven't had the time to run the numbers. Given that fact, most of this is purely speculation.

As most mages (those still playing, or having most recently played fire) will know, combustion and critical mass took a HUGE hit in the last hotfix set. For those who don't know"

-Combustion's damage has been reduced by 50%.

***So Combustion now freeze frames half of your ignite dot and ticks for 20 seconds (glyphed)

-Critical mass' crit multiplier has been reduced to 1.25% (down from 1.5%)

With this i'm curious if anyone else feels, or has tested to see, that our T14 4 set has lost a lot of value. It equates to a 24 second reduction on our combustion CD, or 12 second unglyphed. Whereas other classes seem to get a decent buff to a major DPS CD, we have a sub-par buff to what is now a medium to minor DPS CD.

For the time being i'm sticking with my Crafted gloves and chest and just going for the 2 set from helm and shoulders. But for those with the time, if you've run the numbers by chance, or would, i'm curious to see the end results.

Fire mages needed a nerf, don't me wrong, but we did not need to have a baseball bat to the knee caps.We're now arcane with prettier graphices. (1,1,1,1,1,2,3,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,3,Combust.)

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