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I am following the rotation given in the class page on here. My parses are terrible for my ilvl and I don't understand what i am doing wrong and why my dps isn't higher. i havent been using firestarter because i feel like the boss is only above 90% for 5 seconds. Been using RoP for most fights because i have T21 4p.

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Since this is an older post, I took your Heroic Garothi logs from your most recent raid:

  • You don't use Rune of Power enough. You missed 2 possible casts of it in the fight.
  • When you do use Rune of Power, you use it at the wrong time. Don't use it if you know you need to move in the next 10 seconds. You are standing in it for approximately 8 seconds, meaning you, over the course of the fight (with your 2 missed casts included), missed 30 seconds of Rune of Power damage buffs.
  • You're using the wrists, but you missed your chance to use the proc in Combustion. If you have over 5 seconds left in Combustion (which you did) and it procs, you can hard cast Pyroblast and you'll get a guaranteed-crit, 300% damage Pyroblast.
  • You aren't using your Combustions efficiently. You are entering Combustion with barely any Fire Blast and Phoenix charges, meaning you have to waste your time casting Fireball/Scorch, meaning less 100%-crit Pyros, meaning less damage overall. You need to get as many instant casts into Combustion, meaning as many uses of FB/Phoenix as you can.
  • You missed 2 crits, which hit while you already had a Hot Streak proc. Make sure, if you cast with a Hot Streak proc up, you send your Pyroblast immediately after.
  • You used Combustion above 90%, but you run Firestarter. This completely devalues both of them, since you already have a huge crit chance above 90% from FS. Wait until under 90%, then use Combustion.

Hope this helps.

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