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legendary cards list

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So far I have a Dr. Boom.  I wanted to know if there is a ranking list in which the most helpful or useful legendary cards are listed.  I have saved up almost enough dust to get another legendary card but I'm not sure which would be the next card to get.

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At the top of the screen click Hearthstone then click Constructed, then pick a class.  It explains the legendaries of choice there.


Generally speaking a good generic (good for most classes) legendary is one that gives immediate value.  Dr Boom pops out the two bomb-bot guys who will deal damage when killed.  No matter what the other player does (other than burning multiple silences and removal I suppose) you're going to deal some damage with the card.  Ragnaros and Baron Geddon are similar as their effects happen at the end of your turn.  Emperor Thurassian (sp?) and Bloodmage Thalnos are also generally good cards.  Sylvanus frequently makes the other player do stupid things trying to work around her deathrattle. 

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Assuming you already have full deck and you don't need any rares or epics, the next Legendary to craft after Boom is probably Sylvanas.

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Thanks for the input, I was thinking about crafting Sylvanas next because I see my opponents using her in many different kinds of decks.  I am fairly aware of what legendary cards are out there.  I was just wondering in there was a top 10 list or something like that for which legends are the "must haves" when starting to build strong decks.  I could focus on making a specific deck or a specific class, but right now I'm trying to look for overall improvement of many decks.  Thaurassan, Loatheb, Dr. Boom are all good choices in many decks of different classes.  I suppose Sylvanas would be another strong choice for the reason that was stated of causing opponents to do stupid things to play around the deathrattle.

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