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Idea for the D3 Builds: Clarify Core Paragon Priorities

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Just wanted to offer an idea for Deadset or whomever the authors may be: when listing paragon priorities, don't put all four items in the Core area unless you are suggesting we spread them out one by one. For example, the WD Acid Cloud build has these priorities: 1) Move Speed 2) Int 3) Vit 4) Max Mana. I'm assuming this means I should put 50 ranks in Move Speed and everything else in Int. If that's true, don't list Vit and Mana: it's confusing. If it's not true, clarify what else that would mean. 50 ranks in int, then 50 ranks in Vit, then 50 in Mana? Go 3, 2, 1 in rotation? Might be a minor issue, but I'm curious what the author is actually suggesting. I'm not sure if a paragon 1000 player should have 50 ranks in Move Speed and the rest in Int, since there are diminishing returns. Thanks!

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      Hello all, with 7.1 coming soon, I am wondering what % of each stat I should be aiming for, mainly just interested in mythic+ and normal raids. My armory is . Not sure why it's saying I have 34.5% haste, it's more like 20-22% in game, with 28% crit and 25% mastery. My gear is kinda all over the place cause I play blood as well. I can give the exact percents I have once I get home in a couple hours, and  I have another 835 ring which I will post the stats of it when I get home. Sorry if the formatting is bad, first post and on my phone haha. Edit: Once I get the exact percentages of my stats, if someone could let me know the ideal enchants I should use, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! :)
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      Hi! So upon viewing the Outlaw rogue stat priority, I'm a bit confused as to why Haste is the lowest stat for us. With Outlaw's heavy influence of RNG, there are times where saber slash won't proc a Pistol Shot, causing my dps to drop tremendously. With more haste to generate energy with for more saber slashes, resulting more Run Throughs. I feel this would benefit more for constant dps rather than stacking crit just because the crit isn't going to benefit me that much if I'm taking my sweet time building up combo points for a single Run Through. I think a stat priority of Vers>Haste>Crit>Mastery might be better, however I do not have the gear to test this out yet. 
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      The Puzzle

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      We strife to clear the end game mythic content blizzard trows at us
      While keeping a mature,friendly & relaxed atmosphere within the guild.

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      Thursday 22:30 - 01:00

      What are we looking for in a player?
      We are looking for raiders that aim to be at the best they can be.
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      Who is punctual when it comes to showing up to and signing up for the raids we organize.

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      Horde - Area 52 (US)   Teamwork is the basis for successful progression. This is the fundamental idea for <Cyanide and Cookies>, a fresh guild with its sights set on Legion Mythics. Individual expectations are paramount in their own right, but there's more to raiding than just showing up on time. What sets the most successful raid groups apart is that they possess the inherent ability to stay diligent in the most dire of times. Camaraderie, Consistency, and Confidence - This is our objective, and it is attainable through a recruiting process which commits itself to finding like-minded individuals with the capacity for leadership and teamwork. This creates the foundation for a rock-solid community of raiders.   While progression is the goal, we find that the social aspect of our guild is just as important to maintaining minimal turnover. Real life character is highly sought after, and we look for that in our prospects. Those who have a knack for open communication, but lack experience, will always be considered for a roll. We encourage our members to stay active: Mumble - /g chat - forums; These are the glue that keeps a guild together, and are expected to be utilized for pleasure as well as business.    When it's all said and done, we're all about quality raiders. If you're looking for long term progress, stability and camaraderie, consider <Cyanide and Cookies> for your new home.
       _____________________________________________________________________   Our schedule:
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       Mon/Wed/Thurs   Our roster is on its way to a full mythic group, with 10 committed. We are accepting applications for all roles with the exception of tanks. Our plans are to have a full mythic group by the expansion launch.   Our requirements are simple; Be ambitious, be loyal, be intelligent and most of all, be positive. Have you never raided with a mythic group? Have you not raided at all? No problem. If you hold the values that we're looking for, if you express real gumption, and if you truly embody all aspects of a great core raider, then the rest will come easy.   Loot will be distributed via loot council. Each drop will go to where it will be most helpful to the progression as a whole. Favoritism is not a factor. We will maintain a spreadsheet that assigns every piece of loot from every boss to a specific raider. Each raider will have access to this spreadsheet prior to raids to ensure 100% transparency.   Our Website
      *Application is under the 'recruitment' tab    If you have any questions for me personally, you can contact me directly in-game: Macnico#1199