Idea for the D3 Builds: Clarify Core Paragon Priorities

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Just wanted to offer an idea for Deadset or whomever the authors may be: when listing paragon priorities, don't put all four items in the Core area unless you are suggesting we spread them out one by one. For example, the WD Acid Cloud build has these priorities: 1) Move Speed 2) Int 3) Vit 4) Max Mana. I'm assuming this means I should put 50 ranks in Move Speed and everything else in Int. If that's true, don't list Vit and Mana: it's confusing. If it's not true, clarify what else that would mean. 50 ranks in int, then 50 ranks in Vit, then 50 in Mana? Go 3, 2, 1 in rotation? Might be a minor issue, but I'm curious what the author is actually suggesting. I'm not sure if a paragon 1000 player should have 50 ranks in Move Speed and the rest in Int, since there are diminishing returns. Thanks!

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    • By cruizerdog
      Hey, so I've recently decided to main a BM hunter for the rest of legion and was just curious if there was some helpful tips out there (I've been reading up on the guides/forum posts but trying to see if I'm doing ok).
      this is me. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/nagrand/greenmidget
      sorry, I haven't done this before so I don't have any data to link or know how to use stuff like Warcraft logs or sims. I've also haven't done many runs of tombs yet so don't have any tier pieces.

      looking at the icy veins guides I've talented for dire frenzy but didn't realise how much mastery I ended up with. Have I gone too crazy with mastery, should I be adjusting my stat prio better? Thinking I should probably gem for more haste. Most of my enchants/ gems I'm using are just ones I had the highest rank for and cheapest to make so my necklace is probably enchanted wrong.
      i probably specced for mostly single target and think I've been doing fairly poorly for AoE damage compared to other people around my ilvl. Although I know to use multi-shot to refresh beast cleave I probably spam multi-shot more than the 4 secs needed, don't really use dire frenzy effectively, use titan's thunder basically whenever it's off cooldown, don't really know when I'm meant to be using aspect of the wild or whether I should be using beastial wrath in AoE fights. Should I be using murder of crows in AoE fights as well or is it just a waste of focus?
      For single target I think I'm doing alright so far (only recently got the legendary boots so not sure how much the kill command cooldown should affect my rotation). Still don't really know when the best time is to be using aspect of the wild but I was basically doing the same as the icy veins guide. My opening sequence is usually something like Murder of crows, beastial wrath, titans thunder, then just kill command, cobra shot, kill command cobra shot etc.
      Looking at icy veins guide I think I'm meant to be doing murder of the crows, beastial wrath, dire frenzy, titans thunder, then another dire frenzy straight away, aspect of the wild then normal rotation. After that it's just kill command/cobra shot I guess. While beastiality wrath is in effect should I only be spamming kill command/cobra shot for the quick cooldowns or should I still be using dire frenzy during this time? I use titan thunder when it's off cooldown and dire frenzy whenever it has 2 stacks. I usually just used murder of the crows when it was off cooldown but the guide seems to indicate that I should wait the extra 30 seconds and time it with my next bestial wrath. As for aspect of the wild I usually forget I even have this move and don't use it effectively, do I wait and combined it with bestial wrath? Wait and use it when I'm low on focus? Or use it as soon as it's off cooldown?
      Thanks for listening to my rambling and hopefully thanks for your reply.
      P.S. It's probably more of a personally choice or situational choice I guess but should I be talenting myself more for AoE for mythics. Example, one with the pack, volley, aspect of the beast?
    • By Hunterdrizzt
      Hi fellow hunters.
      More to invite discussion than asking for any specific help.
      Recently been experimenting between the dire frenzy build and the stomp build in ToS, going in with the expectation that the dire frenzy build would win in terms of dps. A few runs on a training dummy/ sims showed very little difference between the two (screenshot attached, albeit with a few gear upgrades since i last raided), so I thought I'd give the stomp build a go in a raid.
      I was actually amazed by the difference it made in my dps. Stomp turned out to be miles better in the raid than dire frenzy was. On goroth heroic went from 850k the previous week to 980k this week. Similar effect of harjatan. The only scenario where dire frenzy was even close was heavy aoe on mistress sasszine. Very little gear difference between the two runs, certainly not enough to account for >100k dps. (For those interested: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13743279/13#difficulty=4&class=Hunter&spec=BeastMastery&metric=dps)
      Stomp certainly felt more fun to play, and less punishing if you miss a cast, unlike dire frenzy where you lose your stacks which has a big hit on dps.
      The suprising thing is im not using the soul of the huntmaster or any T19.
      So a few questions:
      Is stomp better for me because of my gear? Lots of crit with bracers/mantle.
      Blind luck? (Unlikely)
      I'm terrible at dire frenzy? (More likely)
      Dire frenzy will scale much better with gear?
      Thanks for your time :)
    • By Sharknad0
      This is my current pawn string from sims:
      Agility=21.87, CritRating=18.49, HasteRating=24.16, MasteryRating=22.94, Versatility=17.33
      Is anyone else getting haste over mastery and agi? I recently got the Mantle (FINALLY!), so not sure if that is affecting anything. I know crit used to be important for Mantle, so I am not sure why it would be the culprit here. I even tested swapping out my enchants to haste and it did provide a slight boost while maintaining the same scaling. Mastery is at 9300, Crit at 9300 and Haste at 8000 (Roughly), so I definitely dont feel I have enough mastery to start warranting haste over it and agi.
      Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this too?
      I do have the current sim build, so no issues there.
    • By Targetlocked
      Hey guys and, I'm new here to the D3 scene, and have been playing a few days now.
      I'm currently paragon 631, and have accumulated most of, if not all of the items for both of the aforementioned builds (with reference to Deadset's guides).
      I'm using the Endless Walk (Traveler's Pledge/Compass) & CoE Ring for both builds vs the recommended Hellfire/BoW (Focus/Restraint), and do significantly more damage across the board with my current setup. Without it, I lose roughly 30% of my overall damage, and half of my Crit Hit Damage on both builds, and retain roughly the same overall crit for both. I would love to use my Hellfire Ammys, but it seems I sacrifice so much for a mere extra passive.
      Below are my current stats using the Endless Walk & CoE build vs the Hellfire/BoW build.
      *For what it's worth, I'm also currently struggling to break a 70 GR solo with the strongest of my two builds being the Sentry/Cluster w/ nearly all Ancient items.*
      Yang's Build Stats (Ambush/Thrill/Cull/Ballistics):
      925K Overall damage / 690K
      44.5% Crit / 51.5%
      461% Crit Hit damage / 279%
      Manti Build Stats (Grenadier/Cull/Custom/Steady):
      1.04M Overall damage / 789K
      44.5% Crit / 51%
      459% Crit Hit damage / 274%
      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    • By Sarvoth
      Hi guys,
      I need some help. I am mostly a duo player, play with my fiance (she is a DH) and just recently got back into Diablo 3 a little over a month ago. This is her first and so far, only game she has been willing to play, so we have been playing it nightly.
      I left before right after Paragon levels were introduced, got to about 250 and stopped playing. Now that I am back, I had a lot to catch up on. Fast forward and here I am, a Crusader, trying to reach GR70 completion.
      I have 3 sets nearly completed, but the one that is most complete is Deadset's Hammerdin build. I made a few replies on that thread, but it hasn't been approved, and since the last replies were from late Feb, I don't know if anyone is moderating or helping out on those anymore :(
      My problem is, I hear this build can exceed into GR90s, or even much higher than I am now, but I can't seem to stay alive. The farthest I could push without extreme frustration (can't even past first blue pack at entrance to GR, with all CDs active) is level 64 GR.
      Here is my current build:  https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sarvoth-1975/hero/85281633
      Here it is on Diablo 3 planner: http://www.d3planner.com/357572815
      What I need help with, is what I need to do to improve. Is it just that my item rolls suck? Do I need to get higher paragon (over 500 now)? Do I need to fill out in full ancients? What do I need to survive up to at least GR 70 so I can start the possibility of the primal ancient drops on my account.
      The build feels squishy. I tactically use all my abilities when my HP drops. I have a potion of the bottomless to help me as well, changed my gems to all Diamonds to a mix of Ruby and Diamonds, tried re-rolling my stats as close to perfect as possible according to Deadset's guide. I feel like I am missing something, or doing something really wrong here. My indestructible will always be on CD. I can't do a level 55 GR without dying at least once.
      EDIT: I know a big weakness right now is my two rings and amulet did not come with sockets, so all the enchants on those had to go to getting a socket for my legendary gems. I just haven't gotten any that could replace them yet.
      I am not the greatest  at this, and so any help would be much appreciated.