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Alternative LON Condemn Crusader

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Hey everybody, i've been theory crafting for a while on a LON Condemn Crusader


The main point of this build is of course focused around condemn but also equipped Justice LanternJustice Lantern and Akarat's AwakeningAkarat's Awakening. and passives+spell effects to reach an effective 100% block chance.

The main point of going with these items is to increase the dmg reduction compared to Unity and additional cooldown reduction from blocks with Akarat's AwakeningAkarat's Awakening - downside of the build is the lack of magical resistance - an other alternative was to swap the Coven's CriterionCoven's Criterion, although that still doesn't increase the survivability from magical damage, but basically makes one immune to any blockable attacks.

I would like to hear the thoughts you guys have on the build and if you guys have any other suggestions to alternative build paths.


Helm: Andariel's VisageAndariel's Visage
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Skeleton KingPauldrons of the Skeleton King
Gloves: MagefistMagefist
Chest: CindercoatCindercoat
Belt: String of EarsString of Ears
Pants: Swamp Land WadersSwamp Land Waders

Boots: Illusory BootsIllusory Boots
Bracers: Nemesis BracersNemesis Bracers
Amulet: Hellfire Amulet of StrengthHellfire Amulet of Strength
Ring 1: Justice LanternJustice Lantern
Ring 2: Convention of ElementsConvention of Elements
Weapon: Blade of ProphecyBlade of Prophecy
Offhand: Frydehr's WrathFrydehr's Wrath

Helm: Flawless Royal DiamondFlawless Royal Diamond
Legendary 1: Bane of the TrappedBane of the Trapped
Legendary 2: Bane of the StrickenBane of the Stricken
Legendary 3: Esoteric AlterationEsoteric Alteration

Weapon: Akarat's AwakeningAkarat's Awakening
Armor: Hexing Pants of Mr. YanHexing Pants of Mr. Yan
Jewelery: Obsidian Ring of the ZodiacObsidian Ring of the Zodiac

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