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S22 Energy Twister Wizard LoD build

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I decided to start making this build because i enjoyed the effect of Etched SigilEtched Sigil and Ranslor's FollyRanslor's Folly together. Legacy of DreamsLegacy of Dreams is not required for this to work, you can also use Litany of the UndauntedLitany of the Undaunted and The Wailing HostThe Wailing Host, but LoD makes it a bit more flexible and doesn't require chancing perfect ring rolls. The greatest thing about this is that you don't need to worry about enemies being sprawled about or worry about pressing multiple spells. The damage does not really stack until you get more ancient legendaries equipped but once those start happening you will get to at least GR 80 with no trouble.

In terms of paragon stats, you should be maxing out movement speed and then just stacking into intelligence. You can put some stats into vitality if you are dying too often.

Try to stay away from diving into enemies too much and keep your distance. i found that the tornadoes do not spawn well with enemies up close.


Main hand: DeathwishDeathwish

Off hand: Etched SigilEtched Sigil

Hands: Penders PurchasePenders Purchase

Shoulders: Mantle of ChannelingMantle of Channeling

Chest: Aquila CuirassAquila Cuirass

Head: Andariel's VisageAndariel's Visage

Neck: Haunt of VaxoHaunt of Vaxo

Wrists: Ancient Parthan DefendersAncient Parthan Defenders

Belt: Cord of the ShermaCord of the Sherma

Legs: Skelon's DeceitSkelon's Deceit (or Death's BargainDeath's Bargain)

Feet: Irontoe MudsputtersIrontoe Mudsputters

Ring 1: Convention of ElementsConvention of Elements

Ring 2: Stone of JordanStone of Jordan


Energy TwisterEnergy TwisterWicked WindWicked Wind


Ice ArmorIce ArmorCrystallizeCrystallize


Magic WeaponMagic WeaponDeflectionDeflection



Unwavering WillUnwavering Will

Temporal FluxTemporal Flux

Power HungryPower Hungry

Legendary Gems:

Esoteric AlterationEsoteric Alteration

Legacy of DreamsLegacy of Dreams

Bane of the TrappedBane of the Trapped

Kanai's Cube:

Valthek's RebukeValthek's Rebuke

The Twisted SwordThe Twisted Sword

Oculus RingOculus Ring

Ranslor's FollyRanslor's Folly


Feel free to comment with any changes you think would improve this or how it worked out for you.

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